I have FINALLY completed all of the artwork and graphics for my Alphabet Unit & I am totally excited to get to share it with you tomorrow! This unit is going to be filled with goodies to do with grades Pre-K - 3rd (special education). My fingers are stiff, my knee is stuck in a bent position in my office chair, and my neck is a bit tweaked.....BUT I AM DONE!

Here is a little sneak peek & a couple of Freebies to hold you until tomorrow afternoon. As always, I will be offering this new unit for FREE for the first 10 (or so) hours...can't wait..

    I wanted to focus the unit on literacy center activities - I will include many template to laminate and allow students to trace. I have included, puzzle pieces (above), blackline masters for anything you can think of (below), picture - word cards, student book template & much more! Students can use the house puzzle pieces for matching, memory games, tracing and a few more included ideas and suggestions (-:

Here are some freebies for you to enjoy! Please use the graphics for commercial products, but make sure to give credit to whom credit is due...that's me (-: Just link back to my blog or TPT store (both links at the end of the post) when using my graphics in products you sell. Please do not resell the graphics as is...that would def. not be ethical...ENJOY!

Here are a couple Dr. Seuss graphics I created a while ago & have not ever used them. I made them when I first got my design program & I just wanted to make anything & everything! Most of these are completely random, I know...LOL!

I have almost all 50 states on cute stamps for another unit I side-tracked from, but for those of you who got the Iditarod Unit...this is a cute one to grab...

Last...but not least...
Because all of you are my star pupils...treat yourself to a cupcake and some stars...hehehe...okay  -it's almost 2am in Arizona...I'm def. getting goofy...

Thank you for visiting 
(to grab any of the graphics, just right click and save ) You can always email me and request the image files:

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  1. CUTE! You are so creative! I can't wait to see the rest of your artwork!

    First Grade Magic

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!

    If you haven't already, check out my giveaway :-)

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

    1. You're welcome! I will def. head on over (-;

    2. Your link brings me to a, "page not found" message. I will try to type in your blog name directly (-;

  3. These are awesome graphics Michelle!

  4. I really like the state stamp graphics. That's a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I just visited your blog & signed up. Your angry parent scenario id definitely something all teachers should think about. Both of my parents were/are in administrative positions and I have seen this happen to a colleague of mine (not exactly the same). How the teacher responds in that moment will determine the parents' next move. It is so crucial for teachers to really think about this and have a plan so they don't "react" opposed to listening & responding. Some parents can really go off - most of the time it is over something fairly petty. However, I also know that teachers can often make huge mistakes and offend parents.

      I don't think parents really understand how tough teaching can be. I once read a forum of parents in a news article about if they believe teachers are paid too much - I will NEVER do that again because I was so annoyed by the amount of ignorance expressed and how bad I felt for the teachers who taught their children.

      Anywho...I love critically thinking & your blog is great! Thank you for the sweet comments &, I almost have the entire set of all 50 states of the stamps. I will post the state unit in about a week.

      Sorry for the lengthy response (hehehe).

  5. Just started following your blog and grabbed the Cat in the Hat hats clipart--super cute. Thanks so much! Please keep the awesome clip art coming:)

    Stop by my new blog if you get a chance.

    "Kindergarten Kel

  6. I'm a new follower! Found you from Grade Onederful! Your clipart is very cute :)

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. Looking forward to your alphabet unit! Have a good one :)

    Grade ONEderful

    1. Thank you Barbara...I currently have over 100 pages of really cute stuff...the clip art and activities are coming out nicely, but it is taking longer than I thought. I should be posting the unit tomorrow & I will offer it for free for the first 5 hours (-;


  8. using your Dr. Seuss hat in my unit I'm making! do you have any other seuss stuff???

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks! I had a day where all I wanted to create was "star" stuff. I seem to go through phases...but everyone wins (-;

  10. Im a new follower too Michelle! Ive been going through your old posts and Im loving it.. I left a few comments along the way :)


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