Friday Five: Funny, Find, Frazzle, Feature & Freebie

Guess what time of the week it is??? That's right, it's Friday FIVE!!! Woo Hoo!! Sit back, put on your reading glasses if you need them, and soak up some 3AM sunshine...hahaha
This week's Friday funny is a little pic of my pup, Charlie!! I never go anywhere in the house without some sort of journal or sketchbook and a few weeks ago (while working up ideas for my Under the Sea set), Charlie decided to steal some attention by laying right on my book.... but that did not detour me from working up a sketch...or two...or three... hahaha... I decided to include him in the sketch - using him for inspiration!! This is what I came up with. I even had time to snap a photo in the process - PRICELESS!!!  
I call this piece, "Pucker Up, Charlie!!"
This is when it is fun to be an artist!! hahaha
This week, I have something VERY special to share with you that I happen to come across!! While teaching Kindergarten, my favorite book to have the kids and I read and act out was...
so when I got a little message from a teacher in LA who wanted to share a video he made with his class with me about this very book, I could not resist watching... well, let me introduce you to...

Mr. Avina!!!

Arturo Avina has been teaching kindergarten for LA Unified for 10 years. He directed his first kindergarten play during his first year of teaching and instantly developed a love for the performing arts. For years, he has incorporated music, dance, and theater into his lessons. His use of popular music in his students' performances has garnered the attention of The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and Perez Hilton. He is quoted by the Huffington Post as saying "Sometimes a good pop song is better at telling a story than a typical nursery rhyme...and it's a lot more fun to teach when you teach what you love." His goal is to develop a YouTube Channel showcasing his students' body of work and he hopes that educators will be inspired to incorporate the arts into their lessons as well.

Here is a video he created with his students that is absolutely incredible!!!
You can see more of Arturo's videos @ !!! This would be a great film to show students in your classrooms!! Enjoy!!

For this week's Frazzle, I am OFFICIALLY announcing the winner of my Thursday Clip Art Hoarding Challenge. One thing I did realize while taking the screenshot of the actual number of png files I have was that the number only accounted for ONE FOLDER FILE on this external hard drive!!! hahaha!! I didn't even realize this until after I had already posted the min and max number to guess from, so I couldn't change it... I tried to run the search for the entire drive, but I was getting too impatient..hahahaha... I just thought I would be the first to admit how much in denial I truly was....hahaha...

Okay.... Is the suspense just KILLING you??? In my "Everything Design" file, I have......

Yes, you are NOT seeing the wrong number there.... in ONE file on this drive, I have 13, 223 PNG images.... only PNG!! That does not count for the jpeg's or my PSD files!!! I don't even know how many I actually have altogether on the entire drive... maybe I will save that challenge for next week!! hahaha

AND the WINNER...... only 102 files off from the actual number.... is....

CONGRATULATIONS Elisabeth!!! You are getting my new Spring Garden set with over 190 graphics... 4 FREE!!! Thank you everyone for having fun and participating. I AM curious as to how many files I actually do have on the entire drive now...hahaha If 13, 223 images is only for ONE file on the drive, then it might be in my best interest NOT to know how many there are altogether...bwahahaha!!!

Each (well almost every week), I like to feature a special pin from my collaborative board, "Education Resources using The 3AM Teacher Graphics" just to thank all of you who regularly post to the board. I LOVE seeing your creativity and I hope that you do get traffic from the board. With all of your efforts, the board continues to grow, so keep those pins coming and please keep spreading the word. If you contribute to the board, please grab the button code in my sidebar and add it to your blog. If you are not yet on the board, but use my graphics and would like to become a contributor to the board.... just leave your Pinterest link in a comment below!!! I would LOVE to see this board grow in numbers!!

Please take a little time to sneak a peek at this week's feature, Pam DAlessandro and her Crunchin' Numbers Resource that I LOVE!!! I don't get to see my "Ay Chihuahua" set used very often... it definitely takes someone with a little creativity to pull off a Common Core-aligned resource with Chihuahua's and flying taco characters!! bwahahaha!!! Gotta LOVE it!! hahaha She also used one of my FREE backgrounds, which actually matches quite perfectly..haha...

Right now this treasure is on sale for only $2.50!!! Can't beat that!!! Plus... your kids will surely love the graphics...hahaha Pam also has such a cute blog and I hope that you check her out!!! Thank you for using my graphics Pam!!! Your lesson cracked me up and made me want to eat a taco while doing math...bwahahaha!!!
Teaching By The Sea

The graphics used in the resource above are from my....

And now for your fun Friday Freebie!! Please make sure you are following the blog so you never miss out!!!
Please make sure to read my Terms of Use before using any of my free or paid graphics - Thank you so much for all of your support and lovely feedback!!!

You can also grab these on my FREE Backgrounds Photobucket Album!! Enjoy!!

