WE HAVE WINNERS!!!! Pass the Torch Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners!!!

Hey everyone!! I have had a very busy week, but I want to thank all of you who participated and entered in the Pass the Torch Giveaway!!! I hope you all got a great deal of knowledge and ideas from peaking into the classrooms of great teachers!!!!

I am so excited to announce the winners of this giveaway that I can't even work my words up to the announcement, so here it is....

Congratulations to...
GOLD: Teresa Wilson
$50.00 Amazon Gift Card & 50% off a day of shopping at my Etsy store!!

SILVER: Melody Stokesberry
$25.00 Amazon Gift Card
40% off a day of shopping at my Etsy shop

BRONZE: Lisa Schuermann
30% off a day of shopping at my Etsy shop

The winners will receive an email containing the gifts!! Watch your emails ladies!!!!
Thank you again for everyone who made this come together!!! Even though the giveaway part of this linky has now ended, there is still a great deal of information to be saved!!! Please make sure to mark your bookmarks or even use the this image on your blog somewhere to link to a blog post of your choice from this linky!!! I read some GREAT posts!!!! I am amazed by your talents and your dedication to students!! I have tons to share with all of you, but I will put it in another post for tomorrow!!

Have a very BLESSED Sunday!!!

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