Meet Charlie, Frosty Update & Some New Goodies (Freebies)!!

Well, this morning (errr, I mean yesterday morning- I haven't gone to bed yet), I went to the store to get some treats for my son's class to celebrate his 11th B-day!! It was on the 3rd, but I  didn't care (-; 

While we were walking out of the store, we noticed a sign hanging on the customer service board (where everyone posts about their lost animals - so sad). Here is what the sign said:


I couldn't resist the temptation to call, but never thought that I would be in tears by the end of my conversation with the lady )-; She had to give away the dog because her husband was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphatic Cancer!! She began to cry as she told me the story and I had the hardest time holding back the tears on my end. Maybe it was all the stress I have been under, but her story just broke my heart!! 

At 4pm we got the call from her to visit the puppy (and she lives within walking distance - right on).
To my great surprise - I fell in PUPPY HEART LOVE at first lick (I didn't lick back...I promise..hahaha). We surprised the kids and they're first response:

"Where did this dog come from? Who's is it? Can we Keep it?"
We talked about cute dog names & here was the list:

Foxy (to rhyme with our female dog, Roxy)
& my suggestion (only when asked): 

Everyone loved the name Charlie (isn't mommy the best for saving the god from a name like Zeuss..hahaha) 

Well, without further Adieu...
Meet our Cute, foxy-looking, furry, energetic, (already tinkled on the floor...twice...grrr), playful, happy, and never-resting puppy....Charlie...
OMG! I am soooo in love with this dog, but now I am coming to the realization that even a free do costs money...hehehe...let's hope sales stay strong!! I will keep you updated - Charlie has quite the personality...maybe we should have named him, Mr. Personality...LOL
I have REALLY exciting news about my Frosty Takes on the Globe Linky!! Check out his map so far - I would love to have him travel to all 50 states!! I think we can do it!! Please re-post this around your schools, through Pinterest and anywhere else to get Frosty traveling all over!! I am soooooo very excited about this upcoming Linky - I have been planning it since last year...hahaha...yes, it took that long to find time...LOL!!
He will be traveling to 16 states, as well as Canada, beginning towards the end of September. I will be creating a blog just for his travels and experiences to make it easier to follow and enjoy him. I am sooooo excited!!

There is still plenty of time to get your classroom signed up to get a visit from Frosty this year. You do not need to have a blog to sign up. All you need to have an email address, a classroom, and a camera (-;
Here is the link to sign up:

Go to my blog post about Frosty to get more information about my Frosty Takes on the Globe Linky...

I have been working on so many graphics and I have so many ideas that I don't have time for (I still need to finish my Currently and link up with Farley). My sales have been pretty consistent this month, which has been a huge blessing - I have many changes taking place in my personal life and I am so blessed by the amount of support, encouragement, and love coming from many of you!! Thank you so much!!

Gosh, I am really rambling right now (1:50am in AZ). Here are a few popular items on my TPT store right now...

 Many people have asked if the letters in the set are slanted or if they contain a shadow - I am here to tell you that the letters in this set are simply straight with no shadows. 

One thing that is frustrating and a bit confusing is that I have received really great feedback from buyers, but my rating for this set is only a 3.9??? I just noticed this and I have to say that I am a little sad )-;

A great fall resource and NOT clip art...LOL
Great unit to accompany
We're Going On A Leaf Hunt
Click HERE to see this Fall Unit
My Newest Cutest Set!!

Now, I have a couple freebies for you from my newest set...ENJOY!!
(See my TOU for information about how you can use these)

I only made grades K-5th because I made these for a book study that I am a part of. I will create more grade levels and post them later today (-;

Thank you for following my blog & have a great rest of the week!! 

Kindergarten, 6th, 7th, 8th -
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  1. awww what a cute puppy!!! You are brave! When we adopted both of our babies (4 yrd old now) they were each between 1&2 years old!

    All Things Teachery

    1. Not as easy as I thought...I got a long few weeks ahead with potty training...LOL


  2. Michelle,
    You are so creative! I am always in awe of your talent!! What should I click on to get your freebie?

    Also, I just submitted form to be a part of Frosty's journey. Incredible idea and I can't wait to read about his travels!!!

