TpT Feature News, H-E-L-L-O Business Planner & a Giveaway!!!

Thank you to all of you who were as excited as I was this weekend about my TpT feature!! You all are amazing and I can't tell you how blessed I felt from all of your messages! I also want to thank my FB Wally group for helping me pic out a photo to use... This was was the winner and I am glad I used it. I seriously need to have professional photos taken, because getting just this one picture took me several hours!! I did not have time to edit the photo and chose to use it as is... blemishes and freckles in all. I figured I'd post what I actually look like. This way, if you ever see me in person, you aren't shocked.. haha!!

I love that we can all celebrate each other's successes and triumphs! Being featured was such a special treat and no one in my house could understand my excitement..haha  I was thankful to have you all to celebrate with me!!

That's ME (below)!! When I initially got the email I was asked to write a brief intro on the products I was featuring; however, I had no idea that would end up under my name.. I wish I had written something more clever about myself.. hahaha....

I believe I initially announced that I would be creating a business planner about 6 months ago....
This is how the project began... in my SMASH book and just a bunch of ideas coming together...
I did not give up and it is FINALLY here!! I already printed mine out and have been putting it to good use!

Let me just spend a little time showing you what I have included in this planner and how I put mine together...

What's Included:
Directions and Terms of Use
Five cover page styles to choose from
Section Divider Pages – Choose to organize your planner sections by month, by category or create your very own sections using the pre-made blank divider pages provided in your download.
Accounts & Password log in three styles
12 Month Calendar Spread pages
Wide Calendar Pages in three styles; including quarter sized printable pages
Birthday Calendar
Contact Pages
Monthly Blog Post Planner
Weekly Blog Post Planner
Single Blog Post Planner
Daily Schedule Pages in 3 styles
Time Tracker/ Hours Worked Log
14 Fun Note Pages
Product Listing Log
Product Planner: Teaching Resource Template
Product Planner: Clipart Set Template
Product Planner: Custom Blog Design Template
Sales & Promotions Log in 3 styles
Monthly/Weekly Blog Stats and Record Overview Sheets
Monthly Pinterest Board Stats
Google Adsense Stats and Earnings tracker
Shop Stats Tracker in 3 styles
Weekly Planning and Scheduling
Yearly Snapshot in two styles
Daily Ledger
Daily Sales Tracker
Income & Expense Tracker and Report
Monthly Bills
12 Month Profit Report
Recurring Business Expense Log
Weekly Income & Expense Report
And MORE!!!

Once you purchase the planner, you will download a zipped file containing over 200 custom pages to play with!!

Save your file and unzip or extract the files. Once you extract the files, your folders should look a little something like this...minus the background striped.
Spend some time looking through the folders and choosing the pages and page styles that will work best for you, then decide how you will want to organize those pages. For instance, if you click on the NOTES folder, you will see 12 separate PDF files. Each file is a separate note page style. Choose the one that fits your personality.. or print a few pages of each one..

That's what makes this planner so unique... you can choose the pages and styles that you like, organize and print them in any order and then assemble your planner to use!! It does take some time to organize and print the pages; however, I believe you will be just as happy as I am once you have it all prepared.

Here are a few pics of my Planner coming together...

I chose to use my handy dandy binding machine!! I have the Fellows Star 150, which I absolutely LOVE!! It does not include directions; however, it is pretty basic and you can always email me if you can't figure out how to use the binding machine.

I printed out my cover page and my dividers using bright white cardstock paper, which has worked out quite nicely. I also

I also used the Fellows clear binding covers as the first and last pages of each of my sections. I chose to bind my planner sections separately, so I can just use the section I need when I need it... and not have a giant binder with me at all times.

I am not using my Amazon affiliate link for these items. I am sharing them with you, so you can see exactly what I used to put my planner together.

If you will be using a 3-ring binder, Shoplet has some great label tabs dividers that would be great for this project. I recently got a couple of free packs to try out, but I used them for the kids for school because I chose to use the binding machine for this project. I opted out for the Fellows blank divider tabs that come without hole punches.

Here are the two from Shoplet that I had the honor of using for the kids for school. The stickers that come with the sets are super easy to use with the computer and easy to attach as well.
They also have a video to show you how to apply the tabs to the dividers. They have clear and colored tabs and both are great quality and super easy to use. This way, you can divide your sections using clean dividers and tabs with cute fonts!! ha!!

Here is pic of my mess planner coming together in the living room!! I am super picky and it took me a bit longer to figure out how I wanted to organize all of my pages in a way that would work best for everyday use. Some of the info on the pages is repetitive info in different sections, so I wanted to make sure I could record the stats and earnings in one section and then transfer that data to the other binder at the end of each week. This works best for my own situation and what I do because my income changes daily and I get new requests on a daily basis. I never have a way to truly set a budget for the month; however, that is one of my goals for this year... to get to a point in my business where I can plan out a monthly budget and start putting money in savings again. This has been one of my biggest challenges being self-employed... that and TAXES!!! I won't even get started on how terrible I am trying to organize my tax info.
When all of the pages were printed and bound, I ended up with 7 individual binders. I could have probably broken them easily into 10, but I was getting tired.... haha!!

