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My only post this week, but at least it is a good one (-; Boy have I had a week of ups and downs!! I think I will start with my Freebie for this post, which is a bit un-traditional and possibly unexpected. However, I did teach for several years...and the passion and love I have for all of my students will never leave my heart.
If you had a busy week, but would like to squeeze in a Friday Five...come link up and join me! Feel free to grab ANY of the images I use for Friday Five for your posts.
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I loved creating themed flap books while I taught Kindergarten. They were great for expository and informational text lessons. I have created a special Penguin Flap Book Template that you can download and hopefully use in your classrooms. I miss being in the has been almost 2 years, so I would love for you to share your ideas if you are able to use this in your classrooms.

As you can probably tell, this week has been pretty crazy!! It is 12 am and I am trying to get this post out before midnight...hahaha...maybe no one will notice...

At the beginning og the week I was surprised to find out that my husband had ordered me the CINTIQ 24HD graphic design monitor that I have been drooling over for about a year (maybe longer). I was SOOOO excited to find out, but the exact day that it arrived, my computer was flooded with Windows bundled updates...UGH. About every couple of months, they will send over a large amount of updates, which can be such a pain sometimes. Well, this time it was especially a pain!! After I uploaded the updates, my computer refused to shut down properly. I tried everything!! By Thursday, I got impatient and decided I would play with my new nerd toy and fix the issue later. 

Because I do not like leaving any issues present on my computer, I hunkered down and went through the the tedious steps of weaning out problem after possible problem with no avail!! Today, I CONQUERED!! I will not bore you with the details, but I will just tell you that I expanded my computer knowledge ten fold!! I can FINALLY enjoy my new toy...
Here are some pics!!

Okay..just one more...tehehehe!!

Okay...I slacked on this one... The best thing I found this week (which consumed all of my life) was the solution to my computer problem... I promise I will have something fantastic next week!! I will take the grumpy penguin on this one..haha

Here is a Funny that I am sure you ALL have a story for..hehehe

Now for the Feature!!
Making a choice has become so difficult!! There were so many cute posts this week!! Thank you for making this difficult!!
Because I am sort of keeping a penguin theme, I am choosing to share this one with all of you!!
Quite a creative talent...this Mary Pitner is!! haha
She used the penguins as well as my "robotica" patterned backgrounds (from my Cutest Backgrounds Ever set) to make some cute penguin-themed activities and games.
Please stop by and check out Mary's  Teacher's Notebook Store!
Click on the image below...
If you use my graphics in your products, crafts or resources and would like to be featured, please grab the Pinterest  button in the right sidebar and send me your Pinterest link to be added to the board!!

Thank you!!

If you would like to link Up, please post your Friday Five and link up below. Make sure to link to your specific blog post and not the main page of your blog. I will be extending the Friday Five Linky's to the end of each month. This way, I can create links to each month's Friday Five's Freebies (-;
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  1. Great post Michelle. I loved the penguins flap book. And I loved more the new monitor. Does it have a touch screen?

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