Sweet, Short & A FREEBIE to Welcome You  Me back
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I feel like I have been avoiding the blog scene for way too long now! I had some things to figure out. I think being and staying married is one of the most difficult of life's tasks to accomplish. As people get older, we don't always grow in the same direction. In fact, I think that sometimes we grow in the complete opposite directions of one another. Working on differences can be completely draining for both people, but there could be a light at the end of the tunnel & might be worth the work. No matter what the ending is, I know I will be okay. I am just glad to be back and ready to tackle the day!!

I was going to post a giveaway today after teaming up with Allison with Summer Learning Fun, but I wanted to make sure to get a personal post up before going full force. I will be posting the giveaway early in the morning (probably even late this evening) and running it through until Monday Evening. Allison is offering a great summer bridge program in this giveaway; although,  the program targets elementary students: specifically, young readers. I will also add something special for those of you who may not have younger children at home or do not teach elementary grades. I promise, it will be worth it!! 

Summer is right around the corner! My kids will be officially on summer break after next Thursday!!! Holy COW - that went by fast! We bought and set up an above ground pool and we are loving it so far. We can't get much use out of it yet because the wind has been picking up, but I am looking forward to having the fun right in our own backyard this summer. We won't be stuck in the house this summer!! I would also LOVE to take a family vacation somewhere...anywhere but Arizona (-; Anyone have any fun (low cost) suggestions???

My blog was also nominated for the 2012 Fascination Award!!! Please take some time to check out the nominees and vote (-; There are so many great blogs & I am just thrilled to have been nominated!!

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I am working on a new Safari Jungle Graphics Collection & I am leaving a little FREEBIE sample for you to grab. I has been way too long since I posted a FREEBIE!!!
Enjoy & Hope you check back to join the giveaway!!

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Thank You 4 Visiting & Following My Blog!! You are awesome!!

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  1. Glad your back! Hang in there! God has a plan & I know he will get you through it :)


  2. Glad you are back. Being married is so hard. I read something recently that really helped me. Maybe it will help you too...

    First in Maine

  3. So glad you are back! Love the freebie and I'm looking forward to your jungle theme!

    ΡΌ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

  4. Marriage is not nearly as easy as we believe it will be when we're can be tough! Hope things get better soon!! ((hugs))
    First Grade Blue SKies

  5. Growing up, I always thought most marriages split early if they were going to, thinking- if it's not right, you would know soon! But now I've seen so many marriages where the two people have just changed a lot over time, and it's changed the relationship. Life just gets in the way of who you are sometimes, I guess.

    I hope that things work out for the best- whatever that may mean. But know that you have more strength than you even realize, and it will come out if you need it.

    Thinking of you! (and thank you for the cute jungley freebies)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. Thank you for your freebies. I know exactly what you mean. You think that everything will be wonderful and you waited for that day and then as time passes you do not know what happened other than it is not where you want to be anymore and you feel stuck. Good luck and the right decision will come and know that you must make yourself happy first.

    1. Thanks! Life will go on (-; I am looking forward to a fun and productive summer!

      Thank you

  7. Glad to see you back, but I'm glad you're taking care of yourself!

  8. So glad to see you back! I sure have missed your posts. Take care of you first and enjoy your summer!

    Reading Toward the Stars


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