To Blog the Abyss

    I was sitting at my desk thinking of what profound thing I could come up with to write for my first blog post, and it suddenly dawned on me, that my life is just not that profound. I spent most of my day designing and uploading the background and header for my newbie blog and I am just getting to my first post with a loss for words. And every time a thought comes to mind, I am completely distracted by my husband, who is on the floor of my office playing Zynga games on FB at the moment.

     He recently acquired an English accent (I have no idea from what) and every few minutes he'll say something to me and sound completely normal, but then something happens at the end of each sentence (particularly the last word) and a muddled English accent appears. I am not really sure how to feel about it at the moment. I find myself completely annoyed at the onset, but when I think about it in all actuality, the accent becomes quite hilarious. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he weren't wearing Hawaiian swim shorts and raising his arm in the air, as if he is about to quote Shakespeare, every time the accent comes out. At best, the topic gave me a good beginning to a new hopeful relationship to blogging.

Well, have a lovely evening and come back. I will be posting products from TPT as well as sharing free teaching resources in the next few days.


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