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Back & with a Guest Blogger!!!!!!

Hi bloggers!!! I am so glad to be back online and up out of bed!!! Our internet was down for a few days (bummer) and then I ended up catching the flu after taking care of my little Missy (okay, my high-schooler) for four days )-; I was miserable, but feeling much better now!! Thank you to all of you who sent such nice emails and let me know you I was missed!!  I am VERY excited to announce that I am having my very FIRST guest blogger today!!! Woo HOO!!! I am playin' with the big girls now!! It may be a couple of days before I get to reading up on everyone's blogs, but I can't wait to see what I've missed!! I am so excited to get my Pinterest Exchange gift sent out (I know...I am LATE).

I am going to over-night it tomorrow to

Here is a little sample of what I am sending to Tennessee! It is a scrap rug...I have one that I made in my laundry room & I love it. I also made one for my dog. It is super easy - just a bit time-consuming.

Well, without further ado....Here is my guest blogger....Enjoy!
Thank you Lindsey for being my very first guest blogger!!!

Ahhhh! Hi, everyone! It’s Lyndsey from A Year of Many Firsts.
I am so excited to be guest blogging today for Michelle. I ADORE you, Michelle. Don’t we all? Your creativity seriously BLOWS ME AWAY. Love you, sweet lady! I cannot believe how quickly this school year has flown by. Each day, I am more and more amazed with the progress that my students are making. It seems like they go from little babies to BIG firsties overnight. I am getting a little teary eyed just thinking about seeing this group of kids go. Last year was my first year teaching and I remember thinking, “Gosh, I don’t think I could ever love another group of children as much I love these kids.” But sure enough….I DO, I DO, I DO! I love them. A big focus in my classroom right now is WRITING! We are working on editing our own work for capitalization, punctuation, and clarity. I always tell my students that writing takes a lot of effort and practice. In the next few weeks, we will be setting up our very own Writer’s Workshop with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It! I am creating a packet right now to help students edit their own writing, and to develop the necessary “tools” to becoming amazing writers. I can’t wait to share this little packet with you all. I hope to have it posted on my TPT store in the next week or so.
I’ve created a Writer’s Checklist poster (similar to the Fluency Checklist poster) for you all to grab for free here:
This poster is hung up in my writing corner. I often ask my students to go read the checklist before turning in written work. It is a great way to remind students to do their personal best WITHOUT having to hear it from me. The last check, “Does it showcase my best work?” was created for my fast-finishers. You know, the ones who don’t always do their personal best because they just want to be the first ones finished. Grrr! I hope you’ll find the poster helpful in your classroom. I hope you’ll stop by my blog and say hello! Thank you so much, Michelle, for letting me guest blog. You are so, so sweet!

Thank you again, Lindsey!!
Here is a "show-off" button for being my guest!!!!

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Techno Tuesday Tips Linky & Bear Craftivity Freebie

Happy Thursday Bloggers! I am going begin a Techno Tuesday Challenge every other Tuesday on my blog (beginning the first week in May). And no, it has nothing to do with dancing....although I do love to boogie!! I began a little test pilot a few weeks ago and most enjoyed the info. I would like to create a list of things that you would like for me to go through for my Tuesday posts.

I already have (I know...not much)...
1. How to create a grab button
2. How to create custom text (the dissolve effect)

The text effect was actually a small tutorial that I sent in an email upon request from another blogger. She was able to get the desired effect  by going through the steps I provided her with, which made me very relieved (-; I know many of you would love to be able to create some simple effects for your cover pages or other resources you work on & I would love to help!!

I decided to create the linky so I didn't get a ton of the same requests. Please make sure to look at what others would like to see before adding your own (unless you are the first to link up, of course).
From this Linky, I will be putting together a Techno Tuesday Tip schedule. When I go through a tutorial or tip that you have requested, your blog will be featured that Tuesday (If there are more than one who request something then I will include a text link for each blog). I get better at doing what I do when I am able to teach it (-; Bring on some challenges...!!


1. Copy & paste this picture and add three technology tips you would like to learn.

2. Post the list and link back to my blog.

3. Link up below

I also have a Fabulous Bear Craftivity for FREE on TPT. It is a cute pop-up I did with my kinders a few years ago. I was able incorporate this into a unit on a bear I was teaching.
Click HERE to grab it on TPT

Here is a cute FREE graphic to go along with it.


