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My name is Michelle Tsivgadellis (sounds like: shivadellis) and as you can probably guess, I am in a class all my own!! I realize that the picture above is quite old... you'd think I would have at least Photo-shopped out the date, but no... haha

 I chose this picture because it was taken my second year teaching Kindergarten and it brings back great memories!!  I will not get into a ton of detail about my life (as it would be depressing for me and for you), but I will tell you that I grew up in sunny, Southern California!! I LOVE the beach!!! There is nothing else in this world that is so powerful, yet peaceful at the same time. 

Yep.... this is me.... in Kindergarten!!! I will do you all a favor and spare you the horror of showing you my pre-teen photos after my adopted mom decided to get all of my hair chopped off like a chia pet, so she wouldn't have to brush my curls every morning...

I was so traumatized by the incident that I have not allowed even one person cut my hair since that retched haircut!!

I now live in Arizona with my husband of (almost) 14 years and our two children (please refer to the happy family photos below).


  1. I just found your site and I LOVE it. You are very creative. I can't wait to see what you do next. Stop by my blog and say yellow.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  2. I live in Phoenix, AZ!! Yay to Arizonans!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

    1. HOW AWESOME!!!!!I will check out your blog immediately! We will have to get in touch..I am totally loving blogging!


      P.S. My husband and I own a heating & air conditioning company out here...Frigid Air. I don't have all the answers, but if you ever have an HVAC question, send me an email or blog me.

    2. Hi! I am the newest follower, and also an Arizona teacher (Peoria.) I am new to blogging and am looking forward to making new friends.

      Confessions of a Teaching Addict

    3. Also AZ, here... Tucson. BUT!!!! I lived in Buckeye when I was born! I was born at Maryvale Samaritan Hospital because buckeye didn't have one. It was uber tiny when I was there. Then I lived in Casa Grande from first grade to college. :D

      I love your blog!! I'm a tad obsessed with the graphics you make teehee. Actually my button has a border from here ;)
      And is that your hubby? What a hottie! :)

      The {mis}adventures of first grade

  3. Just stopping by from Life in Special Education's blog. I saw that she honored you with an award. Congrats! I am loving your blog and am now following you! Your graphics are great!


  4. Just found your blog and can totally relate! (Only it's 2 A.M. in my case!) I'm a new follower. =)


  5. Hello there! I recently started following your blog! Thanks for all of your tips and shared graphics! I am new to blogging (and in my first year of teaching 3rd grade)! Do you have any tips on creating an awesome blog and increasing followers?


  6. Hey!
    Love your stuff. I'm here in Glendale, AZ. Go Cards!

  7. I absolutely love your blog and have been following for a while. This blog, along with some others have inspired me to blog, so I have spent my entire spring break working on creating my own blog. :)
    Reading Toward the Stars!

  8. I just found your blog today! I am not an Arizonan, but it was my home for 4 years when I went to NAU! I am a So Cal native and teach down here in the IE...sorta like a not-so-hot version of the greater Phoenix area!


  9. I love your blog and am a new follower! Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  10. I am loving your blog. I just started blogging and I am so lost, but it is sooo much fun!! I have been missing a lot!!! You have a GREAT site!!!

  11. I have just happened upon your blog and have loved reading it. I'm not a blogger but I have just recently started following a few. Very interested in your work also. Keep it up!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! You should definitely start a has been such a blessing having this!

      I really enjoy connecting with people all over the world.

      Visit My Blog
      Email The 3AM Teacher
      Visit My FB Page

  12. Love your blog...and the name is perfect - all of the great ideas always come around 3am! I am your newest follower and a new blogger myself. I look forward to sharing ideas with you in Bloggyville! :)

    <a href=">Teaching Maddeness</a>

  13. I just joined about 10 seconds ago. This is a great site and I will be coming back to often this school year to see what you have done next! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and creativity with all the teachers out there!!!

  14. What an amazing site! I am new to the world of blogging. Your sight has amazing information. I need a summer vacation to take it all in!!
    I was from Arizona....did 10 years in inner city Phoenix, a little time in Private school, then I taught in Gilbert before moving back to Texas. I sure miss the desert.

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  15. i just recently discovered your blog and started following it. It's nice to find a fellow Arizona teacher.

    Jacqui @ Resource Room Rules

  16. Found your great blog today and am now one of your bunch! I'm off to check out your Etsy Shop.


  17. Great to meet you! Love all your designs and your creativity.

    1. Thank you so much!! I have been meaning to update this page.... yikes!!

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