Spiders, & Scorpions, and a Gecko Lizard?? Happy Friday Everyone!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I have been basking in the sun and soaking up every last breath before.... wait.... I am not teaching this year... I should be celebrating that my kids will be going back to school next week...hahaha

For all of my teacher friends who are going back to school this week - I pray that you are ALL very blessed this year!! You are the foundation of our future!! I {HeArT} you all!!

I have been very busy, but I managed to get a very special meal in this week... take a look at this masterpiece that I SLAVED over for hours in the kitchen!!!


What is this delicious morsel, you ask?? 

Just wait one sec....

Let me zoom out a bit, because I forgot what page I took a pic of and I can't remember the name of this recipe....

BWAHAHAHA!!! I hope you are all giggling.. I would hate to think I have become one of those people who laughs at their own jokes... while everyone else is silent. 

Oh! who cares....I crack myself up I tell ya!!

This is a copy of Rachel Ray's magazine called, Every Day with Rachel Ray (/oo/ as in tooth... clever!). I actually love her recipes and this issue has become a staple in my house for "Mommy's" private time.... you know.... the only privacy that seems to exist once you become a mom.. (and not even all the time)... 


Most days, I don't even get away with getting a little private time in my own bathroom.. it seems like the entire house will be at a complete stand still, but once I pack up my magazine, ipad, cell phone, a notepad and pencil for sketching, and deadbolt the bathroom door.... everyone seems to need something!! GOSH!! The nerve of these people!! haha

Admit it!! I am not the only one who brings a carry-on bag to the bathroom with goodies... and pretend like I have the worst case of something and tell everyone to be quiet or else I might just fall over and pass out..I hope they don't read my post... this will definitely put a cramp on my mini "potty" vacations... 

moving right along...since the first part of this post has nothing to do with my title.. hahaha

We have gone without calling our pest control service for about 3 months and we were beginning to spot creepy crawlies INSIDE the house... that's when I spring into action!! After spotting TWO scorpions INSIDE the house on the SAME day, we called the experts (one guy) out and he did a great job. 

 About an hour before they were to arrive at our house, we did a mad dash from room to room - making sure everything was picked up and moved out of the way for the Oh-Bomb-Of-Poison that came to our rescue... We went outside to move the pool supplies chest thingy away from the house and got an extras special surprise there as well!!!  Don't judge the leaves... it is windy and dusty out here...

 Plus Also (in my best Junie B voice)...I  take great  pride in being eco-friendly- I neglect to water my plants all of the time... just helping out our mother earth... (too bad our HOA doesn't see it that way)...

Well, feast your eyes upon these creepy crawlies that I found inside and outside of our house this week. Teachers, feel free to snag the images and use them in your classrooms for teaching!!! It beats having to take a pic of the "real" thing... hahaha

I took the liberty of labeling this bad boy for you!!

And YES, that is a black widow with her cockroach carcass... GROSS!!

This is an Arizona Gecko Lizard or Western Banded Gecko 
Click on the link above to visit a great website with some amazing shots of this lizard... puts mine to shame!!

This handsome devil was very polite the entire time I was trying to get my phone to focus!! He even seemed to have enjoyed the attention.. go figure!!

There you have it!! Anyone want to come visit?? hahaha!!

I did finish another custom blog design this week and I am so excited to show you!!! I have three more to go until I take some time off!!!

If you have not had the privilege of connecting with Lisa from Growing Firsties, I HIGHLY suggest you stay for a little while on her blog while taking a peek at the new design!! She is one INCREDIBLE woman!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I love that I had the honor of bringing her creative seed to life!! Just click the image to visit this amazing lady!!

Tomorrow, I will be installing another blog design for a very NEWBIE BLOGGER!!! Since I don't like posting about the design until my clients have had a chance to "reveal" the make-over, I will give you a hint at what the design theme is.... It is really looking so cute!! Here are a few freebies for you to grab. Please read my Terms of Use before using any of my graphics. 

I will have these uploaded to TpT later this weekend for you to grab in one zipped file. These will not appear in the blog design; however, I created these while working on some ideas for the design. ENJOY!!

