A New Look!

Hi Everyone!!

I am not sure if any of you have noticed, but my blog and website have been getting a new look to prepare for some new journeys I have in store!! I noticed a huge spike in traffic to my other pages once I scrapped out my old navigation menu... you live and learn.. haha

My new look is definitely bold, but I have kept the overall design very simple and clean. I am in love with a minimalist design with splashes of color and personality!

I will be updating my Terms Of Use file to match the design, but if you have my old button, I would love for you to swap it out with the new one. I am in love with it and will be keeping it for a long while (hopefully..haha)

Just save one of the button images below to your 3AM Teacher Clipart Folder and toss out the old one.

I will also be trying to get all of my clipart sets up and available on my website by the end of November. I still have quite a lot more work to do on my website, but I think you will all be quite happy with the new improvements and navigation. I had to zoom out quite a bit to get the home page of the site in one screenshot for you, but HERE IT IS!!!

I would love to know what you all think. I will be adding quite a bit of content to the custom blog design pages, but please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can continue to improve the site and content.

I have been really wanting to put together workshops and designer resources for quite some time now. I am beginning to prepare my blog and website for a new learning series and design resources I plan to have ready by January. I hope to bring in the new year with a huge bang!! One thing I am really struggling with is getting used to hearing my voice and seeing myself on video... it is so weird and I will just have to get over the insecurities. The only way to continue growing is to take that first leap in and hope for the best..haha

I hope to touch on some hot topics to help may of you learn some new skills that will help you generate some extra income for your own families. I am definitely ready and excited to start sharing what I have learned and to provide resources to help ease some of the pain of the learning curve from learning how to use a new design program.  This will be quite a fun journey and I hope you will all help get me there as I struggle through my insecurities of putting my face and voice out there on the web....

Before I let you go this Tuesday morning... I wanted to give a little shout out to a couple of blogger/friends I recently had the honor of working with by giving them each a new custom blog design.

I can't say enough praises about the beautiful and talented Jen Jones from Hello Literacy!! I had such a blast working on her blog design and I absolutely love her new look!! Completing Jen's design was the ultimate motivation to getting my own design updated.

Here is the BEFORE screenshot I took...

And.... here is the AFTER screenshot once her design was all complete!!

Her design is bright, yet professional and clean in every way. The colors work amazingly well together and I think she definitely got her 3AM Teacher "Kate Spade-inspired" design. tehehe!! You can check out Jen's new look by clicking her button below...

The next blogger I had the honor of working with was equally as beautiful and talented!! Tabitha (from FlapJack Education) is always bursting with energy and her design helps you get a glimpse of a bit of that energy. This too, is another bright design coupled with clean serif fonts and an open layout that really works for her. I absolutely enjoyed working with both of these ladies and nothing makes me happier than an even happier client!!

Here is Tabitha's BEFORE screenshot...

AND.... here is the AFTER screenshot!! Branding was very important to Tabitha.. as she already had a very recognizable logo already in use. I took inspiration from the logo and her style to create something updated, clean, vibrant, and did not require that she re-brand her products with a new logo. 

Click on Tabitha's button below to check out her new blog look & say hello!!

I actually have three other blog designs I have completed as well, but I would like to feature just a couple at a time... 

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!!


  1. WOW! What a makeover! Impressive and motivating! Thanks for sharing! Smiles and stop by anytime!

    1. Thank you so much!! I will definitely stop by and check out your blog (-;

  2. Your designs are so eye-catching and with just enough color that isn't overwhelming! Hoping to one day get around to sprucing up my blog, maybe when I have a little more time and money! Being a first year teacher and first semester grad school student does not leave you with much free time…

    Love the work! Love your updates! I just keep coming back for more :)

    Glitter and Gradebooks

  3. Love your new blog designs and the new custom blogs! Your creativity is awesome!

  4. I LOVE the new look! You did a fantastic job. I really love the makeovers too - you have a great eye.

  5. Hi Michelle, I'm excited that you'll be offing some blog help in the future! I'm a new blogger and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out! I really love your work!!

  6. Your new blog design is AMAZING! I'm totally in love with it!!!!!! You did a great job. My personal favorite little touch: the social media icons light up in a pattern that corresponds with your design. So cool.


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