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Hi everyone in blog-land!! It has been some time since I posted anything here. I tell you...I am HIGHLY addicted to the Top Teachers Facebook Group.....It is so nice to have everyone all on one place!! I have put out a few new sets...
Here is a Freebie that includes several digital papers... If you follow my FB page, then you might already have downloaded these...
Click on the image to visit my TPT store and download these freebies! Feel free to pin and I just want to thank all of you who do pin my products!!

I also put up two new sets & they are priced to grab!! Many digital papers in various shades of pink for only $1.50!!

This next new set was inspired by a recent request. Although I goofed on the download and accidentally placed the preview file in the download file spot (which had many very confused), it is now fixed. I left the price marked down to compensate for the confusion. I will have these marked down at $3.50 for only one more day. Enjoy!! Click the first image to get this set.

Stuff I am working on...
I am currently still getting the Greek Set out, but I am REALLY adding a lot of detail to this set. I love how it is coming out so far. I have added more characters since I made this preview, but here is just a peek in case you do not follow me on Facebook. This is a custom request from the best gal in town - Krista Miller!! I am going to have her guest blog soon, and I can't wait for you to read her story and what she is doing in education!! I will not tell you too much; however, you can visit their website. Yes, "their" because Krista and Julie have put together this amazing program for kids that you must check out.

They only have 59 followers on TPT and I encourage you to check out their store. I have had the chance to look through some of their stuff and what they have is incredible!!!  The  Greek and Latin Root study is an ENTIRE program for grades 2-6th for only $50.00!! You cannot beat that!! They are also working on expanding the program to meet other grade level standards & I am SOOOOO Very impressed with their work!! I can't wait to see my new graphics for their upper grade additions!!

Please check them out...They also have many other great resources in their store, which you can find here:
I made it very big...just so no one misses it...LOL!! Go give them some support and hugs by following their store and downloading their free item on TPT.

Future Clip Art themes to come:

1. Character Pumpkins
2. A-Z Images
3. Firefly's and insects
4. No more will be revealed quite yet (-;

Now to focus on a REALLY awesome giveaway for all of you educators whom I know are addicted to clip art!!! You know who you are.....hehehe...Don't worry, it is the only addiction I completely support 100%

Not too long ago, I started a Pinterest Board to display the amazing resources, products, and crafts people made with my graphics. I had been receiving many emails from so many of you who wanted to show me what you made with my art. I was so excited, but I was beginning to lose track & had the brilliant idea to start a board. It is now a COLLABORATIVE board where anyone can join and start showing off their creative works using my graphics. I love looking through the resources and I wanted to take a little bit of time to share just a few of them with you. Thank you for everyone actively pinning great resources to this board!!!

Click on the preview image to go directly to Linda's blog link where she has includes a full description, pictures and student work samples. This unit is INCREDIBLE!!

Tomie dePaola author study with frames by The 3AM Teacher.

This next one focuses on teaching blends using my Smoothie clip art pack...SO CUTE!! It is by on the image to get more information on this product on her TPT store.
Motivate and engage students with Smoothie Blends Posters!  Graphics by The 3 AM Teacher

This next one is a newbie made with one of my recent sets called, "Pre-Teen School Friends" clip art set.
Tea Cher from The Peanut Gallary created a file with printable pre-made comic strips for student writing activities!! Click the picture to see more from Tea's TPT store!

$3.00 My students LOVE to create their own comic strips and don't consider it work even though they are secretly practicing skills...SHHH!!!!

That is all I will share for today; although, there are so many that I would love to share. If you would like to be a collaborator on this board so you too can show off the resources made using my graphics, please leave your Pinterest Link Below in the comment field. If you are a collaborator to this board, or you would like to spread the word, I made a cute button to display...

And check out my NEW download feature...pretty cool, huh? This is the feature that will be available on my new website...once I get time to finish it.....LOL!

Well, I am not sure if many of you remember, but a while back I mentioned the TPT clip Art Pinterest Board, actually, I think I may have mentioned this a few times on Facebook. This is such a great board where clip art from TPT is pinned all in one convenient little place; however, it is not really receiving the attention I thought it would. There are some great clip art sets available for personal and commercial use from some pretty talented artists. I also made a cute little button for those of you who would like to spread the word:

Click the FREE DOWNLOAD button below to download this image (-;

Well, to add more news to the TPT clip art Pinterest board, Lita from Learning in Spain is hosting a TPT Clip Art Giveaway!! There are many artists involved (including myself) and you will certainly NOT want to miss this one!!

Kindergarten, 6th, 7th, 8th -
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  1. Thanks for the clipart!! I can't get enough of it, especially yours!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Michelle,
    These are great! Thanks so much for the freebie!


  3. Michelle you are soooo sweet!! I've been thinking about you today, and what comes into my inbox? An amazingly kind, wonderful, great big shout out! Thank you so much!
    I LOVE all of your new sets (You've been busy, girl!) and have been pinning away with them! Your buttons are adorable....dang you're talented! Can't wait to show you my idea for the smoothie set :0).
    Thanks again my sweet friend!

  4. You are one talented gal!
    What is the Top Teachers Facebook group?
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  5. Hi Michelle,
    First thank you for looking at my blog header that I created with your graphics awhile back and giving it the ok!
    Second I just created my first two things for my classroom and blog using your graphics so I would love to be a contributor and pin them on your pintrest board. Here is the link to my board (I think, I'm kinda new at this)
    Clearly Kindergarten

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I love your work! :)


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