04fallingstar's Free Backgrounds by The 3AM Teacher album on Photobucket

Thank you so much for visiting, for following my blog, and for supporting my work!! You are a huge blessing in my life!! Have a GREAT weekend and make sure to check back tomorrow because Pass the Torch Linky is GOING LIVE!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! What can I say. The video is amazing! I put this on Edmodo for my students to watch. This is just like a book report but in another format. I loved it. Makes me want to teach K again!
    Thanks so much for showcasing my Crunching Number series! I love Chihuahuas and just had to snag this set. My students will do anything if they have a cute graphic to color in when they are finished!
    I just purchased your Shop Till You Drop and Sandwich sets. Food is what gets my students going! Thanks so much for those kind words! Now I think I will go eat some nachos! Pam

    Visit me at Teaching By The Sea

    1. I love the video and Arturo is such a sweet guy!!
      You are so sweet! Thank you for pinning and using my graphics!! I love that you used the Chihuahua set - that set makes me giggle..haha

  2. I LOVE the video, thank you for sharing! What a cute bunch of kids, and what a great learning experience!

    1. I completely agree!!! The little girl who plays Miss Nelson is so stinkin' cute!! Thank you for taking the time to watch the video!

  3. Thanks for the freebies! I would love to be added to your pinterest group board.

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook

    1. You ARE VERY WELCOME!! Thank you!! I actually sent you an email this morning, not realizing that the email was a comment notification at first..haha

  4. First of all, I love that you do this! I'm FINALLY getting time to sit down and read through the thousands of blog posts I have to catch up on from months past... and yours has made me SO happy!! I love that video with the kiddos... what talent they have & what an amazing teacher he is.

    I also love the freebies and your pup - adorable!! And I love the fact that you have 13,000+ images on your computer... you sound like me. Only, mine are bought images! It's CRAZY!!!

    I would love to be added to your Pinterest board, Michelle :) my Pinterest URL is

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Thank you so much Sara!!! I think kids would love watching this video - it is super cute!

      I followed your board, but I can't get you added onto the collaborative board for some reason...I am not really sure why, but I will keep trying.

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  5. Oh my gosh! This video is adorable! I am going to have to show it to my kinders! They will love it! Thank you for sharing!


    1. I thoroughly agree!!! I was giggling through the entire thing and it made me miss being with Kinders.... that age group is great!!

  6. Wooo Hoo So excited to win this set!!! I am already planning what I can make with them. Thanks so much :) On a side note, before I even knew you, I had my blog design done and you created my graphics!!! Those tacos are on my blog!!! Love them!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

    1. I KNEW it the second I read your blog name!!! hahaha... what a small world we actually do live in!! I am so glad you won... and that I was not offering the tacos to the winner...hahaha

      I am glad we were able to connect and even more happy that you one.... out of all people!!! hahaha... LOVE IT!!!

  7. Oh my word! That video was amazing!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    1. Isn't it??!!! This one will be saved in my video vault... it's a keeper!!

  8. Michelle! I LOVE your dog! so sweet. Love the video.... "Fasten your seatbelt it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" So fun that Ms. Swap drinks a MEGA BIG Starbucks! Stinky I didn't enter your giveaway! I guess to myself 19,000, but got side tracked when I went to enter.
    Excited about the collaborative board with your stuff. I have something in the idea notebook to use with your food set and clocks too!

    Thanks for the fab freebies!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. You are so funny!!! Thank you for the love!!

      I wish you would have signed up as well.. only about 30 more minutes until the BIG reveal and I am so excited to see what everyone posted!!

      I can't wait to see what you come up with using my graphics!! You buy from my Etsy shop all of the time, don't you?? BUSTED..hahaha.. thank you so much for all of your support!! Let me know if I have not added you to the board yet...

  9. I laughed so hard at your dog on your sketch pad! That is SO something my cat would do. They think they own everything! Thanks for the freebies! (I would love to know how many clip art files I have, but now I'm afraid after seeing your number!)

    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. I am SOOOOO HAPPY that someone gets it!!! hahaha... He definitely has no concept of personal space whatsoever....and I still love him... He is the coolest dog!!

      That number was only for one file in my drive!!! I have over 100 main file folders!! I don't even want to think about the actual total...hahaha

  10. Charlie is the cutest! Thanks so much for sharing that incredible video and the fabulous frames, Michelle!

    I love your little prom queen!!

    1. Thank you Linda!! You are the best!! I have so much clip art that is not enough for a set, but would be really cute...I will need to start pulling them together..hahaha


  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And please feel free to share the kindergarten joy :-)

  12. Just stopping by as I'm a FREQUENT follower and ALWAYS inspired by your cute creations! [ADORE the CHIHUAHUAS!!] I would be honored if you would assist me in my upcoming giveaway. I'm planning to celebrate my birthday month and gaining 200 blog followers! If you're able to contribute, please shoot me an email at with a snapshot of your product and/or your blog button so I can send them over to visit your page as well! Anything end-of-the-year, May-themed, or just stinkin' cute would be great!
    Antonia @ forkin4th


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