Trauma! Life in the Ant Farm/ Q & needing A's/ Shout out? Freebies!!

I will have cute fruit in the shopping mini sets!! Above is a little sweet taste of the goodness!! Enjoy!!

Trauma in Ant Farm!

Okay, so my son "accidentally"  put the ant farm upside DOWN before he went to bed last night and I didn't even notice it until this morning...Yikes! The poor little guys were traumatized and their house, although not completely destroyed, had certainly taken a beating... Being the caring and nurturing person I am, I carried the ants to my office and placed them gently on my....

OH NO!!!!!

Yes....the pause was me...dropping the ant farm onto the ground! It flipped, bounced, and tumbled before finally reading a safe place on the ground. Apparently, I can't even take care of ants - who need no human interaction at all...hahaha. Well, although their little tubes were still intact, there were obvious damages done. No ants were killed (come on....did you really think I could murder ANTS!!??), but they are moving much slower today...Ants have survived every kind of natural disaster, so I am rootin' for the little guys (okay, well they are actually giant, red, and quite aggressive). Sheesh!

I apologize for my lack of postages (not a typo...I just decided to make up my own word ya'll)

I have been hard at work on a few more sets (two mini shopping sets that I will have $2 deals!!). I do have a couple of questions...

Onto other...more important things (not that almost killing my ant farm isn't important). Well, I was definitely new to the Inlink think and I chose to add 10 columns...yes, ten - not realizing that they are each one inch and will not fit nicely on my blog page. I need some technical help over here. If I redo the code and fix the problem, I will assume that all of the lovely links will be lost!! I tried to bypass the Inlink security to manually change the code...but no can do! Does anyone know if I can change the code without losing the links that are already there??? It's not that it will cause too much of a hassle, but I have OCD and I do not like looking at the unbalanced chi this 10 column linky is creating...hehehe

Next, I am going to have my first guest blogger appearance next week and I have no idea how to have one...hehehe (that must sound redonkulous...not a typo - just another made-up word). What I mean is...How do I go about having this guest post on my blog? Do I have to give this person (who shall not be named) access to my blog or do I just copy &paste? What is the best way bloggy friends...LOL??

Any suggestions are certainly welome!!

I have had a horrible migraine since last night and I am forcing myself to work through it...trying to ignore it, but it is like a needy little puppy and won't stop trying to get my darn attention...GO AWAY ALREADY!! No good for nothing migraine!!

Onto happier thoughts...I told you that I have been working on my next set & I of course, have some freebies for you!!
Please refer to the TOU BEFORE using any of my graphics (free or paid for).  Oh wait...before that...I wanted to show you where my Smarty Pants design ended up... I teamed up with Erika over at The Honey bunch to create a graphic for Samantha's blog make-over (although I did not know who it was for at the time). I am totally excited and I can never get board of seeing my work somewhere happy...Thanks Erika...& thank you Samantha for needing a wild and fun blog!!

Visit Samantha to check out the design of her new blog and get in contact with Erika if you need to pimp out your blog...hehehe

Now for your lovely FREEBIES!!

Okay...I got a little side-tracked with my designer purses...hehehe. I was in the shopping kind of mood when I was working on my shopping-themed set, but I am not sure how this fits in the theme...maybe a girly-go-shop set in the near future... Hope you can use these...if not, just pretend you went to the mall and didn't even have to spend a penny!! I will even include a "Fastercard" (haha..another made-up word to replace...Mastercard...hehehe)  in BW (I am filling in all the beauties as we speak) and a register so you can pretend to check out -  at the pretend mall  - where you didn't even have to spend money...PHEW! (If you need to feel like you spent can always use real money to purchase my "Show Me the Money" graphics collection...heheh...or you can keep pretending and I will pretend you made the purchase...LOL!

 Yes, I made more than just a few...hehehe...I have more colors...

There will be a separate register in the new set (-;

Thank you soooo much for following!! I am totally excited that I surpassed 500 followers...Boom Chicka Boom Boom!! I am still shooting for ONE MIL - L- ION Dollars (I was not separating syllables here teachers...think Austin Powers...if you can remember - LOL)

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  1. Is it wrong that I saw the first graphic and immediately thought, "Oh! I love that purse - I want it!! Wait, it's just a graphic...."

