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Book Study
Common Core Curriculum Maps 
English Language Arts
Grade Kindergarten
Common Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts, Grades K-5 (Common Core Series)
Welcome to the Common Core Curriculum Maps Books Study for Kindergarten!! I am so excited to give you a brief overview of the Kindergarten section of this book! I hope you gain more knowledge, discover new resources, and become inspired to create some of your own to share!
Meet Team Kindergarten!!
Michelle: Team Leader: Overview
Unit 2, 3, 4, & 5
Pacing Guide                                  
 Kathy: Team Kinder Unit 1
Kindergarten Kiosk
Arlene: Team Kinder Unit 6
It's LMN Tree
About the book
Common Core Curriculum Maps, English Language Arts K-5, is a valuable resource to help guide content-rich instruction with lessons that are directly aligned with CCSS. It is written by Teachers, for Teachers. The book was developed collaboratively by a team of educators. A few of the author's from this edition include:

Dr. Ruthie Stern: Lead Curriculum Writer, Sample Lesson Plans
Ruth Stern
Loraine Griffith: Lead Curriculum Writer, Grades K-3
Lorraine Griffith
Cyndi Wells: Lead Curriculum Writer, Grades 4-8
Cynthia Hartman Wells
You can watch a video to learn more about the Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project HERE

The book is broken down into five core sections covering English Language Arts from Kindergarten to grade 5. Each grade level included 6 complete units that contain explicit guidance about reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills. Each grade level is broken down even further into 6 units. 

Each unit includes the following:

1. A brief overview (objective)
2. A list of the focus standards selected for that unit
3. A list of suggested student objectives 
4. A list of suggested literary texts
5. Sample Activities & Assessments
6. A pacing guide for reading instruction
7. Additional resources
8. A list of terminology used throughout the unit
9. Tip on making interdisciplinary connections
 A detailed lesson plan is also provided at the end of each unit.

The book is organized well, written well, and makes integrating the Common Core State Standards more applicable to the classroom.

Over the next week, we will be covering units 1-6 for Kindergarten.   Please come back here to visit and link up to follow along as we cover each unit. See below for the complete Kindergarten schedule and links to other grade levels (Some of the links to other grades will not be activated until they have begun their grade-level study.
Kindergarten Unit Links

Grade Level Links

Please make sure to visit Jennifer Ayers who coordinated this book study

Best Practices 4 Teaching

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  1. Boo! Texas is SO not on the ball with common core. We've had our own standards for years and I don't see them changing anytime soon. Makes it hard to find stuff because everything is common core aligned!! Waaah.

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