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IT'S A-L-I-V-E!! & Freebie Memories

I know I have been only focused on my computer technology lately...but...sometimes these things can consume me and gobble up my time....After two days of non-stop command prompts, reboots, installs, uninstalls, registry cleaners & driver sweepers...MY HP IS ALIVE!!!!! WOO HOOO!! The only problem is that I ordered a new computer...well, not really a problem...I will just have to wait a lot longer to get the Cintiq )-;...


It came down to a choice between the Dragon tower and the Zeus tower

I custom built this...."no more headache" ultimate graphic design machine. While I was hard at work on reviving my HP, my hubs was getting bored and decided to search for a graphic design computer. All week, we searched and found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the stores, so he found this website where I built my  first custom machine last night!!

This is the FIRST time I have built my own computer tower (although I have done quite a bit of tweaking of my own on previous machines) and I had sooo much fun!! GOSH....this site is def. a NERD's CANDY STORE!! I chose to have the white tower case with a BLUE neon glow throughout....can't wait to see it! I rushed the order...for an extra $109. This confusingly did not mean that the shipping was also rushed...darn. By the time I realized that I would have to pay an extra $175 to overnight it, I had already reached my spending limit on specialty parts and there was nothing that I could part will be shipped out Tuesday through UPS from California and I should HOPEFULLY get it by this coming Thursday (that is...if the postal people in Buckeye don't let it sit in Phoenix too long). I am so excited to get to try out the speed on the Intel i7!!!! YEAH BA-BEE!! There is a 3 year warranty on all parts, so I should be cozy for a while (-; I can't wait!!

While I was working tirelessly on my trusty ol' HP (which I LOVE by the way), I discovered that Adobe had an upgraded DESIGN SUITE CS6!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss that one??!!!! SOOOOOO....I upgraded my design program too!!! Can't wait to use the new Adobe Design features on the NEW Dragon  & start drawing again!! Since I revived my HP like a good Dr....I am going to set it up for all of our business stuff (the Heating & Air Conditioning Business). I did not order a new monitor because...ONE...I have a really nice one...and TWO...I can get one on Craigslist for less than half the price....

My new Graphic Mojo Dragon has been built & ordered!!!!

Now...enough about my obsessive GEEK SQUEAK...LOL!!
I have been re-thinking how to better organize the freebies I have on my blog and on TPT, so I am working on some organizational strategies to make finding the free stuff easier! I also want to make sure that those of you with a MAC (not my cup of tea) also get the freebies I post...will be working on some links and storage clouds soon (-;

Below you will find a link to a PDF file I have uploaded onto Google Docs. Once you open the file you will be able to click on each of the picture links to go directly to the image where you can save or copy it.
Thank you for following my blog!!!!!!

Take this link to the Google file that includes direct links to each frame URL location. Just scroll over any image once the google doc opens and then click the picture. The link will take you to the image (-;

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Rest in peace HP...

Well, as many of you know, I have been experiencing problems with my computer. I am quite the techy; however, I think my HP is a gonner.

I have tried several boot commands and even opened the Brian and took out the boot battery with no success.
I made some room in the refrigerator to cool the video card...

I am on my way to Fry's electronics to get a new one before they close. Hello Intel i7..., but now I will have to wait on the

I am still going to get the HP up so I can at least get it working for the kids. I love getting new technology, but not in cases where something has crashed.

Well, no graphics for another day or so...I just might have to pull out some I had saved to share with all of you.

Oh, on another topic...I am blogging from my phone!! ;-) I spent some time in the pool today to give HP a time out and didn't realize that my tummy has not seen the light of day for a while and in one hour my tummy got cherry pink and crispy. I usually tan pretty well, so I am hoping it doesn't hurt in the morning.

I will be setting up my new computer and fixing the old tonight, but I will have a laptop open to distract myself with your posts when I need a little motivation.

News alert: darn...just hit traffic. Yet another accident...I pray everyone is okay.

We are so far from all the good shopping, but I usually like the drive.

Summer bucket-list update:
I got on my elliptical, but haven't started jogging quite yet. Does watching other people jpg in the morning while I water my plants count??? Hehehe. I mean, just watching them made me breath harder..

Well, tata for now.
Thank you for reading my mumblings today...have a great night!  :-)

Power Outage Techy Tuesday & A Winner!!!!!! & a Free Palm top graphic

You may grab the palm tree top above for FREE. Please read my Terms of Use before using the graphic for personal and/or commercial use.

Well, yesterday started out like any other day....except just one thing...


At about 9am I was watering my lovely plants in the front yard when a neighbor rushed out of his front door, looking a bit flustered. He noticed me and asked if my power was out and I said I wasn't sure. I went inside to test the lights and sure power!! It wouldn't have been so bad except when I called APS, the outage was reported to last about 6 hours or more. Now...we live in Verrado in Buckeye, Arizona and when our power is out and our internet wifi is out, we don't get other wifi services because the signal is very bad where we are. ipad phone internet...& chaos at the schools as well. Both of my kids were released early from school due to there being no power on a day reaching over 100 degrees outside and even hotter inside. Those poor teachers!!!!

My son said that he had a sub who told the class that it was his first time subbing and he would never sub in their school again...hahaha...hopefully he was joking because the kids and staff at the schools in Verrado are the BEST!! I was not able to get online yesterday and I had to forbade the kids from opening the refrigerator. So we planned a Micky-D's ice-cream trip and some fun in the pool. Even our local grocery store had no power. I still have no idea what caused the outage and I can't seem to understand why my daughter's high school (with solar power and back-up generators) could not get power....strange... My son was watching the news this morning and came running into the bathroom while I was getting ready and proceeded to tell me that the outage was due to a hacker and a murder...I think he may have had some stories mixed up...LOL...he probably heard the teaser story for the outage followed by a hacker and murder story...hehehe I don't know...maybe he is right.

Well, there was no damage done and we had our electricity turned back on in the evening just in time to get the A/C cooling again...PHEW!

Now onto the exciting stuff!!

Natalie @ Teachery Tidbits is the official WINNER of the summer giveaway!!
Congratulations Natalie!!

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Summer Bucket List & A NEWBIE Blogger & a FREEBIE 4 You

Okay, so I kept seeing this summer bucket list linky and I could not resist the temptation to join in the fun! I have so many things that I would love to do, but for your sake, I will only list a here goes...

I also have another blog that I would like all of you to check out & send some love....
A REAL-LIFE Rock Star!!
A Male Kindergarten Teacher Rock Star that is...hehehe

Check out Greg's new blog (-;

Here is the background I made and used above for you to grab!!

Thank you sooo very much for following my blog!!!
There are still a few more hours until the giveaway ends....make sure to link up at the bottom (-;
Good Luck...

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School's Out Summer Giveaway & A Few FREE FRAMES

May 19th- Monday, May 21st

One Lucky Winner will Receive...




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please read my Terms of Use BEFORE using my graphics for personal and/or commercial use.


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Sweet, Short & A FREEBIE to Welcome You  Me back
Please read my TOU before using my graphics for personal and/or commercial use 

Pinterest Exchange...A few Freebies...& Last Day to Enter My Giveaway!!!

Before I go any further...Move Over Rover.....This is my NEW-ish...Car!!! WooHoo!!! Hubs better watch out because I am taking my daughter and her friends shopping (as soon as she gets better). Sorry about the pic. I took it in the dark. I will take one in the morning so you get get a better look (-;

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