YES! I Actually Did This...

I have been so focused on getting caught up on custom blog design orders and going through my list, that I did not read carefully when working through a small set of revisions for a current client of mine. I laughed so hard when she emailed me back that I thought I would share the story and my creation with all of you.

Although rare, I have been known to make a wording or spelling mistake every now and again when working on a custom blog design. This week, I had a DOOZY!! I am also not one for using profanity in my posts, but I HAD to make an exception in order to tell you this story...Being that this is a NEW year, and this mistake technically happened LAST year, I can now laugh about it with a little more dignity.

I am currently working with 6 clients right and I have 3 that are in the test blog phase {the last phase before the blog design is published live on the clients' blog}. I always work through one at a time, get everything that needs to be revised finished and sent, and then move on to the next one on my list until I am done with each client.

I keep a folder for each client and when working with revisions, I always print out the email because I like seeing it in front of me and checking things off as I complete each one.

For this particular client, the post signature was the last thing on the list because this client wants to remain anonymous. We waited until the end of the design phase to figure out what she would like me to create for her signature and she was able to include her request at the end of her revision request.

I read through it quickly and then got straight to work.. not even thinking twice about the words I was using.. Keep in mind... this is a TEACHING BLOG!!!

Here is a snippet of the specifications for the signature she sent me in the email:

"Custom Post Signature- Ok I spent all morning trying to think about the post signature as I am trying to be somewhat anonymous. lol SO after pinning several fun phrases and what not I found a Tina Fey quote " Bitches get stuff done" and I thought it would be hilarious to play off that with Teachers get stuff done and maybe add a arrow through an apple."

Now... I always take every clients requests into consideration, but I don't always create exactly what they ask far as the specific design in concerned. 

I got to work and created the image you see at the top of this post {minus the copyright line}, uploaded it to Photobucket, and then inserted the code into the blog design so the image showed up at the bottom of each post as the post signature. I did not think twice about the word, "bitches", and I had no reservations whatsoever about this being a signature for an education blog published by a teacher. Sometimes, I get in such a work zone, that I am just working without really thinking critically. 

I was thoroughly happy to have all of the revisions finished and ready for my client to view & immediately sent her an email to let her know to check out the test site. 

Within a few hours, I see an email response form her that begins with... 
"It's looking great! Ok don't hate me but I think I miscommunicated about the signature..."

Being the complete sweatheart that she is... she didn't even call me out on MY mistake... 
I seriously have the BEST clients in the world!! She continued to rave about the rest of the design and asked if I wouldn't "mind" changing the word, bitches, to teachers. 

As I read the email, I burst out laughing and completely turned BRIGHT RED!!! Obviously she would not have wanted her signature to include the word, bitches!! The mistake was most certainly my own for not taking the time to read the email carefully, but she thankfully got a little giggle out of the mistake as well!! I did change the signature for her; however, I ended up falling in LOVE with the quote and decided to create and order a mug from my own Zazzle shop, so I can place it on my desk and laugh!! Feel free to order one for yourself if you'd like to!! I placed the link below (-; You are also more than welcome to use the image I uploaded at the top of the post for personal use. 

Motivation Mug
Motivation Mug by 3AMTeacherDesigns
View Message Mugs online at zazzle

Forgot about this earlier, but Zazzle has a promo code you can enter to get 20% off.. just in case you wanted to order this mug for yourself...and laugh every time you have a cup of coffee!!  Here is the promo code: Code: BRINGIN2015Z  (not sure when it expires, but I used it and it took $6 off my order!!)

I also have my TPT shop marked down 20% until the end of today and I am leaving the Custom Blog Design TPT Seller Special up for ONE MORE DAY!! Order now and get $100 in FREE clipart!!

I hope you got a little giggle from reading this... Happy New Year!!! You ALL ROCK!!!


  1. LOL! The apple to dot the i ... priceless!

  2. OMG! Love it! Just ordered me a travel mug! You are too funny, my friend! Love ya!

    1. Hahaha!! I am so excited to get mine in the mail!! It is going to make me laugh every time I use it! You are awesome!! I hope you snap a photo of the travel mug.. I would love to see how that looks...

  3. Love this!!! If I didn't need another mug I would order this si a heartbeat- Thanks for making me laugh.

    1. Zazzle is a little pricey, but they have a 20% off promo right now.. that is what sealed the deal for me.. haha

  4. Haha! So glad you shared this story.....because it is HILARIOUS!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Thank you!! It was too funny NOT to share... I was so embarrassed!!

  5. This is great! I love it. I want one of those mugs!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. If you order one, you can get any style from their choices and make sure to use the discount code:

      Code: BRINGIN2015Z

      It took $6 off my order!! I was even more excited!! haha

      Thank you & I am so glad you got a giggle!!

  6. I so needed this laugh tonight! Thank you for sharing. It's awesome your client was so cool about it too. I would've been the same way. Your creativity makes me smile.


  7. That's awesome! So funny. At least everyone was in good humor and you can laugh about it. Plus you get a mug! Priceless.

    What I Have Learned

  8. #awesomeness thanks for sharing!

  9. Hahah! That's so funny! At least the design looked awesome!

  10. That is too funny Michelle! Love the mug!! :)

  11. Hi-

    We just e-mailed you in reference to our custom blog design.

    The Reading Buddies

  12. This is great! I needed the laugh, and the mug is just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Right Down the Middle with Andrea

  13. this if fantastic, I just love it (and the design!) thanks for the laugh!

  14. I am the worst at proof reading. I just get so into design mode that I easily see right past the words. I once used a font where the I looked like a J. My client's name started with a J. When I was reading through some of her post I was thinking to myself, who would talk about themselves in third person on their blog! I kept reading, J went to school..., J had fun..., and J this and that. She later emailed me and asked if I "minded" changing the font. We both had a laugh about that one!

  15. I think everybody needs to tell the story of the day that they did something like that! One day I walked into my classroom with my pants on backwards! I did not notice it until I tried to put my hands in my pockets and the pockets were facing the wrong way! And no, they were not elastic waistband old-lady pants either! I walked into the classroom bathroom, switched them back to front, and came out nonchalant as can be. This first grade boy looked me straight in the eye and said, "Did you have your pants on backwards?" "Why, yes....." You made me laugh, Michelle!

    1. I know!!
      BWAHAHA!!! I LOVE that story!! Haven't we all done stuff like that.. I have so many funny stories I could share during my time teaching and working with clients. I love how honest kids are and that we can just be ourselves.

      I had the most fun while teaching Kindergarten. Thank you so much for making me laugh this morning....


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