New Custom Blog Designs and Time to Reserve a Spot for an Exclusive Custom Blog Design (Only 21 Spots left)!!

2014 has already started out promising and I just hope to continue to grow and expand my business. I never really set major New Year resolutions, but instead, I set continuous small goals and continue to challenge myself to learn more and improve my skills.

Here are two new Custom Blog Designs that I am very proud of!! I had the honor of working with Dr. Jean this past month and she is such a pleasure to work with. I can't even begin to describe how talented and generous this amazing woman is!! Although, you all probably already know how amazing she is!! Here is a before and after of her blog deisgn.

I am having a blast designing blogs and I am continually learning more about myself as an artist and as a designer.  Click on Dr. Jean's new button below to check out her new site!! 

And here is my VERY FIRST completed design for the new year!! Here is a before and after of Jen's new blog design.

If you want simple ideas and tips of ways to integrate technology into everyday lessons, then Tech with Jen is the blog to visit. Click on her new button below to check out Jen's new design!!
You can check out my latest designs by visiting my Portfolio Pinterest board. Click HERE to check out more of the amazing bloggers I have been honored to design for.

This year, I will only be accepting 24 New Clients for Custom Blog Designs. I realize that this may not seem like many, but I have many goals that I need to accomplish this year in order to accommodate my growing business and to ensure that I can continue to support my family.  I like that my designs are exclusive and very unique. I take great pride in my work and the best reward is to know that I am helping amazing bloggers establish their brands and helping them to blossom with their own businesses.

So far, I have 3 Bloggers signed up...

1. Jennifer with

2. Denise with
Sunny Days in Second


3. Amy with

3 Amazing bloggers and 3 opportunities to create something unique.  These three blogs should be finished over the next couple of weeks, although, my designs do take a bit longer than typical custom blog designs. I start each design completely from scratch, illustrate and create all of my own designs and then provide my clients with a personalized design and all of the patterns and illustrations to use exclusively. I will never replicate a custom design because part of my goal is helping my clients establish their names and businesses in this fast-growing online market.

Because one of my New Year's goals is to finish my blog and website re-design, I will need to limit the amount of custom work I am taking on. I will accept 21 20 more custom blog design orders  this year and I would like to get everyone scheduled and planned ahead of time.

If you would like to book your spot for a custom blog design, here is what you will need to do and expect.

The process always begins by completing my Custom Blog Design Order form. The form is pretty intense with questions, however, please fill it out to the best of your ability. Some like to be very thorough and others like to leave things open, especially if they are unsure of what they are wanting for their design.

With me as your personal designer, there are very few limitations of what I am able to do. One of my limitations at this point is that I ONLY design Blogger blogs. I am not taking custom orders for WordPress blogs at this time.

Once I receive the form, I will go through the options and send you an email to review all of the options or answer any initial questions you might have. I will then set the start date and send you a Paypal invoice for the full amount. I do require that the design be paid in full before I being the process of designing your blog. It is your commitment to me as your designer and allows me to adequately support my family. Because my designs are a business investment, I understand that some may not have the money to pay for the entire design at once. In this case, I will set up a payment plan with clients upon request.

Once the payment is made, I then will schedule a time to chat with each client on the phone. I believe that having this human interactions is vital to me, as your designer. It is also important for you to hear and visualize me as a real human being on the other end. It helps me to really get an idea of what your business and personal needs are and what direction I will need to focus on for each design. Plus, I am a talker and I LOVE getting the opportunity to chat with everyone I design for!! Once the phone conference is set, then your date will be set in stone and the fun will begin on your scheduled date.

Some designs take a few days, while others take a few weeks. The amount of time I take on a design really depends on the amount of detail required for each design. I never rush the process and I create a test blog site for each client, which allows them to see the design elements come together in real time and in a web format. A blog design does not look the same in a screenshot from my design program as it will online.

 It is important to me that each client gets the opportunity to make  decisions based on what the blog will actually look like online, rather than forcing them to try and visualize this themselves. I am hired because I am the creative expert, so I do not want to ever place that responsibility or stress on any of my clients. I try to make the process fun and exciting, but I do expect that each client respect my own limitations and boundaries as well. My goal is to build a design that will reflect each client individually and meet both their personal and professional goals. This is much easier said than done and it takes a great deal of focused work hours to accomplish.

Once I have 12 New Clients signed up, I will close the form so that I can work on some personal business goals and not become overwhelmed with orders. My client list has been quickly growing and building and I enjoy getting the opportunity to work with so many unique people!!! My inspiration from each design is pulled and formed by each of my clients, so the end result is a synonymous mix of my art and my clients' vision. Investing in a custom blog design will be one the most important investments if you plan to create a name and a business for yourself. It is also a  tax write-off!

I hope to get an opportunity to work YOU!!!

If you would like to reserve a spot to hire me as your personal designer for an exclusive blog design, then click the image below to complete the form and hold your spot!! Again, once the remaining 21 spots are booked, the form will be inactive until next year.

Book Now and receive a Teachers Pay Teachers shop banner for free with your paid design!!!


  1. What do I need to do to reserve a spot for custom blog design? Very interested!

    1. Just click on the image above to get a custom blog design and complete the form (-; I will contact you once I receive the form to set a date and send you an invoice.

      Thank you!!

      Here is a direct link to the form:

  2. These blog designs are fantastic, Michelle! Absolutely beautiful my friend!

  3. I filled out the form and it took me directly to Pay Pal. I hope that was right. I thought you sent an invoice first. Let me know if I goofed up!
    The Research Based Classroom

    1. Hi Brandi!!

      That is correct. I just printed out your form and I am getting ready to send you an email!! Thank you so much & I look forward to working with you!!

  4. Judging from your post, there's no doubt that your business did very well last year. Congratulations! It’s not surprising, because a lot of people are now seeing the importance of having a great design for their blog or webpage. Particularly for entrepreneurs, because it can help attract potential clients, which can convert to sales later on. That being said, I hope your business will do great as well this year.

    Daniel Morgan @ ILN Enterprises


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