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First things first...


I am uberly in love with Tara (over at 4th Grade Frolics)

& her Lunch Box Linky (and not just because I created the button...hehehe)!! I have had soo much fun reading what's inside everyone's lunchbox...something I hadn't expected...

Here is one of my Fav's - This one is a tinkle giggler because you just might tinkle in your panties when reading this one...hehehe

Kim over at...

Finding Joy in 6th Grade (I couldn't get her button to link...sorry)

In other news...

Yesterday was fairly productive, since I did not have to deal with any more hacking issues. I finished one custom order (which I will share with you), a cute set of Funky Frames and I am still working on the Foo Foo set. I know....I take forever on these characters! I am having so much fun drawing them though; and I added more so that the set can be used more universally & not just as a Bunny Foo Foo set. I might just put a really small Foo Foo set up and then make a larger set so that you can choose what is best for you. I am sure See...isn't she the cutest??? This one will be in the set...or maybe...I might just let you have her cuteness to use...hahaha

I got my very first TPT big payout yesterday and I was totally happy!! I have had a TPT account since 2008, but it has only been in this last year (since about October 2011) that I have really begun to add more resources; especially the graphics collections! I remember my very first TPT payout was (I think) about $50.00 and I was totally excited...well, because I was making a little bit of money from the resources I was creating to use and I could then go spend more money for my classroom...hahaha! I think it is great what Paul created and how much TPT has brought teachers together from around the world. I am....a little embarrassed to say that I was looking at some of my older files and I REALLY need to do some updating. I was planning on updating all of my products...that is...until I started putting up my graphics, which is just a teensy bit time consuming (okay I may not be grammatically proper there...hahaha).

I have had such a blast the last few months creating graphics, watching sales and connecting with so many of you! I decided that once I get to 1000 followers, I will have a PARTY and this Funky Frames Set will be FREE for everyone!! I actually created these on an ADD moment where I got a little inspired...hehehe

Well, I was working on Bunny Foo Foo when I decided to take a "quick" break and work on a smaller custom request for a really patient lady named Lori. After I got hacked and lost emails, I couldn't really work on her request so I thought I would at least finish the glass cups and golf balls so that I would be ready when I got an email from her (which I did - YEAH!).

Here are the glass cups (free to grab and use - please refer to my TOU before using these graphics for personal and/or commercial use). I will be creating a Terms of Use page so that I can explain a little more. (don't worry, I will not be adding anything - just clarifying some things that I have received questions about). I love that you can freely use my graphics in your products (not in mass production of course...hahaha).

I am making her a couple of cute posters (which I will not share - unless she doesn't mind - her idea is unique to her and her classroom). The cups will be added to a science set that I am also slowly working on. I REALLY wanted these cups to look realistic - I ended up with so many layers in order to make the balls look like they were in a real glass cup. I like how they turned out and I actually created some really cool styles and layers in Photoshop while figuring out how to make them look like this (if you have Photoshop and would like these styles - just shoot me an email: The golf balls were an entirely different issue. It may look small and simple, but I promise you...the process was painful (not too bad, just took a long time). I am going to share the process next Tuesday, which will be my Techy Tuesday from now on...YEAH - I have a theme day!!! Now all I need is a cool nerdy theme song to add to my theme day...oh yeah baby!!

Once finished and waiting for the email (hoping really) to ask for the text specifications...again..hehehe, I decided to make a poster frame. I made a cute golf ball frame...

AHHHH, which I did not save!!! Oh for crying out loud! 

Well, I will make another and share later. But the outline of the golf ball frame gave me an idea. With a little tricky switching and adjusting, I made the border shape that you see below in my Funky Frame set from the outline of the golf ball frame! Then I Maximized one layer (in Photoshop world, maximize means to shrink...I know....makes no sense) and then played around with colors and newly created patterns. Viola!!! A new Funky Frames set!!! 

I call this my "WEIRD SCIENCE" moment (remember that movie...I loved it). 

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

bada boom, bada bing
There you have it!!!!

Okay, maybe a little bit of NERD and a little bit of MOB (that would be the Sicilian in me - watch out people...I'm a feisty little thing...LOL) 

TPT is apparently having some issues and I couldn't upload these new frames, so you can find them on my Etsy store for now. Click on the header link to get the frames...or you can wait until I reach 1000 followers...

I have so may things I NEED to do today!!! Although tempting...sitting in the sunshine is not one of them...(but I might just have to anyway...just for a little bit).

Things to accomplish today...

