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A-Z of Teacher/Artist ME!!

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A: App:
 My favorite app right now is Adobe Ideas. Most of you know I have a slight obsession with Adobe programs & this app is no different. It allows me to sketch ANYTHING in a vector format. My sketch is then automatically synced with my Adobe cloud service. From my cloud service, I can pull up my sketches and drag them straight into Photoshop as a PNG image for editing. This is great for drawings that do not require a great deal of detail. If you do not have Adobe CS6 Suite, then this app is useless to you.

Here are what my sketches look like in my Adobe cloud account. You are getting an inside peek at what is coming to my shop, so don't get too excited. I have about 200 sketches. I do not sketch as much as I draw on my Cintiq, so  you can probably imagine how may image files I have....too many!! Yes, I scribbled all over it because these are my original ideas and I do not want people swiping them )-; I have actually had to refrain from posting about what I am currently working on because there are a few choice artists who LOVE to be sneaky and love to steal even more... This is the smallest preview I could manage and feel okay with..hahaha. 

B: Book Character:
My favorite book character would definitely be Junie B, of course!! I will have to post a video file with a live reading of one of the Junie B. books!! I do the BEST Junie B. voice – so I’ve been told by my former Kindergarten students..haha

C: Clip Art: 
ME, The 3AM Teacher! Hahaha!! I have to believe in myself before anyone else will believe in me, right? I love a lot of artists right now & I have become close friends with several well-known artists!!

D: Dollar Spot Find: 
ANYTHING in the dollar section at Target!! I LOVE the little bags and buckets they always have for a buck!! I can’t ever resist that section, and now – thanks to me, neither can my kids..hahaha.

E: Essential To Start Day: 
A good stretch, a little prayer, and a DIET RED BULL… I am not a coffee drinker and I can’t stand the heavy sugar mocha drinks…they make me feel like I ate a cow!! My little Diet Red Bull has just the right amount of caffeine in it and I have grown to like the taste. Plus, I prefer my drinks with ice…. I like ice filled to the rim!! hahaha

F: Font: 
Are you serious?? Do I really need to go through this right now? This is like asking me what is my favorite book, or movie, or music…. it always depends on my mood and what I am creating! I am an artist – I am allowed to be all over the place..haha

If you really insist on knowing about what fonts I like, you can visit my Pinterest board, which I named – FONT-ABULOUS!!

G: Game: 
I LOVE, LOVE Scrabble, Pictionary, and Charades!! Don’t ask me to pick one…it always depends on what kind of mood I am in. If I feel like arguing, I always choose SCRABBLE of course….watch out – I am actually an excellent speller & I have quite a list of choice vocabulary words..hahaha…

H: Holiday: 
My Birthday – which is this month by the way!! hahaha.. Just kidding, my favorite holiday is Christmas!! I love the smell, the lights, the FOOD, the colors, the crafts, and did I mention the FOOD? haha

I: Ice Cream: 
ONLY ONE – VANILLA BEAN!! It cannot be regular Vanilla, French Vanilla, or Cream Vanilla! It has to be Vanilla Bean…and you better not bring me anything else…ask my husband. The French in front of the word, Vanilla is like a curse word to me and you better be ready for a brawl…haha

J: Jewelry Piece: 
My Wedding Ring!! My original ring was this dinky piece of nothing that I paid for myself… After 7 years of marriage, I got surprised with a beautiful wedding ring that I traded in and picked out the one I fell in love with!! hahaha

K: Kid-ism: 
Not sure what this is….hmmmm, that is one to ponder…another time maybe..

L: Location to Travel: 
I want to go to NEW ZEALAND very, very, VERY bad!! I also want to visit New York! I hope that my business is doing well enough next year that I can fly my kids out to see Times Square and visit my biological family on my bio father’s side!!

M: Management Technique: 
ROLE MODEL!!! The biggest mistake I see teachers and business owners make is that they expect A LOT, but do not model the behaviors and routines they want to see from others!! Be a role model. If you want your child to be caring, BE CARING YOURSELF!! 

N: Nail Polish: 
Not sure what brand I use… I like the color Coral or deep red on my toesies. That is the extent of my nail polish knowledge. I either get them done at the salon, or I use the nail polish that I have had for the last five years…and I can’t remember what brand it is. I only know that the last time I used it, I had to pour the clear polish into the bottle to “smooth” it out a bit..hahaha

O: Open House Idea: 
I have so MANY!! I LOVED open house or meet the teacher night! I have done scavenger hunts or games that bring the parents together. I ALWAYS sent out a letter to each one of my students about 2 weeks before school started to get them excited. I always included some important info for mom and dad, as well as some special info and goodies for the students!!

P: Pinterest Find: 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Go back to the fonts section and look at my boards!! I am a Pinterest Hoarder!!! I could end up being on the show, Hoarders for pinning too many things I like, but will never accomplish or go back to because there is always something more fun and exciting every time I visit!! (Like my run on forever sentence..LOL).

Q: Quote: 
Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without enthusiasm by Ralph W. Emerson.

R: Read-Aloud: 
I read aloud a lot… even when I am not technically reading..hahaha (I know what this is & I refuse to choose a favorite with books, movies, or music…it is against the creativity policy).

