Verrado High School Finalist & a Clip Art Fall Freebie

Good Morning Everyone!!

I just want to give you a fun FREEBIE and let you all know just how awesome my daughter, Manessa, and her school are!! She is a Junior at Verrado High School and has been in Choir since 6th grade. Her school entered the Katy Perry, "Roar" competition and was placed in the top five last week!! I am not sure if there will be voting involved, but I will definitely let you know if there is!! haha

We live in Verrado and LOVE the schools!! All three are within walking distance to our house, which was nice when our car died last year. Here is the GMA video annoucing Verrado High School as the first finalist in the top five!! Only one school will be chosen & I am really hoping the Vipers get blessed with a surprise visit from Katy Perry!! What a fun memory that would be!!

Watch this one and get ready to have chills... what an amazing group of young kids!!

This set will be FREE on TpT for one week only!! Grab it while it's free!! Please make sure to follow my shops & leave me some lovin!
Click the image to grab the set below!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!! Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Thanks so much! I'm an AZ resident and saw the news clip about your daughter's High School entry. Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!

    1. YEAH!! Another AZ'an!! Thank you so much! I am really hoping they win!!

  2. I'm from Arizona too and heard all about it last week! I hope they win!!


  3. Replies
    1. You are so very welcome!! I hope you are able to put the graphics to good use!!

  4. Aw a super cute freebee, that will definitely come in useful this season thank you!

  5. This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing it; I cannot wait to use it!


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