Shoplet Product Review: Saunders Office Supply Goodies!!!


This week I had the privilege of trying out a few Shoplet office supplies!! And yes, I do get that excited over free office supplies.... I'm weird...
Well, here is my little pack of goodies!!
First up on the list is the Glue Style Pen! Who doesn't love glue?? 
Well, maybe teachers... and stay-at-home moms... and exactly for all the reasons you are all thinking of... THE MESSES!!

UHU Glue N Style Pen, .64 oz

I found the Glue Style Pen to be extremely useful! I actually use quite a bit of glue for my creative smash book where I create a collage of things going on in my head or projects that I am working on....or want to work on.  I found the glue to be surprisingly strong and quick drying... The cap is a twist cap with a plastic needle on the inside to prevent the glue from leaking or building up on the tip. Although I like the design, I keep grabbing for it, thinking it's a highlighter.. haha...  I also liked that there is virtually no odor. I can't stand strong smelling glue... Below are a couple of pages from my creative smash book where I used the Glue Style Pen to add images and little notes. One more thing to add about the glue is that it does not leak through thin sheets of paper... Once you glue, you can close the book and not have to worry about the glue seeping through the paper and binding your pages together. Plus, they are only $2.44 when you order 4 or more through

I was not so excited about the glue stic that changes colors. I have used those glue sticks before and they truly are messy. However, when I opened up the Glue Stic, the glue had no color pigment at all... despite being a color stic. It also smells like yummy chapstick... which might be a problem if you have little ones who are curious taste-testers...ha! 

I rubbed a little on my finger and the glue even feels like chapstick. It is sticky like a glue it will effectively work as such, but it feels more like a chapstick and does not cause your hands to get sticky.  I rubbed my finger on the glue in order to see if it caused my fingers to get sticky. I am baffled as to how this glue effectively works to bind paper together, but is not sticky to the touch... strange, but awesome!! If I had to choose between this and an Elmer's glue stick, I would definitely choose this one...  It is about $9.50 for a set of 12, so it might not be the most cost effective product for a classroom, but definitely worth the extra money for home and office projects. 

Uhu Stic Permanent Clear Application Glue Stick

Next up... the Saunders SlimMate Storage Clipboard! I would have LOVED to receive the white one in the product picture below, but I got pink and I will not complain about a free product!!
Saunders SlimMate Storage Clipboard

I have been carrying it around all week and using it to store my idea notepad for my Hello Planner (which is ALMOST FINISHED!!). Although the clipboard is not very deep, it does a great job holding all of my small necessities for writing down my ideas. I also found the latch to be extra sturdy. Many of the plastic clipboards I have purchased always seem to have problem with the latch over time. So far, this one is quite effective and durable...but it has only been a week!! Shoplet also sells these by the carton (which includes 6). They are about $10 each or $44 for 6... That is like getting two of them for free when you order them in bulk.. not bad...
I also got to try out the mini Recycled Clipboard, which I don't have much to say. It is sturdy and perfect for carrying around with you. I decided to use the Tac Adhesive I got with my goodie bundle and stick the Recycled Clipboard behind my desk to keep notes on... It has been very convenient to have!  At only $1 each, you can't really go wrong with these little ones. 
Saunders Recycled Hardboard Clipboard
Below is a picture of where it hangs in my office. This brings me to my very last goodie..... TICKY TACKY!!  My mom was a Kindergarten teacher for MANY years and when I was young, I got so excited to use the tacky to hang things up for her in her classroom. I have no clue why I get excited over this weird tacky stuff, but I do... haha
I received two little baggies containing four little packages of UHU Tac Adhesive... I especially loved the little mini ones...

I will just give you a run down of the types of tac I got to try..

Okay, the package states that the adhesive is strong enough to support up to 6lbs, depending on the texture of the surface. I actually used the ProPower to stick my Recycled Clipboard to the drywall and left it on there all week before taking the clipboard off of the wall. Some of you will know why I did that....

Well, guess what? You might NOT want to use the ProPower one on walls using a flat paint because this is what happened when I removed the clipboard from the wall today...

Uhu Tac Adhesive Putty
YEP... the first image above is a piece of the paint and texture missing from my wall upon removal of the clipboard. It was actually quite difficult to pull from the wall. The second image above shows you the chunk of my wall that is stuck to the Tac. You might not want to use the extra strength on flat painted surfaces... just a thought... 

The Tac did not do the same on the wall in our kitchen, which has a glossy finish. And yes.. that is a coke bottle with pennies in it.. haha!!

the other two: Tac HomeDeco and Tac Adhesive Putty both worked great and did not leave any residue on the walls or anything else that I stuck it to. 

UHU Tac HomeDeco Adhesive Putty, 2.12 oz

Uhu Tac Adhesive Putty
And that is the end of my Shoplet  Saunders Office Supplies Product Review! I hope you found some of the information helpful or you discovered something new you might want to give a try... like a blue glue stick that is not blue and smells and feels like chapstick!! haha

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

**I occasionally accept free products and review them on my blog. If you have a product that you think might be useful to me or my readers, please contact me. I do not receive money to review products. I review what I like and turn down products I do not think would be useful to me or my readers...**

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  1. OMG! Free office products! I have an office products fetish myself:) I love the review of the different glue sticks and pens. Thanks!


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