FREEBIE Friday!! Fun Rainbow Fuzzy Triangle Graphics!!

Hi Everyone!!

FREEBIE FRIDAY is already HERE!!! Holy Cow!!
I know... Double post, but I wanted to make sure you got a FREEBIE for Friday!! 
I PuFfY HeArT You!!

I am a bit of a mess right about now!! I am currently working on 5 blog designs this month, along with other orders and digital clip art, so I am crazy busy at the moment. I did manage to soak up some sun today and I can NOT believe how HOT it is!!! My GOODNESS!!! Boy did that sun feel good on my skin!! LOVE IT!!

Although this is a super short Friday post, I did manage to pull together a FREEBIE!!! I have some really cure stuff almost ready for Father's Day themes, but that will have to wait until tomorrow... Sorry friends!!! I created this set below (not because I was going mad in the wee hours...haha) for a friend of mine who needed a super quick triangle to make some things she was creating. She was using my Rainbow Fuzzies set in a resource she was creating and I whipped these up for her. I could not charge her because... really... it took me about five minutes to create these (okay, more like 30 minutes, but who's counting). I hope these put a smile on your face and you are able to use these for something fun and creative. Just click the pic to download the set on TpT for FREE!!!

If you like these, please leave some sugar!!! I love the feedback... although, I have neglected my question area today...I better get on those Q & A's... first thing in the morning....



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