3 Useful Products Under $10.00!!

 I recently had the honor of trying out three awesome (and very inexpensive) office supplies that came in quite handy!!

#1  Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest

The rolling wrist rest has come in quite handy!!  Although I do not use a mouse very often, it is nice to have some wrist support when I do. It is VERY light, small and moves quite easily on a wood surface. So far, the rolling feature has not left any scratch marks on the wood either. The thin design places your wrist right at an even level with your hand when using a mouse and the foam padding is nice and soft.  Again, I do not use this as often, but it is small enough to store on my desk in my work space and roll over when needed. I actually like this design much better than my little bean bag styled wrist rest, because the mobility of this one is very smooth!! It moves with you wherever you move your hand and I do not need to adjust my hand placement. At right under $10 dollars, this is a great little treasure to have! Here are a couple close-up photos for you to see the design a little better. 

These are great!!  I do not live in a state with cold weather, but I do have kids who LOVE my electronics!!  These are very comfortable and light. I am not a big fan of gloves, but these are actually very nice for how inexpensive they are. My hands are very small and they were not very bunchy on my hands, but they also fit well on my husband (who has large hands). What is really nice about these is that they work just as well on with the ipad as if you were not wearing any gloves at all. I was very impressed & forced my son to start wearing them when he grabs the ipad... haha... No more fingerprints on the screen to clean up!! These would be great to have on hand in a classroom. You would only need to provide each student with one glove and you would not have to clean up the screens when the kids were finished with them. The only thing that I did not like was the ginormous tag that is sewn on the opening of each glove. I used a quilting cutter to remove the tag and all was good. 

This last one is an absolute must have & definitely speaks for itself!! 

Check out these before and after photos I took of one of our kitchen cabinets that had some minor damage. 

I PROMISE... the before and after is a real photo of the EXACT cabinet door!! I was not a huge fan of the pens that are included, but the crayons worked great!! I mixed two of the colors to get an exact match to our wood and the result was amazing!! These are great for minor scratches and dongs. My kids (and I) climb on the counter-top to reach inside of the top cabinets sometimes.... haha I am short.... and have adapted... I was very pleased with the product and placed in in our handy tool closet...just in case... 

So there you have it... 3 very useful products under $10.00 each. You can click on the images or titles to grab these on!! There is also a  Shoplet UK!!

I have started ordering some of our office supplies here and, so far, I am very impressed with the quality, the promptness of my orders and the customer service!! Most of the prices are very reasonable. Other then bulk printer paper, which I usually pick up at my local Office Max at the beginning of the school year, I always check this site first if I need anything. 

Hope you all enjoyed this little product review!!! I do receive occasional free products from companies and I write reviews for the things I find useful. I do not get paid to write these posts, but I do LOVE free stuff!! haha


  1. Those are really handy! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. I love the before and after pictures of the cupboard. I'll give the furniture touch-up kit a try!

    1. Thank you!! I was actually quite amazed by the result myself. I was not expecting it to work as well as it did. The crayons were definitely doing the magic!!


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