Happy Easter!!! Belated...New Stuff & Free stuff!

Why is there a line of hair you ask??? Well, because these took me forever to draw and I like them...hehehe...not much you can do with a hair border...LOL

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Easter! I spent the day with my husband and kids and we actually had a very nice day. I am happy to say that even though my kids are getting older, they haven't become too cool to dye eggs or have an Easter egg hunt. I told them that I would continue to give them Easter baskets - even when they are all grown and living on their own. It will give them a reason to come visit me...hahaha!! 

I haven't posted the last two days because I am REALLY trying to get the set I am working on completed!! 
I don't think I will want to draw another bunny or mouse for a while...hehehe!

PAUSE (for many hours)...

Check out this set HERE

Has anyone else been experiencing problems uploading thumbnails onto TPT? I can upload my own images, but it won't generate the thumbnails...Curious-er...

Okay, well that was yesterday and I never got back to finishing that post...LOL! I am FINALLY done with the FOO FOO set!!!! Because I have been incognito, I am going to offer this set for $2.00 until tomorrow night at 10pm sharp...(Arizona time). If it was my very own time period, it will be more like 3am in the morning..tehehehe! I can't even tell you how happy I am that these are done! I spent a long while making the fairies last night, but I love how they turned out!! I am going to make more of them and put them in a small set....once I am done with my custom orders (sorry to those of you who are waiting). In order to get these done, I had to ignore life; although I did shower. I have NOT been outside all day or tasted is amazing what our brains can live without when they are occupied (-;

This set will be $5.50 after tomorrow. I really don't like charging more than $7.00 a set because I think it limits the amount of sets most will buy at one purchase. I have been looking at other clip art sets and realized that my prices are pretty diggity darn good in comparison to most. I am noticing that most sets include only about 8-25 graphics for about $2-$5.00! I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. I want to make sure that...ONE...that I NOT limit your creativity by placing my graphics in a copyright bubble. I don't want my graphics to end up being like the "looking at" towels hanging up in the bathroom...hahaha. And...TWO...I want to make sure that my graphics are affordable as well.

Next, I have been tagged THREE TIMES (no, wait...I just checked my emails...I was tagged 4 times) hehehe!! I KNOW...I need to get with the program already!!! I am going to work on being "IT" in my post for tomorrow...hehehe

In the theme of bunnies and sweetness, I have a REALLY great (well... not really great actually) story to tell you. About...oh gosh, 8 years ago (REALLY, self? Geeze your getting old)
I had a dwarf bunny that we named Rascal. He was the absolute cutest little thing and he use to follow me around our apartment. We were in the process of moving into our new home in Menifee, Ca. (at the time) and I was sooooo excited that we finally had a big yard for the kids...and our only pet Rascal!
After our first day settled in the house, I went out to the backyard (with little Rascal in hand) and gently set him down on the grass...He was soooo should have seen him... I was sooooo excited watching the little guy get excited...hehehe.

I watched while he hopped around... came back to me....hopped around...and came back to me again. My husband came outside and I said to him, "Look at how happy Rascal is..."

At that VERY MOMENT...not a second sooner or a second later....I watched my happy little Rascal get snatched up by a GIANT hawk!!!! All that was left was a POOF of soft fur floating in the air!!!
I don't think I moved or said anything for a while...I was in complete shock and didn't know whether to laugh or cry!!! On the one hand (the funnier one) my poor little guy got snatched after getting to hop around on real grass for the first time in his little life (I bought him from a pat store) and I was a little upset at that darn bird! I didn't care that the bird was record-breaking giant and lived in a tall tree...yes.....right behind our house, which is cool, but I was still mad at it! On the other hand (the very bad one) our first day in our new home, we experienced death and loss...sadness I tell you!!! I have never had a pet bunny since then...and I now have a fear of Giant Hawks...LOL!!!

Here are a couple of FREEBIES! Please read my Terms of Use before using these free graphics for personal and/or commercial use (-;
Thank you for following, for reading, & for being a friend!!

The next few didn't make the cut....I had to remove a few because the file (even the zipped file) was too large to upload...So, you benefit from over-crowding...hahaha...that's a first!!

Talk to you soon!!!!!


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  1. So cute!! These are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

    The First Grade Dream

  2. Adorable as usual! Love the rabbits and mouse and the fairy is gorgeous!

    I do love that for a reasonable price we get fantastic clip art and a good amount, so thank you Michelle! That's why I have just about all your clipart ha!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Your graphics are sooo cute!! Love them! That story about your rabbit and the hawk is so sad. :(
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Oh No! I had just checked this blog before I wrote my post for Tag! I put you down to tag. Now that I am checking back and informing you, I see you have 4 tags, now 5. Well anyway, I love your work, have bought your graphics from TPT and thought I would tag you. I wanted to give another shout out to you for your great work! So if you are really wanting to answer even more questions come on by and grab my questions.
    Tag! You're It!

    Classroom Companion

  5. I love Little Bunny Foo Foo and your art work is spectacular. I'm going to hop over to your store and snatch it up!! $2.00...2 good 2 be true! no one bopped me on the head to get me to say all that, either.

    Sorry about your bunny, but hawks are so awesome!
    Owl Things First

  6. I love your borders- thanks so much for sharing!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. Just bought this set

    I will definitely making my new unit for TpT with these cuties

    Thanks for the discount

    I think your graphics are very affordable and you get plenty for your money

  8. Cute graphics!!! Tag! I've tagged you because I love your work!

  9. Your bunny art is gorgeous ... but I'm seriously all choked up over Rascal!!!

    Grade ONEderful

  10. I just bought this set. I have been waiting with baited breath. So cute! Your artwork is so fun and well priced. Thanks so much.

  11. Love, love, love the bunnies and fairies! :) Thank you for sharing.

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  12. These are super cute! Thanks for always sharing so much!

  13. Thanks for always sharing your super cute grapics! I'm eyeing your funky frames.....I have a frame and border obsession, I can't get enough of them! I appreciate all of your freebies and affordable graphics! Love, love!


  14. Ok, maybe I've just overlooked the link, but how do you download those last two freebie frames? They are adorable!

  15. Michelle, as always your creations are super cute!

    Time 4 Kindergarten
    Time 4 Organization

  16. I tagged you. Check it out at


  17. Ok these designs are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I don't think anyone should ever outgrow dyeing Easter Eggs or going on a hunt - it is what keeps us all young. My kids are 9 and 12 and love dyeing Easter Eggs. It is part of our tradition.

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog - I so appreciate it :-)


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