    One Class, One Sound

    1. Thank you Patti!! I got even more excited when I started filling in the map and seeing all the states this little guy will be traveling!!

      I just visited your blog - how cute and congrats on passing 100!! I remember how excited I was when I was just around 50....LOVE IT!! Let me know if you ever need anything for a giveaway to offer - I would be more than happy to help!! (email

      The free images above can be right clicked and copied....HOWEVER, if you have a MAC, you hit control...something..hahaha...(someone actually placed directions in the comments below my post about Frosty the other day...I will look for it and then leave it in a comment on your blog.

      Thank you for joining!!


    2. How nice of you to offer!! I will be definitely contacting soon as I can create a giveaway banner :)

  3. Can't wait for Frosty to come visit us in Alaska!

    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

    1. I was so thrilled to see Alaska on the list!! Maybe he can be in Alaska during the Dog Sled races...hehehe


  4. Your puppy is so adorable! Hopefully he won't eat up the cost of saving for your Cintiq =)

    Frosty is gonna have a great adventure. Can't wait to hear more about his adventures!

    The new clip art is beyond cute! Love it!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  5. Love the new clipart! (And the puppy. Do they get any cuter?!)
    Thank you!

    Let's Talk Speech Therapy


  6. What a sweet puppy! Hope you have tons of fun with this new addition and thanks for the freebies - you always have the best ones!
    Love to Learn

  7. What an adorable puppy!

    I'm excited for Frosty :)


  8. Congrats on the new pups!! Charlie looks adorable!

  9. Charlie is so adorable! I just adopted a new puppy too! One of my teammates found her wandering around on the way to school and picked her up. So she is mine now!
    Teaching in the Valley

    1. Awe!! That is the same way we got our Sheltie when I was in fifth grade!! Isn't weird how things just seem to happen..LOL

      Thanks for stopping by (-;

  10. Howdy Michelle! Charlie is the absolute cutest! Some things are just meant to be! Your alphabet sets are adorable and I love that you made the 2nd grade posty label in blue, my favorite color!

    Is that me in AZ on the Frosty map? My computer did a weird thing as I was filling out the form and I wasn't sure if it was submitted or not. I'm really excited to have him visit!

    I know you're going through a lot right now and are creativly and crazily busy....did you get my email? Thinking about you and sending bloggy love your way!

    1. Hey Linda!! Yes, that is you in AZ and two more from AZ signed up yesterday...woo hoo!!

      I did not get an email from you; although, my internet has been weird today and I haven't been able to get online. I have about 75 emails to go through---so, it might be in there,,,hahaha


  11. Congrats on Charlie! He is so cute. How many dogs do you have now?

    1. Thanks!! Charlie is beyond cute! This dog is so smart and is full of personality!! I have two dogs now. I did have BJ, but he passed away last year and my white Chihuahua has been so lonely. Now she's got a happy, bouncy puppy to play with!! Although...neither are fixed!! Yikes - better get right on top of this or else I might end up with cute little She-huahua's hahaha


  12. I noticed that you didn't have any from Illinois for Frosty so I just signed up :-) Super excited to meet him!! Also Shelties are amazing dogs...I had one when I was in High School and still miss his furry loves.

    1. YEAH!! Thank you so much!! I hope we get all 50 states (-;

  13. you are so creative! I love your stuff....I just gave you a shout-out, thanks for creating super-cute frames!!

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby

    1. Thank you so much!! I just hopped on over!! Thank you for the shout out, but your linky looks really fun as well!!


  14. Charlie is absolutely precious! My brother in law has two shelties and they're such wonderful dogs. Congratulations on the new puppy!
    I also just purchased your counting fingers clip art. I can't wait to create some math activities with it!
    First Grade Found Me

    1. Awe! Thank you! I am beginning to realize just how smart this dog is!!! What a handful...LOL

      Thank you for purchasing the clip art & I can't wait to see what you come up with!! I have a collaborative Pinterest board where anyone can post products they have made using my graphics. Send me your Pinterest link and I will add you to the bunch!!



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