Friday Five!!! Funny, Find, Frazzle, Feature & a Freebie!!

Friday Funny!!!
This one speaks for itself (as well as the other two below I included)-Oh how I love Pinterest!!!
I hope one makes you giggle. If not one of them makes you giggle, then you might need more therapy than I do...hahaha

If you are in need of some belly giggles, then I highly suggest that you visit this Pinterest board - Thank you Heather AKA HOJO!!!

Friday Find!!!

Well, I have been planning to put together some AWESOME video tutorials and I had my hopes set on getting Adobe Presenter, but I can't wait until the next TpT payday to get the program... so I have been researching and trying to find something that will give me a professional video with good resolution...
This is Adobe Presenter, which is still on my Adobe "have-to-have" wish list... If you must, just take a quick glance to the right of the image below and you might see why I have put this one on my wish list. After buying the Cintiq, I have had to hide my wallet from myself...

After some research and tons and tons of reading, I found one that I just purchased and will try. I hope I will be able to create some videos this next coming week!!! I can't wait!!! I will be playing with this over the weekend and I will let you know how it works.

Friday Frazzle!!!
I have a ton of plans for new ventures and I am working my Tail-Feather OFF!! I finished another custom blog design and I will be adding more blog add-on services that you will be able to purchase. I would love to do some more custom threaded comment designs for your blogs & I can get them finished in about one to two hours now!!!  You can click on the link in the previous line and order your very own custom  CSS code to personalize the commenting area of your blog... the most important part for your followers!! Having something pretty is like putting out a welcoming mat at your front door - it makes people smile!!!  

Friday Feature!!!

Every Friday I feature one or two products or crafts from my collaborative Pinterest board. I love that I can see what all of you create using my graphics in one place and I hope that the board brings some traffic to your sites!!! If you are on the board, please make sure to grab this button code on my sidebar and place it on your blog. We have almost 3,000 followers on this board and it continues to grow! This is all thanks to the resources, crafts and freebies you create using my graphics!! I would love to see the board grow even bigger, so you are more than welcome to join and pass along the info. Just leave your Pinterest link in the comments below and I will happily add you to the board... I am creating a page on the blog to showcase all of the blogs and products I have featured on Fridays!! You never know, you might be next!! 
I have two things to feature this week. I chose two because I was the one to pin this first one..hahaha  I happened to come across this preview image, which stopped me in my browsing tracks!! This is so completely cute and I am even more excited because Pamela is a fellow Arizonan!!! Meet Pamela, from 
First Class Teacher

Pamela used clip art from my animal Pudgy set, which I absolutely love!! I expecially love how she made them look even cuter in her resource!! Thank you Pamela for using my graphics to create great products!! I was able to snatch these lovely image preview from her blog and all of them link back to the post where I found them.

Here is the PINTERST link where I pinned this resource full of cuteness!!!

The next feature is yet ANOTHER cute product made using some of my newest Spring graphics!! I was able to grab great previews from Teresa's blog as well!!! This one is a cute telling time resource & I think any student would love the graphics...tehehehe Check out Teresa from.....
Confessions of a Teaching Junkie
I linked the images to the blog post where I snatched them up from and I would love for you to check her out. She created a 1st grade and a 2nd grade version!!! This would be perfect for those of you who have a variety of levels in your classroom to accommodate. The first image is linked to the Pinterest Pin that Teresa published this week!! Thank you Teresa for using my graphics!!! 

Check out the graphic sets from the featured resources this week. Click the link to purchase these on TpT. 

Friday Freebie!!!
This week's FREEBIE is a fun set of Spring frames that you can download from my TpT shop. Please make sure to follow my shop!!

If you get yourself into a pickle this week, just think to yourself, 
"What would George do??? hahaha
Have a great Friday everyone!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!


  1. Thank you so much for the adorable frames!! I love your clipart!!


  2. The frames are lovely! I am ready for spring.

  3. Love the frames. I used them in a freebie today. Visit my blog if you'd like to see.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out on my product that uses your pudgier! I am so excited you are doing blog design. I need a new blog and will be emailing you.

    First Class Teacher

  5. Thanks for the freebie! I'd love to be added to the pinterest board.

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook

  6. Thank you so much for these beautiful frames. I love the clipart - it's so cute!
    Doodling Around in 6th Grade


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