Okay...just added more code that placed that snazzy-looking NEW FB like and send combo at the top of my posts...Cute huh? Follow this link to get one too...
Only took me 2 minutes to complete.


     Aside from working hard to revamp my unit lessons and fill them with all the ideas I have been scribbling down on my scratchpad, I have been really trying to find my style in graphic designs (clip art mostly). I have done quite a few logo designs for various companies and I have enjoyed painting the past...but now that I have had my Adobe Design...I can be an artist...and NOT have to look like one...haha! Those of you who know exactly what I mean. No more splattered overalls, paint-stained fingers, or sore wrists - just maybe a sore back (flatter tooshie) and strained eyeballs...I think it's a fair trade indeedy.

    Any-who, I love abstract art, and cute cuddly clip art, but I haven't really found my niche in the digi art...that is...until now! I think I am on my way to the moon (after staring into a computer screen for hours, it does begin to look like the moon - especially around the wee hours, like 3AM). Here is my first character. I decided to give my little guys names...I spend so much time creating and staring at them that I might as well give them some  persona. She is missing a little bit of her arm because I am using this one to hold a banner...I'll show you what I mean. My husband and I debated over a few names (he thought of Marge...ugh...note to self - my husband is not one to seek for advice for clothing options..or name choices). I have even added my new logo DBM (Designs By Michelle). I realize she has a little weirdness going on around her right eye, but it gives her character...and nobody is perfect (-:

    Although she is certainly not perfection,  I  think I am on the right track... and there is no stopping me now...look out for some freebies soon! I am using her in a unit that I am working hard to improve and build upon and I ended up working more on the art, and less on the unit )-; Since I have decided to create all of my own graphics for my products on TPT, finishing the units are taking a bit longer than expected...but I am building quite an artsy collection of cuteness!

   I took a break from education resources and delved deep into the fiery pits of technology - particularly in HTML, CSS and Java Script. Sometimes, this can be pure bliss, but other times, like today, it can be the not-so-nice word that I won't dare say....out loud...(that's the Junie B in me I guess). Thanks to...Spice Up Your Blog by Paul Crowe & his awesome help tutorials...I was able to overcome the code and I can now work on customizing the navigation bar.  He didn't have a button to grab, but here is his URL:
You can also search on my left sidebar under "Best Site 4 Design Geeks" to find his link. You should def. check it out...tons of stuff!

In other news, today my following rose from 18 to 21 and I was excited as a kindergartner! hahaha! Thank you for following! I ALSO got my very first shout out by Barbara over at Grade ONEderful! And she is certainly Wonderful! She has a really cute polar bear and penguin-themed unit displayed on her blog that is so cute. I love the craft she posted...something fresh! Click on the link to check it out. Plus...she is Canadian, which makes her extra special! My adopted mom is Canadian and she has a heart of GOLD! So I am all for Canadians...Ehh.

Make sure to check out her blog! She has wonderfully creative ideas, many freebies and a Pinterest Board to follow (-: I am REALLY lovin' Pinterest. I think I really annoyed my husband because I kept telling him, "It's Pin-ter-est...where people PIN THEIR INTERESTS (With both my parents in education...rhyming was a norm in our house - mostly my Dad)! I think that this could def. be incorporated into the classroom in some would be totally cute.

So head over to Barbara's Blog: Grade ONEderful, and see all the creative things she is doing for many for her students. You will be able to see her button on my right sidebar in a few. 

Thank you very much for following & for being so awesomely sweet! You are all such an inspiration to education!

P.S. here is the image I will be using in my unit. Feel free to use her, just make sure to give credit to whom credit is due...and that's me...The 3AM Teacher or DBM. I found a couple more you might like. The ipod has my title on it because I was using it to create a writing space for students to make connections between the texts they read with the world around them...Enjoy! I will edit the ipod, so it does not have the text on it and you can use it for any project.

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  1. Hi, i just found your blog and love it!!! You have great clipart. I am now your newest follower!

  2. I just discovered your blog! It is great! I am your newest follower!

    First Grade Magic

  3. Hi Michelle, just came over from Barbara's blog and started following you. If you'd like to return the favor, I do children's poetry videos at -- maybe your kiddies will like them!

    Also followed some of your boards - isn't Pinterest great? You can find me there, too:

    Keep up the great blogging. I have two-year-old twins, so I'm always looking for fun stuff to do with kids - I'll be back!

  4. Hey, Michelle! Thanks for the shout-out and sweet comments AND for grabbing my button. You've made my day. I seriously love finding great new blogs and yours is right up my alley cause I'm just itching to learn more about graphic designing, HTML, and all that techy stuff. Have a great day, eh (ha ha).

    Grade ONEderful

    PS Good choice steering clear of "marge" :)

  5. meadowt:

    Thank you so much! I am going to link up to your blog and return the favor!

  6. Mrs. Nunley:
    Thank you for following! I will def. stop by First Grade Magic and follow back!

    Renee LaTulippe :

    YES! I am absolutely in love with is such an awesome social network without all the fuss. I will def. follow your blog and find you on pinterest...Thank you!

  7. Renee,
    I just stopped by your site & you have a great selection of resources...thank you for visiting. I signed up for your newsletter and I will be looking for your pinterest board next!

  8. Delighted that Barbara at Grade ONEderful led me over here! I'm a (prepublished) writer for kids who absolutely loves the kinds of things you're doing here at 3 a.m. Teacher. I'll be following! (P.S. Missy's great -- and I'm glad her name's Missy not Marge!)

  9. Beth, thank you for stopping by! I would love to promote your stuff when your ready! I have a few children's books in the making - one, I am hoping to make into a serious...I am dying to tell the title, but I am not so sure it would be in my best interest to leak that quite yet...

    ust pop over and let me know when you have something you would like to get out there...I am all for promoting awesome people who dedicate their lives to make a difference for others! You are the cream of the crop!

  10. Megan...I must have completely missed seeing your name...hahaha. Thank you again!

  11. Hi Michelle!!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I am very new to the blogging world, but I am LOVING it! I have been perusing your blog and its FAB! I am your newest follower:)

    Lou over @

  12. Thank you Lou! You writing style is very unique and I love your motto/catch phrase...New Job, New House, New Wife, New Life!! Too cute!
    You will have many new followers I'm sure! I think I read that this will be your first year teaching. I wish you all the best - this year will be your toughest...but it will be your most memorable. There will be many ...DUH's, but even more Hurray's. Blogging will definitely become your outlet...I wish I had done this years is so much fun!

  13. Hi Michelle, send me your email and I'll give you the code I use.

    First Grade Delight

  14. Replies
    1. Thank you! I took a visit to your blog & I am now following (-;

      Thank you for visiting!

      The 3AM Teacher


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