1. Finish FOO FOO (get some sunshine)

Schedule Frigid Air appointments

2. Take a shower (haven't yet and it is already 9am...past a certain time...I figure..what's the point..hehehe)

Update frigid Air webpage

3. Start on another custom request (buttons, buttons, oh cute buttons)

Create new Frigid Air carbon forms (YES, I create all of our forms, proposals, contracts, and whatever else)

4. Get started on the BEST EVER blog linky post you never knew you loved (get some sunshine)

Organize employee training materials for Frigid Air

5. Go through outdated TPT resources and update or dump them...A MUST (get some sunshine)

Buy a new printer

6. Start another graphics set (get some sunshine)

Print out forms, materials, safety guidelines, product information, & on the job troubleshooting binders for Frigid Air

7. Oh, I know there is more...

Order new t-shirts for Frigid Air with the new logo I created

it was...

I think I will go get some sunshine first...HEHEHEHE!! are the employee badges I created in many colors (-;

Thank you for following my blog! You are completely amazing!!

Okay, you can have her...I will keep her up until 12 noon AZ time.

P.S. The first 5 people to comment on this post will receive my Funky Frames Set for FREE!! 
Please make sure to include your email address!

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  1. The frames are fantastic, and I would love a set! Also, Foo Foo is just precious :)


  2. The frames look adorable. Looks like a cute set.

  3. Love the Frames!!! And I would love some also!!! The cups look great! I like to look at your "To-Do" list today, it makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one. hehehe!!!! :)

    1. What is your email? I am sending out the file now (-;


  4. What cute frames! I would love a set! I love reading your blog!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh, I was sooo close! I LOVE the frames! :)

    Thanks for all the freebies!


  7. Love it. So close

  8. I totally missed!!! So sad!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  9. Make sure you get some sunshine today!!! That's the most important thing!!!!! :)

  10. Blast! I missed it. I just saw it on your facebook page. Oh well. I love your frames so I can wait til you hit 1000 followers. Maybe. I just got my first payout from TPT. It was a whopping $2.25. I've got to work on marketing myself. I just don't know how. It would probably help if I spruced my store up a bit but again I'm not sure how. Maybe I'll work on it some over spring break. I already have a list of things to make to put in my store.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

    1. Well, we gotta start somehwere...and just think...that is $2.25 that you didn't have before..hehehe

      Sprucing takes time...I will forever be sprucing things (-;


      The 3AM Teacher

  11. Omg... I am always late for the freebies... Anyway, you are Awesome! I love your work!

  12. Omg... I am always late for the freebies... Anyway, you are Awesome! I love your work!

  13. dude!! WHY did you do this post during the day when I can't be one of the first 5 people?!?! lol
    DRAT YOU!!
    But that mouse is way cute!! :)
    And i totally love that movie!! I even watched the tv show when they did it. :)

    1. LOL! They had a T.V. show?? Just send over another 400 people to follow and they will be FREE..hahaha


      The 3AM Teacher

  14. Love those frames!!

    The First Grade Dream

  15. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No fair, no fair.....tear, tear, can't post some of your wonderfulness and offer it and me be at, no, no....I missed it:....( Those are my tears:) JK.....LOVE YA back girl!!! Did ya get some sunshine while I was locked in a classroom with 21 littles who had Easter fever??? Actually, they did pretty good! The frames are TO. DIE. FOR. and pretty sure I won't be able to wait, although I KNOW it won't be long before you hit 1000 because of your yummy blog and cuz you're adorable you!! Thanks for the shout out my friend!!! Hugs!

    4th Grade Frolics

  16. I really like the ball in the cup! Could you do an egg in the cup? We did this week the Naked Egg were we watched the vinegar reaction on the egg shell! My students couldn't wait to get into class and see the transformations.

    1. Email me:

      We can get you a dunked egg in a cup for sure (-;


      The 3AM Teacher

    2. ooh - that'd be perfect since we're doing chicken eggs for the next few weeks! :)

  17. So cute!!! Thanks for following me btw :)

  18. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  19. WOWIE WOW.
    What a surprise.
    I stopped by because I wanted to check out some clip art... and then... I was reading along and... Good Golly Miss Molly, I saw my name!!!!
    I almost spit out my coffee! (But Starbucks is so expensive these days...)

    That is so SWEET! I am HONORED! And quite tickled. (Not to be confused with tinkled)

    NOW I am going to go scrolling along looking at clip art... but my heart will be all warm and happy because you talked about my lunch in a post.

    Thanks for doing that.
    {Happy sigh}

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Ahhh! So glad to return the happiness. I read your post after having a hard day and I smiled the rest of the night...thinking about that traveling apple...hahaha!! You are amazing & I totally enjoy reading your posts!


      The 3AM Teacher

  20. Hey Michelle, I love the mouse, she is very precious! I saw and apprecite that you came over to my blog Take me back to when they were in Elementary. Thanks. I love your postings and check back pretty much everyday. I love the glass idea, I think it takes talent to do the art work you do! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to make a button for others to grab, I have tried a few from a friend, but it didn't work.
    Thanks, HAve a great day:) K-12 Ginny

  21. Love these frames...
    Did you ever get that shower?

    I'm late commenting because I've been MIA on Vacay (but not in England).

    Hope you had a great week!


    Fun in Room 4B


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