Hi Everyone!! I hope you all had a very nice Halloween night with your families.
Both of my babies are in their teens now... and family holiday traditions have become nearly obsolete. My daughter spent the night with her friend, but I was able to get my son to just go for a little stroll. It was just me, my son and my husband, but we had a blast passing out candy. We didn't get huge crowds, but there were some pretty clever costumes. My favorite was a father dressed up as Dr. Doolittle and his little princess and ninja turtle!! They were adorable...

After the crowds died down, we decided to spend the rest of the evening watching scary movies. We watched Scream, which really made me feel old!! haha Overall, we had a nice quiet night.

Today..... it is time to announce the WINNER of the "Get Organized in 2015" Giveaway!!!

And the WINNER is...... Number 29!!!
CONGRATULATIONS TO LORI RAINES!!!! I think she definitely needed this & I hope it brightens her weekend!!!
Thank you to everyone who participated and shared some pretty cool planner apps I hadn't known about!! I have a couple of great tutorials planned for this weeks' blog posts and I hope you all come back to visit, chat, learn, and shop. 

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