IT'S HAPPENING - 1 Star Satellite's Album Release is TONIGHT!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I just wanted let you know that my nephew's album release is tonight and I am so proud of my nephew and brother!!! Their whole family worked so hard to get this all finished and I will brag for a minute because I already got the CD before the rest of you all!!! haha

My autographed pictures and numbered CD came in the mail this week and I am number 5 out of 50!!! Please visit my nephew's Facebook Fan page, One Star Satellite  and wish him and his band the best of luck and many blessings!!! If you are in San Marcos, California, you can attend their album release concert!! Children under 18 are FREE and adults are only $5.00 each!! The entire album tonight is also only $5.00!! Check out their Facebook fan page for details!!

Visit the Website:  
It is currently under construction, but should be finished soon!! 

I will post more pictures soon, but I just had to do a little pop-in to show how proud I am of my brother's family!! 
This pic of my nephew is on the fanpage. 
My daughter will be a senior next year and my son will be in 7th grade. 
Time goes by so quickly - remember to cherish every moment when they're little!! 
It is so hard to get those cherished moments with them as they get older... Sometimes, I think of dressing up in an iPhone costume, just so I can get their attention... haha... 
Even the moments when they make you want to pull out your hair and drink a bottle of wine... Although mine never did.. they are perfect.. haha!!

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