    :) Love, as usual!
    Tangled Up Teaching

    1. Hahaha!! I just posted it on Pinterest and put in parenthesis ...this is digital clip art...hahahaha!

      I am going to put up the BW version right now...remain on hold


  2. Michelle! You never cease to amaze me! These are soooo cute!!!!! I'm with Margaret, I want one too!!!

    First Grade Delight

    1. They are cute...maybe I can pitch these to a designer...hahaha!!


  3. can't wait to see your shopping set!!!!!

    Also - when I guest blogged...I wrote out my post in my own post...then, I switched over to html and copied the whole thing and pasted it into an email that she could just copy and paste into her blog.

    and as for the links?? you COULD just redo the links yourself if it messes up. Copy and paste the info onto a word doc or something. I know - that's a lot of work :-/ But that's my only thoughts since I know nothing about having a linky party! lol

    1. Thanks, I was starting to panic... (-;

      Have a great Spring Break!!

  4. Last night at midnight I was looking for a strawberry. We are doing a teddy bear picnic this week and I was creating things that a bear eats. I sooooo need this strawberry and of course your fruit set. I love your designer purses and smarty pants. You are too creative!
    Busy Bees

    1. Perfect Timing!!! I actually went to bed a little early (at 1am). I have the B/W version that will come out - hopefully today. I am glad you got your strawberry (-;


  5. I love your new sets and the freebies! Great looking purses girlie! Also I loved reading your post- hilarious! Love the made up (or not so made up words) as I do that all the time!

    Apples and Papers

  6. Love it, girlfriend! PRECIOUS graphics. Now I want to shop, shop, shop!

    Jen said it right about guest blogging.

    Have your guest blogger go ahead and write her post on her blog..but don't publish the edit html tab...copy the html code...paste it onto her email and send to you! Then, you just take her e-mail post and publish it on your blog. Vooa-lah! Magic.

    Let me know if you have any questions! I can help you. I have a little prediction about who is going to guest blog, but I may be way off. If it is the person I think it is, I can't wait!!

    Also, I am only at 131 followers and I really want 1 million too. Can you send all your followers my way? PLEASE!!!?!?!? :)


    A Year of Many Firsts

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! =) Love the freebies!

    Ms.Smarty Pants

  8. I always love the freebies! Thanks girly!

  9. Ditto on the guest blogging that Jen and Lyndsey said. There are probably other ways, but that is the easiest.

    Umm....can I have that red one? I mean, really, I about died!

    And I agree with Lyndsey...I need some new followers, too! I have been stuck at 152 for about 3 days now...ah!


  10. Love it! Of course I love all the stuff you've made so far :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  11. Is it ok to say I Lub you? I lub everything you do! You are so talented. Thank you for using your God given abilities to help inspire others in their classroom. Please visit my blog when you have a moment Be Blessed1

  12. Hi Michelle -

    The pants you made were PERFECT for the blog design. Thanks again!

    For the Inlinkz party see where it says edit collection - that is the UH-OH! Button, click it, make the changes (it will show you the original formed saved), and click save. Wala! DONE! It automatically fixes it on your page from there.

    Guest Blogger - it is a copy & paste the HTML code deal as stated above.

    Ants - Poor ants! Can't believe they are still alive. I am a pet and plant killer... ask the boys.

    Clip Art- OMG!! These are incredible. Hurry up and put them in your store!!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  13. Thanks for all of your freebies I've given you an award!

    Mon-"stars" of 2nd Grade

  14. We love your blog and would like to give you the Lovely Blog Award. Please come by our blog to pick it up!

  15. We love your blog and would like to give you the Lovely Blog Award. Please come by our blog to pick it up!

  16. Thanks for all of the wonderful freebies! We LOVE them! I've used your graphics in my April Activity Pack!

    I'm having a giveaway with a freebie for everyone! Visit my blog to check it out! :)




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