Shout Out...Give Away & some FREEBIES

Well, yesterday's sale was a smash!!! I won't become a millionaire anytime soon...(darn) but it looks like the sale allowed people to really take advantage of as much as possible, which is sooo cool! I have so much news to announce today, but I thought I would start out with a freebie!! I am working on creating clip art sets to go alongside literacy themes. When I recall having to (well wanting to) put together lessons around various books, I never had the clip art to go along with it that I really wanted. I am working on sets of graphics that you can use with your literacy and reading lessons, but I am going to keep the character to a minimum or focus on characters that correspond with the book, but can be used universally if needed. I accepted a request to work on some Henkes themes and I gladly took on the challenge...I love those books!! Even more exciting is that kids REALLY love those books! So, here are some accents that I worked on! I will be offering this set for FREE for 24 hours after I reach 300 followers...almost there!!!!

Enjoy. These are free for personal & commercial use...all I ask is for some "street cred"  (-; But before the Freebies (I know, I know...) I need to give a HUGE electronic hug (the best kind, don't ya know) to

Erika over at The Honey Bunch!!!!!

   Erika helped me with the code I have been struggling with for the last two weeks and now ( your right sillies) I have a beautimous...lovely....rolly blog thingy...hahahah... I can now put everyone's fancy and attractive buttons on my blog to share!! If you do not see your name there, please email me with you code....& I will make sure you are also on the 3AM hit list!!!!! ( the word...The word is the bird!!! A MA MA DOO MOW MOW...MA MA DOO MOW MOW...oh yeah!!

THANK YOU LOVELY ERIKA!!!!!!! (You must check her out!!!!) She also was the fab. designer of Jen's new blog look over at The Teacher's Cauldron!!

Now for your scheduled FREEBIES from ... You Guessed it... THE 3AM TEACHER!!!!! (RA RA RA)...

OMGosh...I just had the vision of the Chinese restaurant in "A Christmas Story" My fav movie!! singing..

"Tis the season to be Horry....Ra- RA -RA- RA- RA... RA- RA- RA- RA" hahahahaha I love it! Sometimes I just crack myself up I tell ya! (Hopefully, I am not just seemingly appearing insane...I really am my own head...)

Next...Exciting News about a TPT SELLER!!

    Her name is Natalie and her TPT store is called, Natalie's Nook...I love the name!!! I have to just totally thank her for being such a huge fan of the graphics and putting them into good use. Her "Chapeau" Unit is FULL of REALLY GREAT centers and just in time for tomorrow, March 2nd!!! This unit includes 103 pages with 7 math centers and 7 literacy centers for grades 1-4 & I have to say.....these are FABULOUS!!!!!!  She has used the activities in her own classroom and has tested them out with her kiddos!! This is one you def. do not want to pass up...14 centers & 103 pages for only $4 bucks!!!!! Make sure to click the pic below to see her TPT store and explore her awesome goodness!!! She needs some followers for her store & I am already one of them!!! So, why are you still reading my blog....?? Hurry up and check her out...LOL!

Thank you Natalie!!!!!!!!!

Another AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! Melissa over at Dilly Dabbles has reached 100 followers and I have teamed up with her delicious blog to offer another graphic set to some lucky ....WINNER!!

She even put together the HTML so that you can input your info straight from my blog...although, I would still check her out!!

Good LUCK!!!!

The 3AM Teacher

Here are the details:

The giveaway starts today, March 1 and will end on Saturday, March 10 at 7pm Mountain Time.

2 winners will be chosen at random, verified and announced sometime Sunday, March 11.

What you'll win... Your choice of one of my Common Core Packs or my new Telling Time Pack

and each winner will get the Place Value Graphics from The 3am Teacher!!

You have 5 chances to enter.  I'm trying out a form entry this time, so I hope it works well.  See the form below this post.

Ways to Enter:
1.  Follow both the DillyDabbles Blog and The 3am Teacher Blog
2.  Follow both the DillyDabbles TpT store and The 3am Teacher TpT store
3-5.  Blog about this giveaway.  Leave the link to your post in the comments and click the three boxes of the entry form.

**Not a requirement, but be sure to sign up for the DillyDabbles mailing list to get teaching tips and tidbits along with exclusive freebies! (see the form on the left sidebar)**

Please post in the comments if you enter to let others know the who's who of entrants!

Good Luck to All of You!!


I might have to double post today...but I will be worth the double read (-; I will be pinning this awesomeness & I encourage you to do the same!!! Let the word be known.... Us bloggy women are taking over the internet!!!!!

Thank you for following!!

One more thing I HAD to share!! I just found Mrs. D's blog, Leap into Learning and her very first post is awesomely wonderful!!! I LOVE Taylor Mali and his "What a Teacher Makes" Speech, but I have never seen him perform it.....sooooooooo amazing and hilarious! Wish I had all of you with me to laugh with!! No worries, just go visit Mrs. D, become a follower (But you can't be the first one...hehehehe) and click her link to Taylor Mali's video...and have a laugh of your own people!!! Laughter is great for the soul...and for get over there and start getting younger ...hehehe. 

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  1. I don't know how you create all this great clipart but I love it. Thanks. I have a whole folder on my portable hard drive titled 3 AM teacher so I know who to give credit to.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you!! You better keep that hard drive clear...because I have big plans for freebies coming soon (-;

      P.S. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, Illustrator & Wacom Tablet are my besties for creating!! Adobe offers HUGE discounts to teachers and students on all of their products...visit their education link, send them you info and enjoy the 50 to 80% off savings!!!! Or don't and just let me do the art and you do the creating from the art...LOL!

  2. omgosh!!! I knew that was a Henkes character right away!!!! I am so excited to see those!! I do a whole study on him :)

  3. I love Lilly...she's so cute! Are you going to create Kevin Henkes' adorable characters? I hope author study would be awesome!


  4. Here's the link to my post about your giveaways.

  5. Bahahah! I seriously just laughed out loud about "The Christmas Story." That is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time!

    I really hope you create Kevin Henkes' characters. I would snatch those graphics in a heartbeat. I love, love, love him. I was "Owen" for Halloween last year, and my colleage was Mrs. Tweezers. Ha!!! We are seriously NUTS! :)

    Loved this post! :) You rock, sister! Get some sleep tonight, missy!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  6. Oh yes, and by the way, I LOVE seeing my blog button the blog roll. How sweet of Erika! THANK YOU! :)

    And...I spelled colleague wrong in that last post. Whoops!

  7. Girl, you have me laughing out loud. Thanks for the graphics! I purchased your soccer graphics last night. I LOVE them!

    Have a great week!


  8. Erika was a great help to me too - love her!!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  9. I can't wait to see your Kevin Henkes graphics! I met him at a literature conference this past fall!

  10. Hi I am from Little Miss Kindergarten blogspot. I am looking for someone for some graphics. Are you booked up and too busy?

    1. I have begun the daunting task of trying to go backwards and respond to comments...hehehe...I have a few openings avail. Working on several collections, but I like doing several at a time...keeps me inspired. You can email me at & I will see what i can do...


      The 3AM Teacher

  11. Michelle I just gave you a sweet little award for all that you do, stop by my blog to grab it!

    Kaleigh's Klassroom

  12. Hey Michelle, Do you have any weather graphics?

  13. I'm Soooo excited for your literacy clipart! :) Also, I second Michelle's request for weather graphics. :) It is very hard to find some cute weather things out there. :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  14. Michelle,
    Thanks for the shout out and virtual hug!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  15. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog!

    First in Maine

  16. You amaze me! Keep it up sista!


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