March Giveaway & Linky Party!!!!!

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I have joined several giveaways lately and I was going to do a blog post -  giving a shout out to several of you who are including products using my graphics. I decided it would be more fun to allow everyone hosting a giveaway, to link up all in one place!! If you are having a giveaway this month...then make sure to link up here!! I will be posting a giveaway tomorrow to celebrate Spring & 500 followers...AWESOME!!!

I think I want to see what 1 million followers looks like (-; Okay, I might just be pushing it...but a girl can dream...hehehe

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1. Blog about this Linky Party & Link back to this post
2. Add your blog and the url to your giveaway post to the Inlinkz below
3. I decided that you do not need to leave a comment, but you are more than welcome to  leave a comment if you want to ...

News Worthy...
I have so many things planned over the next couple of weeks! I am hosting a giveaway with my sister-in-law and...I am teaming up with another clip art artist (you may know who she is) to do something special!! I emailed her with an offer and she AGREED!!!! I will not tell you who, but she is pretty popular and many of you use her cute hand-drawn graphics...hint...hint... 

I am so excited that I have butterflies in my tummy!!!!

P.S. I helped my Hubby put together his own blog for our HVAC company in Arizona...(he was feeling left out I think). He is having a little bit of a struggle (okay...more than a little) trying to navigate and figure things out - he is NOT computer literate...who knew...hahaha

Please visit and become a follower of Frigid Air & leave a nice comment if you can, will make him feel special...hehehehe...(He is not aware of this post or the discounts...yet...hehehe)

Special Offer for AZ Residents: If you live in Arizona...and are in need of a summer maintenance, follow our blog and mention it when scheduling a maintenance & we will give you a summer maintenance for...

West Valley: Normally $69.00 (discount = $49)

Phoenix Metro & beyond: Normally $89.00 ($69.00)

Thank you for following my bloggity blog!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I was having the most difficult time keeping track of who was having a giveaway, who I was teaming up with, who was using my graphics in their giveaway products and... the list goes on and one...

      That is how I came up this this idea...makes it easier on all of us...hopefully I can get this spread around in time...LOL

      You might want to hose a giveaway soon...hehehe

      The 3AM Teacher

  2. ooh - a clip art giveaway! I like it :)

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  3. 3 giveaways completed (a personalized key fob, THE pencil sharpener, and a Starbucks Gift card!)for the month of March AND I have 3 more planned. I am in a crazy kinda mood so I am going for it. I linked to my latest one. I will add more links as I get there. I want to see what 500 followers looks like! Just wait until you see the thing next! It only gets better!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. This is a great idea, thanks for hosting! Something about warm weather makes giveaways that much more fun :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  5. This is a great idea. I am very new to blogging and I want to see what 5 followers looks like. :)

    First Upon A Time


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