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Well, I have finally updated and secured ALL of my online accounts. I had to go through my notebook (a good idea by the way) and record site changes and new passwords. I have sooooo many to do...My goodness!! I wasn't going to take any chances and I decided that instead of trying to pick out the online accounts that I thought might be at risk, I chose to go through and replace ALL passwords. I keep a little composition book with all of my accounts and passwords. I also keep computer information like product keys, codes, and other important info. This comes in handy quite a bit. I have so many accounts - both for business and personal use, that it is often  impossible to keep track of all of them. I also know better than to use the same password for my accounts. This can get really tricky I tell you! I didn't get to read up on your blogs and get to chat with any of you today )-; BOO. At least, I have everything organized and secured...YEAH~

I still laugh every time I see the pics I photo-shopped myself into...hahahaha I am quite the weirdo!!

I did manage to begin working on the projects I had started before I got wire-mugged! I am working on Bunny Foo Foo and got stuck on a mouse...of all things to get stuck on I tell you! I could not get the belly just the right shape, but when I did, I was pretty happy with the result. They are looking pretty cute so far. This will be a smaller set, but will contain more characters. I haven't decided what my good (or is it blue) fairy will look like. I have the dress, just not the face quite yet. I chose not to put a bunch of holes in the cheese because I thought many of you could use the cheese itself as a text frame or border of sorts (just in case you were thinking about the lack of cheese holes...hehehe).

I am going to be catching up on blogs in a few hours (after I sleep a little bit) and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I have completely missed what is going on and I feel so "old news" already....We can't be having this if I am to reach ONE MILLION in followers...LOL!!

If there is stuff that I missed, feel free to send me the link...I NEED TO GET CAUGHT UP on all of the wonderful things going on in the bloggy world! 

Well, here are a couple of FREEBIES!! Remember to read my Terms of USE before using my graphics for personal and/or commercial use

Remember, this little group of mice were scared of Bunny Foo Foo bopping them on the head (hence, their lack of enthusiasm...hehehe). Mice with smiles and cheerfulness to come...LOL! 

An Extra Extra Something I came across that I thought was cute. I was trying to figure out a couple of words in bunny foo foo when I happened to land on this little treasure...cute!

Great Technology resource for little ones:

Enjoy! Thank you soooo much for following!

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  1. Those are very sweet, Michelle. The mouse bellies are perfect:)

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Hmmm well right now we are celebrating TBA's 1st Birthday all week and there is a bunny hop down a freebie trail going on every day where new eggs of freebies are added.

    That's super fun! That's the main thing you should check out. Friday is the day of TBA's Birthday Giveaway. Huge giveaway with many entries! Lol :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. What? You mean that really wasn't you in England?



    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Great blog and clipart! I am your newest follower!

    Unless Teaching


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