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Free Frames, Free News & My new Graphic Set!!

I am going to be HAPPY all the time...hahaha...and even if I'm not...I'll fake can too if you want - I don't judge (okay maybe the Walmart pics..I like to think of it as psychoanalysis). P.S. I am NOT a fan of Frued & I never thought my "defining moment" of development and self-worth might be due to my realization of NOT having a penis (am I allowed to say penis???Well, there might be an exception since I AM writing and not technically saying it). I ALSO do not think that a man would have anxiety if he found out that I didn't have one...I think there would be anxiety if they found out that I did!..Oh my.....this is not the direction I was going for at all! Here is a FREEBIE to change the topic...hehehe


Playing Tag & New to come! 2 Free Frames!!

I have been tagged 5 times (maybe more...hehehe) and I am going to answer one set of questions in this post. I realized that trying to answer 50 questions in one post would be torture for all of you! I am going to add the other links of those who tagged me even though I haven't answered their questions yet. 

I also noticed that I am almost at 600 followers!! Holy cow!!  I am going to have a giant celebration when I reach 1000, so hopefully not too much longer...hehehe I am so thankful and completely blessed by all of your amazing talents!! I feel honored that so many of you get excited about the graphics and put the many freebies to good use!! Thank you so very much!!

Happy Easter!!! Belated...New Stuff & Free stuff!

Why is there a line of hair you ask??? Well, because these took me forever to draw and I like them...hehehe...not much you can do with a hair border...LOL

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Easter! I spent the day with my husband and kids and we actually had a very nice day. I am happy to say that even though my kids are getting older, they haven't become too cool to dye eggs or have an Easter egg hunt. I told them that I would continue to give them Easter baskets - even when they are all grown and living on their own. It will give them a reason to come visit me...hahaha!! 

I haven't posted the last two days because I am REALLY trying to get the set I am working on completed!! 
I don't think I will want to draw another bunny or mouse for a while...hehehe!

PAUSE (for many hours)...

Check out this set HERE

Has anyone else been experiencing problems uploading thumbnails onto TPT? I can upload my own images, but it won't generate the thumbnails...Curious-er...

Okay, well that was yesterday and I never got back to finishing that post...LOL! I am FINALLY done with the FOO FOO set!!!! Because I have been incognito, I am going to offer this set for $2.00 until tomorrow night at 10pm sharp...(Arizona time). If it was my very own time period, it will be more like 3am in the morning..tehehehe! I can't even tell you how happy I am that these are done! I spent a long while making the fairies last night, but I love how they turned out!! I am going to make more of them and put them in a small set....once I am done with my custom orders (sorry to those of you who are waiting). In order to get these done, I had to ignore life; although I did shower. I have NOT been outside all day or tasted is amazing what our brains can live without when they are occupied (-;

This set will be $5.50 after tomorrow. I really don't like charging more than $7.00 a set because I think it limits the amount of sets most will buy at one purchase. I have been looking at other clip art sets and realized that my prices are pretty diggity darn good in comparison to most. I am noticing that most sets include only about 8-25 graphics for about $2-$5.00! I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. I want to make sure that...ONE...that I NOT limit your creativity by placing my graphics in a copyright bubble. I don't want my graphics to end up being like the "looking at" towels hanging up in the bathroom...hahaha. And...TWO...I want to make sure that my graphics are affordable as well.

Next, I have been tagged THREE TIMES (no, wait...I just checked my emails...I was tagged 4 times) hehehe!! I KNOW...I need to get with the program already!!! I am going to work on being "IT" in my post for tomorrow...hehehe

In the theme of bunnies and sweetness, I have a REALLY great (well... not really great actually) story to tell you. About...oh gosh, 8 years ago (REALLY, self? Geeze your getting old)
I had a dwarf bunny that we named Rascal. He was the absolute cutest little thing and he use to follow me around our apartment. We were in the process of moving into our new home in Menifee, Ca. (at the time) and I was sooooo excited that we finally had a big yard for the kids...and our only pet Rascal!
After our first day settled in the house, I went out to the backyard (with little Rascal in hand) and gently set him down on the grass...He was soooo should have seen him... I was sooooo excited watching the little guy get excited...hehehe.