S: School Supply: 
SMELLY MARKERS!!! If you have a student that can’t remember to cover his/her mouth when coughing, sneezing, or breathing excessively hard in your face while you are looking at their paper (hahaha), put a small dot of smelly marker on the top of their hand…it is JUST LIKE MAGIC I tell you!! hahaha

T: TPT/TN Product: 
Another one I cannot choose. I love all of my stuff equally. I don’t want to break any of my product’s self-esteem – it would not be good for business. I gotta encourage those babies and make them feel good. If you like, you can join me by leaving many lovely comments and ratings as well!! hahaha.

U: Un-Official Hobby: 
Taking a shower. I thought I would have more time for this, but being a graphic designer has its negatives. I really enjoy it when I get time to take a shower…I have a shower that is called a “snail” – it is open and almost like a cave, but surrounded by glass!! I never get a peaceful shower! The entire house could be completely silent and as soon as I step into that puppy, my dogs come running and love to drink the water (gross), my kids think it’s a free for all for any and all of their questions and things they need to tell me, and it is an X-rated peep show for my husband. We have a HUGE bathroom actually, and we have a lounge chair in the bathroom. It has become my husband’s comfy chair…. It is definitely a hobby I would like to do by myself more often..haha

V: Video Brain Break: 
SAY WHAT?? You can go a few blog posts back and watch the video of my dog scarfing a bacon treat in less than 30 seconds….haha

W: Way to Spend a Day Off: 
I am not teaching, so I technically have every day off and yet, I don’t have any days off at the same time. I work morning and night – hoping and believing that it will pay off at some point.. I haven’t had a vacation in forever.

X: X-tra Special Blogs You ♥: 
I will not hurt anyone’s feelings, I love way too many blogs and I have connected closely with so many of you that I would hate to pick a favorite! You can look through the scrolling marquee in my sidebar and check out some AMAZING blogs!!

Y: Yummy Dessert: 
Big Sticks…I am totally cheap!! I LOVE big stick popsicles – even in the winter!!

Z: Zoo Animal: 
My favorite animal is a Dolphin, but apparently, Dolphins don’t live at the zoo… Actually my favorite animal is a CHEETAH!! It always has… they absolutely mesmerize me and I am in awe of their behaviors, speed, and colors!!

Well, that is me from A-Z – I hope I did not bore you to death!! hahaha

I also want to include something special:

I was just featured in a new online education magazine!!! I am so excited and completely giddy inside!! The Educationist is a new Itunes magazine app that is filled with some great resources and articles! I am still reading through them. My favorite is page 28.. here is why…

This is the site – and I am in their FIRST ISSUE!!!
You can pick up the first month for free and this issue is very relevant to issues in education that many of you will enjoy reading. Did I mention that I was featured?? hahaha

Take a looky here… Thank you for all of your support and love! It can only get better from here!! Thank you for stopping by!! I love your comments & I am always blessed to have a visitor!!


  1. Congrats on the magazine feature! I love this linky - great to learn more about bloggers (like you!) that I adore!!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. You are so sweet!! I was so excited about the magazine was This was a really cute linky.

      Thank you for reading through it..haha

  2. Thanks so much for linking up Michelle! I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you. Your post was so funny! I loved it! I know now to never challenge you to a game of scrabble haha!

    Congrats on being featured in a magazine! That's a big deal! They definitely picked the right girl for the job!


    1. You are amazing!! I love this idea and I am so glad you shared the info with me so I could link up. I get so busy sometimes that I don't get to blog stalk as much as I would love to. Thank you - you're a DOLL!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I learned so much about you.... so happy to see that you got a magazine spot too. I like your "L" I would love for you to come to NY.. I can take you to all the cool places to see. Times Square is great, but there are so many other places! I have room at my place. :) (bring your clipart collection and your family with you!)
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. Thank you so much!!! You better be careful - I just might come and take you up on your offer..haha!! I grew up in California by the beach and one thing I REALLY would like to see is the ocean in the edges of New York in the winter!! I bet it is an amazing site to see!! You are such a sweetheart!! Thank you for visiting (-;

  4. You are so right about being a role model! If you want the kids to do something you need to show them. Don't just tell them how to act, set an example!

    1. ABSOLUTELY!! But the good teachers already know that one..hahaha... you must be one of the good ones!! I really miss being in the classroom!! I don't miss the politics or the rules, I miss the students and their families! It is such a good feeling to be a positive influence in someone's life and to watch the kids grow and blossom!!I miss that A LOT!! I also miss the stories that a 5 year old can come up with - those kids cracked me up - even on my worst days!!

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by - I love your pic by the way!! I need to get one done, but I am NOT photogenic at all.... I am always so jealous of those who are!!

  5. Congrats on the article! I loved reading more about you! Smelly marker are the bomb!! :0)

    Sharon McBee

    Buggy for First Grade

  6. Happy early birthday!!

    Christina ;)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  7. The scrolling blog list on the side is an awesome idea! I love your blog :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  8. Ensure Yourself Success By Using Printable GED Practice Tests
    best ged book

  9. Congrats on being featured! As a student teacher it is really cool to have people like you at my fingertips to learn from. I am your newest follower :)


  10. Loved your linky! I'm about to join the party as well! :) Congrats on the magazine feature! Love your blog by the way!



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