Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Looky & some FUN!!

Hey Everyone!! Check out my new sticker my son gave me to put on my Cintiq! hahaha... Love it!

I just want to say thank you so much for all of the B-day wishes and love!! You all made me feel extra special!! Even though I am fighting a sore throat, I had a very nice day!! Thank you again for all of your LOVE!!!

I can't believe how many of you answered the questions!! I am a little upset with myself that I didn't bother to make the questions more difficult - I was WAY too easy on ya..hahaha!! Next year, I think I will have you do a scavenger hunt and have to fill in the blanks from previous posts...bwahahaha.. just kidding!! Even I don't think I could muster up that much effort for a blog giveaway..tehehe!

ALL of the questions are TRUE!! Those of you who guessed they were all TRUE - you are absolutely CORRECT!!

1 & 2:
I worked at a Chocolate Florist and I made 4.75 an hour (UNDER the table). We had a naughty section in the store and I spent Saturdays making chocolate private parts for Bridal Showers, Bachelor Parties, and other parties I would rather not mention!! hahaha.. I will say that making male and female private parts out of chocolate at the age of 16- just didn't feel all that right. I did learn how to make some yummy truffles and Marzipan. I actually had my Kindergarten students make marzipan strawberries for our Mother's Day celebration one year. It was really cute!! I did not think it would be appropriate to show them what other things I can make out of chocolate molds....hahahaha!!

#3 - This one was tough!! Yes, I was thin-Yes, I was cute, but I got an exceptional amount of creepy whistles the morning my entire rear-end was exposed to the world!!! I was mortified, but if any of you have had some conversations with me, you will quickly learn that I find humor in EVERY circumstance and...well, I can laugh about it now.

#4 - YES..hahaha

Here is one for you that you can REALLY laugh at... The boy with me....his name is Charlie (hey, that is what I named my dog..haha). He was a sweat heart, but many of you MIGHT know who he is...that is, if you watched Kids Incorporated (a cheesy Disney show...the place where Jennifer Love Hewlett made her stardom). His mom was a ferocious beast and really kept him sheltered. He was not allowed to talk to almost ANY girls!!! Shortly after our "Little House on The Prairie  production, he went on to bigger and better things...well, one show and I have no idea what happened to him after that.... He was such a nice boy though!! We sure did have some fun!! I can be quite a riot and I have been known to make a few boys pee their pants!! I am NOT even joking!!! I was apparently THAT funny..hahaha!! OH LORD, I look like I was in polygamist compound..hahaha I had to scan this pic from my scrapbook...

Here is a glamour shot of the "Behind the Scenes" look at our production, "The Wind in the Willows" - I was a....BEAVER....hahaha

AND.. I have a VERY special one to show you... something more recent...
YEP, this was my daughter and I last Halloween!! hahaha. I pulled whatever I had from my closet that resembled...well, I am not really sure what look I was going for, but I was ROCKIN' that LOOK!! I knew Old Navy clearance clothes would come in handy at some point in my life!! Just so you know, I have my fat thigh in the air because I wanted to get my cute blue $100 heals in the pic....hahahaha I LOVE shoes!! Plus ALSO.... the glasses that my daughter was wearing were her REAL glasses...THAT... she sat on..hahahaha!!!

My theater and acting days REALLY did pay off!!! haha I wasn't even drinking in this pic....!! hahaha

#5.YES. I grew up in Southern California and I went to Orange Glen High School in Escondido (we called it OG..haha). We had a high number of Native American students and one of my best friends was a boy named Broken Bow Arrow!! That was his LEGAL name!! We called him Brokey. He was such a cutie that he made his name sound cute...hahaha.. It was the only dance I ever went to. My parents were VERY strict with just me and I actually had to go with my friend, Victoria to the dance and then meet my friend there... and he was not even a love interest!!! I was not allowed to do anything unless it was with the church kids from my youth group, who quite frankly, were FAR worse than my high school friends my parents were so judgmental about. I was blessed enough that I always had a LOT of good friends at school and I would definitely consider myself a leader. At home, I danced and read a lot...

I actually took a picture of the flower I can make with my tongue...using my NEW camera, but I might save that for another time I feel like making you laugh...

#7. I LOVED Punky because I identified with her story. My bio mother was a heroin addict and she left me with complete strangers, in stores, and I was so afraid to leave the house after I was adopted in fear that I would be left somewhere... This one is a bit of a downer... gotta balance out the laughs with a few tears... Although I didn't get rescued by a wonderful old man, it was nice for me to see a happy little spunky girl - despite her sad story...