The one with the cover photo is my business finances binder.. and the thickest binder of the bunch.
You could even choose to use the monthly dividers and organize a smaller binder for each month with enough prints to cover everything for one entire month. I think I might actually do this next time or maybe even for next month. I think having one binder per month will make it much easier for me to organize and find the information I need when I need it, but for now, this will do just fine!!

Here is an example of how I can use the monthly dividers to organize my information by month. I can choose to do it in two styles.. haha. Personally, I like the white with the colored text the best... although, the colored dividers with white text does print quite nicely. One thing you can count on from me is that I make sure to test print everything before offering it as a product. There was a lot of trial and error getting this planner just right!!

Here are the options by topic

I also included blank dividers in an editable PDF template...and in every color. I will be adding a PowerPoint version to make it easier for all of you to edit the text and add font styles that fit your own style and personality. 

Here is an example of how what I included for my daily schedule and how I printed and organized the pages to meet my needs.

Below is an image of the section divider. I placed my Daily Schedule pages within my Monthly Planner, which has worked out nicely so far. 
I sectioned out my daily schedule week by week for one month. At the beginning of each weekly section, I have the weekly planner page at the top. This way, I can set my own personal goals and plan for the week ahead. I used the Weekly planner with the titles pre-filled, but I did include a version without the pre-typed titles. This way, you can add whatever is important for you each week. 
Turn the page.... I placed my hours log on the left hand side and my Daily Schedule page on the right hand side. Next time, I will definitely switch this around. I am left handed and I prefer to work from left to right.. I think the more I use the planner, the better I can organize it to meet my needs... which is what makes this planner so awesome! I did a lot of research before and during the process of putting this planner together and one thing I really struggled with was figuring out how I was going to organize the pages within the file in a way that would work for everyone. The only solution to this was to create a separate PDF for each custom page and allow all of you to choose how to organize and print out your pages. 
Here is the Hours log page that you can see a glimpse of in the image above, but it is taken on the right side to make it easier for you to see up close...
One thing that has been very important to me while trying to improve my time management and raise my income level has been to keep track of my hours. This is SOOOO important to do. When I started keeping better track of my hours, I began to really sort through and wean out the things that wasted time. It also helps me to price my products effectively. I want to offer my products at an affordable price, but it is also my responsibility as a business owner to make sure that I am actually making a profit from the projects I invest my time in. I believe that this will continue to improve as I make staying organized a daily habit.

Now... I have a treat for ALL of you!! I am going to offer my Hello Planner for free to ONE lucky follower!! All you need to do to enter is to become a fan on Facebook and leave a comment below telling me why you desperately need to win the new planner!! The Raffle will close on Friday at midnight and the winner will be announced on Saturday.. right here and on my Facebook fanpage!!

I will keep the planner discounted until Wednesday at midnight for those of you who want to save 50% off now.

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and your knowledge. I love that I can share my knowledge and learn form all of you as well!!

ALSO.... My monthly clipart freebie for August will be published next week.

Get your very own Hello Planner now for 50% off... Use the links below

My Website
Teachers Pay Teachers Shop

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Use Hashtag #helloplanner if you want to share how you put your planner together... I would love to see how you are all using it as well..

Future Additions to the planner (already in the works)...

* Making every page editable
* Adding lesson planning pages
*Adding tax info
*Adding resource tutorials for Designers

Just saw a post from Suzanne @

and she printed her planner out and placed it in a 3-ring binder!! Head on over to see how she is using her new planner! What a sweetheart!! She totally made my day!! Click HERE for the direct link to the post.


  1. Congratulations on being featured! I love this product!

  2. You are beautiful....freckles and all!

    I could so use something to help me get organized and this just might be the ticket! I would love to win one! I love all your stuff!! I am drowning in paperwork and I need to do fix it!

    Terri Izatt

  3. WOW...this is AMAZING! So much CREATIVE work put into it. THANKS for the giveaway, too! I would LOVE to win! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  4. Rafflecopter says to leave a comment why I NEED this.... 'cause I'm staying home this school year and doing TPT full time! So happy, love and adore your stuff!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  5. Congratulations Michelle!! You deserve it and I love your picture!! This planner looks amazing! I'd love a chance to win... why? because I need all the organization I can get teaching full time, being mom to 3 full time, wife, daughter and neighbor.... it's all a blessing but a smoother run would be delightful ;)

  6. Congrats! I would love this planner! Who doesn't need to be more organized?

  7. I need a planner like this because I always seem to have such good intentions for being organized and working ahead, but somewhere along the line I get lost!!! Maybe a planner is just what I need to get it together!! :)

  8. Congratulations! I have so many notepads & spirals with notes about this & that. Time to get organized in one place! ;)

  9. I am a preschool teacher and a new group just graduated (they all just turned 3) from the "prepper" classroom without the knowledge of writing, reading, and counting past five. A planner would be an awesome tool for my co-teacher and I to plan our day to not only teach the children how to hold a pencil, but help us schedule time to learn to write their names, learn the alphabet without the use of a song, and to count to 100.