I watched while he hopped around... came back to me....hopped around...and came back to me again. My husband came outside and I said to him, "Look at how happy Rascal is..."

At that VERY MOMENT...not a second sooner or a second later....I watched my happy little Rascal get snatched up by a GIANT hawk!!!! All that was left was a POOF of soft fur floating in the air!!!
I don't think I moved or said anything for a while...I was in complete shock and didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!! On the one hand (the funnier one) my poor little guy got snatched after getting to hop around on real grass for the first time in his little life (I bought him from a pat store) and I was a little upset at that darn bird! I didn't care that the bird was record-breaking giant and lived in a tall tree...yes.....right behind our house, which is cool, but I was still mad at it! On the other hand (the very bad one) our first day in our new home, we experienced death and loss...sadness I tell you!!! I have never had a pet bunny since then...and I now have a fear of Giant Hawks...LOL!!!

Here are a couple of FREEBIES! Please read my Terms of Use before using these free graphics for personal and/or commercial use (-;
Thank you for following, for reading, & for being a friend!!

The next few didn't make the cut....I had to remove a few because the file (even the zipped file) was too large to upload...So, you benefit from over-crowding...hahaha...that's a first!!

Talk to you soon!!!!!


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Currently...Giveaway, Free Borders & SUPER POWERS!

Here is one I made today for you to grab (-; I am really into making borders right now.

Well, I still have Foo Foo Set on my list of things to finish as well as...
Order new Frigid Air Shirts
More custom templates for our company
Update Frigid Air Website

I DID get a new printer today!! Woo HOO!! Out with the old, in with the new!!  Office Max was great! They gave me $50 extra discount for my old printer (really only about 1.5 years old)! No complaining there!! It did take a lot longer to set up than any of the other HP printers I have purchased; however, this new printer is completely wireless and I do not have to have it hooked up to ANY of my computers directly!! It can go anywhere...which is why I have it squished behind me in the space behind my desk..hahaha!! It is really quiet and prints really fast...let's see how fast it is after a few months. We do soooo much printing for our company that we are always replacing printers...Now that I have it, I really have nothing that I need to print...LOL!!

I did not include my currently in this morning's post, but I wanted to link up with Farley and post my currently that I actually filled out two days ago!! I know...I have been such a scatter brain lately! I feel like this year has just zoomed by!! April ALREADY??? Summer is coming soon!

 Don't you ever wish you could hear someone's thoughts...but not all the time...just when you get the feeling that someone is completely making stuff up? Well, if you haven't already, go visit Farley and link up for this month's currently! My super power is is not very creative, but I have been pumping my creativity into my art...maybe I can think of something better later...hehehe.

Teri over at A Cupcake for the Teacher's is having a FABULOUS 1000 follower giveaway!!! You must go check it out... It is amazing...wish I had been asked to partner up on this one!!! I can't wait to get to 1000! I have been seeing my button all over and I love seeing my graphics used in so many different ways! I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing who posted, who commented, and who's new in this bloggy family that just keeps growing! I will admit that it is pretty hard to keep up and I always feel so sad when I miss something by a couple of days....BOO HOO )-; I love all of your blogs, creativity, and uniqueness!!!! 

Just a short post tonight! I will be out of the office for most of the day tomorrow. I am running some calls to give estimates with my husband in Gilbert. I like the nerdy side of HVAC, but I am not such a fan of working in the heat. I have gone on several jobs in the middle of summer and if you ever want to lose weight REALLY fast, you can volunteer to work for a heating & air conditioning company for a day in the Arizona heat!!! Yikes. Sometimes it was so hot that water would make me feel sick...I will do the estimates and some service calls, but unless I get to hang out with the homeowner (inside the house), I would much rather be BLOGGING...hehehe!! I will have my ipad and will be reading blogs and keeping up with emails. I might be able to get some doodling in, since the drive to Gilbert is a long one. Have a 

Fan-Ta-Bu-Lous Friday!!!

Thank you for following my blog!!

P.S. I really would like to have a guest blogger!!! Any volunteers???

Here is another cutsie frame from me to you

(please read my TOU to the left)


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