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Hi Everyone!

It is a HAPPY Sunday for sure...aside from my persistent back aches. I have had the worst back aches and I am looking more into reflexology after finding a really cool poster on Pinterest recently. 

Here is the image I scrolled upon:

The image caught my eye because I had a close friend who was  into reflexology; however, I never got hooked on the idea. I didn't have back pain in my 20's...The first thing I noticed was the "shoulder" area and immediately decided that it couldn't hurt to give this a try. I recalled that I needed to place pressure on the pinpoint area, so I did. Surprisingly, I has some relief after about 15 seconds of pressure....I think this might definitely be something I need to learn more about....DO any of you use reflexology? If so, what has been your experience? I am completely intrigued by the complexity of our bodies...Our bodies are the most in depth example of an organized system...we could learn a lot about organization just by studying how our bodies are made....AMAZING!! 

Anywho, I will see if this helps the chronic back pain. I definitely need to walk more, but the pain is from hours of drawing at my desk. I try to maintain good posture, but that takes concentration to accomplish. I don't often realize how bad my posture is until I begin to have pain....I will need to work on this one...hahaha
I started doing a lot of crunches, stretching and other exercises to build my back and stomach muscles....Hopefully, this will eliminate my back pain.

If you have any special secrets you do to help with back pain, please feel free to share! I am sure that I am not the only blogger/self-published author/Artist who has back pain...Share your knowledge...hahaha...maybe even start a collaborative Pin board....
If one of you happens to start a board, please add me:

Tech Section:
Here is a link to a really great site for bloggers seeking help with coding for blogger. I have only just browsed this site & used one tutorial, but so far, the site includes a ton of helpful information and neat tutorials to bring some cool elements to your blogs. Take a little peak by clicking the image below. I hope you find something helpful!
code it pretty - click for home

Lastly, I was so blessed to be a part of Charity's Thanks to Teacher's Giveaway and she has HUGE giveaways planned for the entire week!! Everyday this week, you will get to visit one of the bloggers who linked up (including my own) and grab some cool stuff!

Please click on the button to get more information and to visit the blog posts from yesterday and today! 
Share about this giveaway any way you can...I know that many teachers will be blessed by the resources and information that Charity has taken the time to put together!!

I am so thankful for teachers!! Although I am not teaching this year, I still want to be connected with great teachers! Thank you so much for everything that you do! I have over 30 FREE resources in my TPT store ranging from grade Pre-K-12th. My resources include a variety of things, but I have a ton of free digital art that many of you will find useful. Please check out my free products! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!
If you find something you really like, I would really appreciate some pins and/or feedback. Just click the image below.

Have a great Sunday & don't forget to check out Charity's Giveaway and visit the other blogs on the list. There are only a total of nine (including my own), and the first two are up, ready, and waiting for great teachers to visit..hehehehe...

Happy Sunday!
Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Michelle! I have had back pain for years. Finally started going to the chiropractor - though I was hesitant at first - and it made a world of difference ! I also starting going to an acupuncturist that has also helped. I would highly recommend both of these!

    1. I keep hearing the same thing...I have been afraid to see a chiropractor, but I think it might be time...hahaha...Thank you for the advice! Any tips on how to find a good one??

      The 3AM Teacher

  2. I would echo the recommendation of going to a chiropractor. I have had chronic back pain for years - a combo of genetics and occupational hazard (I lift all day) - but never went until last month after I bent the wrong way and experienced my first ever back "going out" episode. I wasn't able to sit or walk without extreme pain, and visits to the chiropractor have helped immensely. I'm definitely going to keep going even after I'm completely "better" as part of just keeping my health up.


    1. Hi Kara! Thank you for the advice!! I was wondering though, dis your back hurt after the session for a while? I've heard from several people that my back might be sore for a day or two after I go see a chiropractor.

      Thank you again,

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for some help to fix my header which is off to the left- can't wait to check out the site. I'm off to check out the giveaway :)

    Color Me Kinder

    1. Color Me Kinder...

      I can help you center your header if you would like me to. It is actually not that difficult and I can walk you through it.

      You can email me or you are more than welcome to give me a call. I will email you my phone number or I can call you if you do not have a long distance plan. I am also on Facebook as Michelle Tsivgadellis, and we can instant chat you through the process (-;

      You would be surprised at how difficult some of the simpler tutorials are to find help on.

      Just email me and let me know...I would be happy to help.



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