The image above was something I worked on yesterday. It took me forever to complete & I am not really all that thrilled with the result...maybe if I don't stare at it for a few days, I can enjoy it (-; You are welcome to grab it & use it. I really love to see my artwork used & I would love for you to share what you were able to create with my graphics (-; You can send me a snip-it to & I will post it on my blog can post it on your own blog and leave me the link. As I begin to really build my collections, I will share zipped files with themes sets. I included a few more freebies at the end of this post as well.


Above: A preview of my new crazy fun alphabet letters) I have been contemplating on using DBM (Designs by Michelle)...or...3AM Teacher Designs for my graphics..what do you think? Here is an alligator with the DBM, which I think is less invasive than 3AM Teacher Designs...I have used MT and DBM on my murals and paintings in the past. However, I like the idea of having one trademark for everything..???
PLUS...I am totally stumped on creating something for the letter, E. Any ideas for this creative mind??

I got the shape for my program from the Scrappin Cop, so the alligator is NOT completely my own design. 

Took me longer than planned, but be on the look-out for my ABC Literacy FUN resource packet/unit (this is more of a collection of supplemental materials & mini lessons/centers that you can integrate into your lessons) 
I will be posting the unit for FREE for the first few hours...until then.

A "Must-SEE" blogger/author Valentine Poem...   

     A fellow blogger/author shared a poem she wrote to enter into a contest & I just have to share it with all of you! I absolutely loved totally reminds me of something I have read, but I can't find the name of the author or the poem in any of my books )-; I often will read 16-18th century poetry when I need inspiring for art. The imagery that explodes through my head often helps me overcome those stumpy moments. This is def. one of those artistically inspiring poems & one that could be used in the classroom in so many ways. As I read Vivian Kirkfield's poem, I could picture every detail in my head and I was inspired to draw this morning. Before I can post my sketches, I needed to make sure that I have her permission to do so. I didn't read any copyright terms related, but it is completely unethical to add my own illustrations to her poem and share without her knowledge. I asked her if I could draw illustrations for her free of charge because the images were pouring through my pencil. She is truly an amazing writer!

Bio: Vivian Kirkfield

Her book, Show Me How, has received a great deal of  press (PBS & Parenting Magazine).
You can read her poem on her blog:

She also has many other resources on her blog that you might want to spend a day browsing through.
You will not regret the visit! 

You are more than welcome to use the following borders and lines for personal and commercial use. Just make sure to give credit to whom credit is owed & link back to my blog or TPT store in your products.
Thank You & Enjoy! I couldn't use these for what I actually wanted them for, but they would be great for making teacher notes...just a thought (-;

Just right click & Save
Check my TERMS of USE Before using the images below

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  1. This is awesome! I love that's you're going to start a graphics shop. I kind if like 3 am because I get it lol.

    1. Thanks. It was 3AM when I came up with my blog name (LOL). My husband was trying to get me to bed and I kept telling him that I couldn't think of a name for my blog & he suggested something along the lines of "sleepless workaholic" before rubbing his eyes and laying down on my office floor (he won't sleep in the bed without me...but I can't sleep). His comment got me thinking and I came up with The 3AM Teacher.

      Thanks for the sweetness!

      The 3AM Teacher

  2. Michelle,
    I am so appreciative of your enthusiasm for my Unlikely Valentines poem...and honored by your offer to do some illustrations for the verses. :)
    I really appreciate the post you mission is to help parents and teachers use picture books and positive parental participation to build self-esteem and develop literacy skills...and anyone who helps spread the word gets a "gold star"!
    My email is
    but if you want to send anything that requires lots of memory, please use:
    I look forward to connecting with you. :)

  3. Thanks for the borders.

    First Grade Delight

  4. Hello, I have just given you an award. Stop by my blog and check it out!!


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