Skipping to question #15 - 
My very first kiss was with a boy named Brian Matthew Williams... BMW.. He is actually on my facebook and might kill me.. although, I doubt he follows my blog, so I think I am safe..hahaha. He wore braces and I was the biggest nerd!! I was scared that my lips would get caught in his braces.

I was so nervous that I forced my best friend (a guy) to kiss me, so I could practice!! BWAHAHAHA!! Sorry Phillip!!! He is now married to a nice man and doing well. I hope he still laughs at that as well. I thought I was going to have a nervous break-down from the pressure of a 35 second kiss!! Yes, my friend, Rachel, timed the kiss!! We were classic I tell you!!! hahahaha!!! Sparks did not fly and an eruption of love never came... Once I had done the deed, I was WAY OVER it!! hahaha.. I never kissed him again..hahahaha.. The whole idea was boring and far too stressful for me.. I just wanted to make people laugh. I had enough pressure at home, that kissing was not really on my top ten list of things that made me excited!! I will say that he was a cutie!! Tall, blonde and very smart!! I am not sure how his version would go, but I can imagine it was not very different from mine. 

There you have it friends!! 
I have not yet gone through all of the responses below, but I am having fun reading many of them. I will put together a numbered list and draw a number later tonight!! One lucky soul will win everything in my store!!! I am already stressing about how I am going to send all of those files over..hahaha

Keep one eye open throughout the day.. a winner WILL be chosen!!

As you may or may not have noticed - I have been having some problems with my blog template. It is out of date and I TRIED my hardest to make  minor tweaks so I could keep it, but it seems as though I will be NakeY for a couple of days!! I have to start from scratch and I could no longer leave the template up with everything having a MAD Hatter Party!! I promise that when I am finished, my blog will look Beautimous!! You will have the lovely privilege of watching the transformation...tehehe

And on the subject of transformation....

I just finished another blog design (not mine...LOL)!! I had the honor and privaledge of putting my creative brain to work with the lovely, Katie's vision and her blog turned out soo cute! There are a couple little things we will be adding, but the design is finished!! I LOVE it!!

Katie is such a sweetheart!! Her Mr. Man isn't that bad either....haha.. I did his blog design first. Please welcome Katie from...

and check out her new button... I am proud of this one....(-; well as a few other bloggers have teamed up with Katie to celebrate her new blog make-over!! Please go check her out and enter the giveaway!! I will have to send you her way since my blog is not fully dressed..tehehehe..

Thank you for stopping by & have a great Monday!!!


  1. Great post gorgeous!!!! Love love love, that I got the questions right... some of them were too wild not to be true! I'll stay tuned in as always to see the tongue flower! LOVE!

    1. Thank you!! I am a little weary about posting the one of my tongue...only becuase it grosses me out..haha

  2. This post was hilarious. You are so funny...all my stress of the day just flew out the window! Thanks to you I'm still chuckling!!!

    1. I am so glad I made you laugh!!! Thank you for reading through all of my ramblings..haha

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!! This post cracked me up:) I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    Come By and Visit My Blogs!
    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

    1. Thank you, Tammy!! I haven't talked with you in a WHILE girlfriend!! I hope you are doing well!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! The pics are hilarious! I have some from my drama club days and I look at them sometimes and think "What was I thinking? Crossed eyes, orange overalls, and permed hair DO NOTmake for a great Kodak moment. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today. Katie's blog looks really cute. I'll have to hop over and see it!

    The Lightbulb Lab

    1. Thank you! There are definitely some pictures that will remain in the vault until I doe or someone goes on a treasure hunt to find them...hahaha.

  5. Thanks for the freebie! I had meant to come on over and tell you I gave you a shout-out at my blog because I used some of your frames for MY freebie! I hope you get a chance to have a look at how cute the flip signs I made turned out. Perhaps you could use them yourself! I also love that you did Katie's blog redesign. If you read the same post I mentioned above, I gave a shout- out to her too because I won the pencil sharpener giveaway on her blog. I LOVE her new design...I am so jealous I could drool! I love the little "core" charm! Perhaps one day if I can get some cash together I can get you to redesign my blog too. Maybe I should stop making all my things FREEBIES:)
    On a personal note, I read your whole blog story while I was off sick for over a week. I want you to know that I feel and deeply understand your pain. I am glad to hear you are in a better place than you were last year.


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