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My sister is out of the hospital and my family has survived Thanksgiving! I am now ready to get back in the swing of things. I love this time of year & I love the colors that encompass the Christmas season.

#1 My New APP Obsession:

Adobe Color Lava! This app allows you to create color swatches using a color wheel or uploading/taking photos and selecting colors. But that is not even the coolest part...the app easily links to my Adobe CS5 program and I can upload the swatches. I can take a picture of the sky or the park on a pretty day and then select the colors for a swatch sample, and finally send it to my program! So cool and only $2.99 on IPad App store.

 #2 My next project???

Take Time 2 Save Time
This will be a complete teacher guide and resource kit to help busy teachers get organized. I have included resources and materials I have used in my own classroom, plus many added extras. I am a bit of an organization genius you might say; although, some call it OCD. I would rather not think of my gift as a disorder. While teaching Kindergarten I had so many teachers ask if they could get some help getting organized after seeing the way I organized my classroom lesson plans, materials and files. In doing so, I have decided to weave all of the resources with friendly guides and pictures for teachers as a resource to buy on TPT. I will offer it free for the first 24 hours. I will publish a post when it is up. This one will take a while, but I expect it to be up no later than next Wednesday.

#3 Figure out how to separate the layers on my blog so the background does not scroll with the text layer!? Learning slowly, but I enjoy the challenges!

Have a happy Monday everyone!
Mrs. T.

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