  10. This summer I officially became a full-time TpT teacher-author and music education blogger. I've never been "self-employed", so it's a huge leap for me, but as Jimmy Fallon says, "You've gotta risk it to get the biscuit!". I would LOVE to win your planner (it's been on my wishlist since you posted it). I really need something that will help me stay organized in this new chapter of my life!

  11. I think this planner would really help me stay organized this year!

  12. I need a planner because I don't have one! I really need something to help me keep my blogging and TPT stuff more organized. I'm not so great at that. :-(

    Growing Little Minds

  13. Thank you for the giveaway! Looks amazing!

  14. I really need to be more organized. I always start the year off w/ plans to be organized, but I just don't follow through. This planner would definitely help! Thank you for the chance to win!

  15. I need this because it is gorgeous! And also because I need some help in the organization department! :-)

  16. Your work is awesome - thank you for the chance to win!

  17. I need this planner to stay on top of all the changes occurring this year!

  18. I've started working on mine and cannot wait to get it all together! Thanks so much!

  19. I would LOVE to win this planner!!
    It will help keep me organized, which in turn will help keep me focused and working.

  20. Replies
    1. I think this planner is great I really need it because I'm just starting out as a teacher and seller and I need something to organize me!

  21. Managing work, family and this crazy online-teacher-resource marketplace can be overwhelming! I LOVE all three, so I need to continue to find ways to improve how I manage my time. Your planner seems totally amazing, and a perfect fit for the (totally awesome) chaos that is my day-to-day life. Kind regards :) - Kate

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry for double post, but my laptop does this thing where it randomly skips lines and typos will not do ;P

  23. Wow, quite the incredibly thorough planner and what a great giveaway. I need something like this because I am hopelessly unorganized and homeschooling. A real planner with a guide of what to plan would be amazing!

  24. What an incredible amount of patience and hard work! Thank you! I need this planner because I have just semi-retired from teaching and just started a new blog, One Real Reader. I am working on my very first TPT product. So I think I need my very first awesome planner!

  25. WHY you ask? ...because it would so make me feel pretty on those days I am home and still in pj's working on TpT, IT IS TOO pReTTy!
    Georgia Grown Kiddos

  26. I would LOVE to win because I pretty things inspire me to be more organized, and this is the prettiest! :)

    I actually did buy a beautiful life planner on Etsy last year - it's wonderful, but didn't have everything I needed so I didn't really use it. I LOVE this because it is made for exactly what we do as teacher-author-bloggers, which is amazing. I love all the options you have included and think it looks fan-freaking-tastic! :D


  27. Congratulations! I love your picture, too; very pretty! Your planner is fabulous! I'd love to win this amazing product because I am about to embark on a TpT journey and this would just come in handy! Thanks for a chance to win!

  28. I need this planner because I am such an organizing fanatic and our school didnt give us an organizer this year and yours is just so darn cute, I really want it!

  29. Oh My Goodness Do I Need This Planner!!! I have a classroom FULL of 1st graders that are going to demand that I be organized this year. The summer is gone...and I have no idea where it went... maybe something like this would make me realize how much I really accomplished (or didn't It looks awesome Michelle!

  30. I am hoping that this planner will help me be more organized. I missed a meeting last year and almost missed a few more, because I was so busy. :( This would really help.

  31. You. Do. Amazing. Work!!! Love, love, love this planner. It puts my OCD at ease! Love the fonts, colors, design, you name it! Every year I look at catalogs from (insert boring educational supply company here) and it's like they are clueless to real people's needs (okay and totally WANTS!!). This is amazing! Kudos to you all all of your hard work!! I WANT THIS!!! :)

  32. I definitely need a planner! I'm a first year teacher and I need to set up an organization system so that I don't pull my hair out in december! :)

  33. Wow, this is perfect for me. This is my first year teaching. This is a very easy way to keep everything organized.

  34. Pick me...pick me...pick me... hahahaha! I would LOVE love to win this beautiful planner!

  35. It's beautiful, Michelle ... but of course it would be. I've got a crazy long word document going on right now with my daily to-do lists ... think I may need a new system. ;)

    <a href=">Runde's Room</a>

  36. I like those Avery printable labels! That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing : )


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