One more thing before I leave you this Friday...

Next week will be the kick start to better blogging and I will begin adding my Friday Feature from my Collaborative Pinterest Board. I have been taking a daily peek at the board, and although the pins are growing, I would love to see it EXPLODE!! If you would like to join my Pinterest board, please leave your link in a comment below. This is a collaborative board where you can pin resources, crafts, and products you create using my graphics! It is a way for me to say, thank you, and hopefully get traffic flowing your way!! Click on the image to visit the board!!

Thank you for stopping by & remember that laughter is healthy for your heart, mind, and soul!! Laugh all weekend - there will be plenty of time to whine come this Monday...tehehehe!!


  1. I have laughed so hard, I almost needed to visit the potty! I love your graphics! These papers are just what I need, too. Our mascot at school is the wildcat, and we love anything with paw prints. Our theme this year is Dumbarton Strong, and I have no clue what to do with this. Any ideas? I will send you an email in a bit :o)

    Thanks again,
    ❃ Ann Marie

    ABCs and 123s 4 me

    1. I was hoping to wake up and find some laughter...hahaha... thanks!!

      So, I did some research and thought it a little strange that your school's mascot is a wildcat, yet the theme, Dumbarton Strong, represents royalty, law, a bit of magic, organization, strength, perseverance, and even community. I pictured more of a lion or a warrior character.

      I think anything "Harry-Potter-ish" would be great for this theme... bwahahaha!!!

      I will respond to your email with a few, more appropriate, ideas..haha

  2. I would love to join your pinterest board.

    I would have died if I saw a black widow spider or scorpion in or near my house.
    We just seem to have a run on fleas and ticks here.

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. You are officially invited to contribute to the board!! Thank you!

      That is funny.. I would be mortified to find a tick... hahaha

  3. Would love to join your board!

    Love your graphics...your critters, not so much!

    1. Thank you! I sent you an invite, so let me know if you don't see it when you log into your Pinterest account.

      I think the critters are sparking some inspiration for a new clip art set..hahaha

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad we didn't see any of those critters while in Arizona! Love the paw prints. We are the Tigers. Paw prints work great!

    1. You ARE lucky!! When we first moved out here, I never saw anything! In fact, people would tell me stories...on of which... my friends' son found a scorpion in his bed!! I wanted to see one. We now see them all the time. I think you have to know what your looking for because these suckers are hard to spot sometimes.

      Seems everyone likes the paw prints, so I might have to add a few more color options... (-;

  5. Your hysterical! What you contend with... Looking forward to more...THANKS!

  6. You are a riot! I love reading your posts! Compared to everyone else I'm a newbie at Pinterest. Please consider adding me to your board.

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

    1. Glad you got a few giggles!! haha..

      I tried adding you to the board, but your name will not show up to invite you. You might need to change your Pinterest settings to allow invites to boards, maybe??

      Keep me updated and I will continue to try to add you (-;

  7. I would love to join your board! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!


    1. Thank you so much!! You have been invited to contribute to the board - have fun pinning and email me if you have any questions about the board.

  8. You are very funny!!! I laughed and laughed! I would have died at the scorpions, but we have lots of geckos or skinks as they are sometimes called here in NC, but not quite that big. I even found a baby one in our house last fall...ew!

  9. Omg your creepy crawlies make my skin crawl. BAH! I don't have kids yet, but I can certainly imagine hiding out in the bathroom. Gave me a good laugh.

    Growing Special Seeds

    1. I HEAR YA!!!! We are finding a bunch of dead ones now, so... at least we know the poison is working!! ha

  10. I live in Glendale, and in our old house we had so many scorpions I couldn't stand it anymore, and moved. We live in an older house now that needs a lot of work and when I get overwhelmed with the changes we still need to make, I think back to the days of scorpions on my KITCHEN COUNTER, and am happy to have to deal with needing new carpet.
    The Caffeinated Classroom

    1. OMG!! I could not imagine finding them on my kitchen counter!! I would definitely want to move... hahaha

  11. I love the "potty" vacation! I need that!

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