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Thank you for all of the support and encouraging words some of you left on my last post (now deleted).  I had a better day today...just taking it slow. 

I am going to offer these letters for Free for 10 hours (maybe a little longer), & I would love for you to rate the product if you love it (-: Since I am not really a football fan (I know, shoot me), I worked on these instead of watching the game (hehehe). 


 B & C are samples that you can click to enlarge (-:

I didn't finish the units I wanted to because I was stricken with some inspiration in the middle of my sleep. I have had this weird dream-inspiration thing since I was pretty young..I would dream of certain shapes, designs, colors, or just come up with an idea and my brain would not let me sleep until I took out a pencil and recorded it on paper. I don't know if anyone else is inspired during sleep, but I would be interested to hear from those who are. Dreams are sometimes so amazing. Well, I had another one of those inspiring dreams and I came up with a ton of alphabet ideas. I completed the ripped alphabet letters today, which seem to take forever. I am pretty happy with the result and I would like to share them with you.

If you would like the file in a Word doc. or as a zipped image file, please send me a request at & I will be more than happy to send them right over. 

You may use these in the products you sell, so long as you give credit to whom credit is owed. 

Thank you for message is short this evening...Have a Great WEEK!

Here is a FREEBIE frame - it's the one I use for the preview page & I thought you might like it (-:

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  1. downloaded and rated them, LOVE THEM!! Can't wait to use them, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you so much! If you would like them in a different format so that they are easier to use in other files, just send me an email request to

    You are awesome for rating!

  3. Hi! Visiting from Barbara at GradeOnederful! I love your ripped alphabet. And yes, I often get inspired in the middle of the night. I keep a pad, pen and flashlight by the bed in case :) Although it's hard to hold the flashlight and write, so I usually end up in the bathroom by the nightlight :)

    1. So...I am not the only artsy weirdo....just kidding. I always use my ipad2 it! Thank you for visiting! Barbara is really awesome!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the letters! I've nominated your blog for an award, come on over to my blog to grab it!

    ✿ Kaleigh
    Kaleigh's Klassroom

    1. Just getting back to the screen! This is really cute! Thank you! I am following your blog and have posted a thank you with your link...(-;

  5. Super cute!! Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I look forward to following you!! -Ashley

    1. Thank you! I am really loving this blogging world!


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