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Freebie Fridays
For Freebie Friday, I have created 5 FREE Christmas backgrounds that you can use to dress up your projects and/or files! Click on the image to download the digital backgrounds!

I know I am adding this in a little late in the day, but I thought I would give you a heads up on a week long Linky project that I was blessed enough to be a part of!! Charity Preston is hosting a week long giveaway, to give thanks to teachers! Please click on the link below to check out what special things we have in store for you this coming week!! 
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Techy Tuesday on Thursday: How to Flatten Images & Secure Your PDF files

Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial where I have placed a link for all of you. Sorry this was not in the tutorial before (-;

Hi everyone! 
There have been many inquiries on Facebook and in the TPT forums regarding the best way to secure images and content within a PDF file. You might be surprised, but many people were NOT aware that converting a document to a PDF does not automatically secure the content in the file...WOAH!!!
There are extra steps you need to follow to make sure your files are secure. This tutorial also includes directions for taking a few EXTRA steps to make sure the images (clip art, borders, graphics) are secure in your files. 

Many artists require that the images are "flattened" in a SECURED PDF file. However, most do not explain what it means to "flatten" the images or offer directions as to how to do this....but will become an expert....hahahaha..

Actually, I am just hoping you can understand my directions..hehehehe

You can view the images below and/or download the PDF file to save directly from my blog...WOWEE!!

Here we go:

Programs I used in this tutorial:
Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Windows OS (Operating System): Win 7
Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) 2010
This tutorial will help you learn how to add the most efficient security to your published files. More specifically, I will show you how to "flatten" images to prevent people from extracting (copying & pasting) images from the digital files you create.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or you would like to offer suggestions to improve this tutorial.

Step One:
Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and start a NEW project.
For this tutorial I created a simple cover page with text and images. If you have already created a PowerPoint document, you can skip to the step that applies to you.

Here is the finished slide BEFORE saving. None of the images have been flattened and nothing is secure……yet.

Step 2: Saving the finished PowerPoint
Save your document as you normally would; creating a PPT version of your original file.
You want to save the original as a PPT in case you need to make changes to your file in the future.
Many of you might be used to saving your file and then immediately converting the file to a PDF. If I convert my PPT file to a PDF without taking any other steps (as I did in the picture to the right), you will see that I am still able to highlight, copy, and paste the individual images within the file. You might be shocked to discover that saving your document as a PDF does NOT secure the content. You must take extra steps to secure the content in your file.

Step 3: Saving Your PPT as an Image
Before converting your saved PPT to a PDF, we are going to “flatten” the images by saving each slide as an individual PNG or JPEG image. You cannot edit the flattened image files. I choose to save as a PNG, but you can choose to save your file as a JPEG.
Save PPT as an Image:
Once the window pops up, you will use the drop down menu at the bottom labeled: SAVE AS TYPE, and choose to save the file as a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) or JPEG.
Once you have chosen the file type, click save. You might be prompted to choose to save the current slide or all of the slides in the file. If you want to use all of the slides, then choose to save each slide as an individual PNG image. The images will now be saved in the place you designated on your computer or flash drive.

Step 4: Creating a Secure PDF from your flattened image files
Now that you have saved each slide as an individual image file, I will show you how to convert the images to a single PDF file.
Open the file on your computer or flash drive that contains the image files you just created. As you can see (to the top right), I have only one image saved, since I only had one slide in my file.
To create a PDF using the image, I am going to RIGHT CLICK on the file and choose to
If you have more than one image to convert, highlight (IN ORDER) the needed files, RIGHT CLICK and choose to COMBINE SUPPORTED FILES IN ACROBAT (See bottom right picture)
In this window, you can add more files or remove files you do not want in the PDF. Choose to COMBINE FILES and your images will be converted to a PDF.

Quick Note:  
Sometimes, the images that you saved as a PDF will not convert in the correct order. Do NOT panic. All you need to do is open the bookmark preview in Adobe (right panel). Once opened, you will see thumbnails of each page in your pdf. Just select and drag the thumbnails and drop them in the correct order. The page number will change automatically once it is dropped in another position.

Step 5: Securing the PDF
You have not added security yet….

Open the PDF if it is not already.
Now that you have your PDF open, you can click on any area and notice that the entire page will be highlighted, rather than any one image. You now have “flattened” the images within a PDF file; however, you have not secured your PDF. If we leave the file as is, the buyer will still be able to copy and paste the entire page.

The only way one could “steal” images after flattening would be to take a screenshot of the image; however, the quality will be terrible and the image will not be by itself (see bottom right picture). The thief will have to do quite a lot of editing in a design program to get the image by itself.
Next, I will show you how to add security to your PDF to prevent anyone from copying the pages.

Step 5 Continued
Adding Security Options to your PDF

Click on the TOOLS tab located on the top right menu bar of your Adobe file.
Select and click the PROTECTION tab, ENCRYPT, & choose to Encrypt with a password.
Choose YES to change the security setting if prompted with this question
You will get a pop-up window with options for securing your file.
Choose your encryption settings: Add a Password
Make sure to UN-CHECK the first box to enter a password. This option prevents anyone from opening the file.

Step 5 Continued
Adding Security Options to your PDF

Check the box to restrict editing and then customize your settings.
Create a PASSWORD. 

To get a strong password setting make sure your password includes an uppercase letter and a number.
Choose OKAY once you have finished creating your password. 

You will be prompted to enter the password a second time before the window closes. Now, save your PDF and you have created a secured PDF file!

Congratulations!!! You did it!!!
I really do hope this helps some of you out and helps to secure your digital files! Click the download button save/print a copy of this tutorial.

Thank you for visiting! Come back and check out my post tomorrow to see what I post for FREEBIE Friday!! I was determined to be prepared this time and participate in the fun!!

The GOLDEN ticket for Mac users:

I noticed that many of you who read my blog are actually Mac users and I always feel so bad that I can't offer you the same usual, I don't give up until I learn..HA!!

I found a helpful tutorial and had a friend "test" it out before sharing with all of you. For those of you using PAGES in Mac, there is a way to save your pages as a "grouped" JPEG image. 

Here is the Tutorial I found
Save this site in a reference journal, so that you can refer back to this site when you need help. I can tell you that YOU DO NOT WANT to use the help forums on the APPLE site!!!! They are filled with tons of information from many people that have NO CLUE what they are talking about. There may be forums in there that are helpful, but I did not even see one. In fact, I was so irritated about some of the advice people were giving that I had to sign in and comment - I couldn't resist!! I left the link to the correct tutorial in that forum because the people who actually needed help were being prompted to do things that caused more frustration! People REALLY should not comment in forums like that UNLESS they do know what they are doing and they are actually prepared to provide a step by step solution. It drives me bonkers when people just decide to continually add their 2 cents, because it causes far more harm than good. 

I also received some input from a friend - Tracee Orman, who  is just some small time blogger and seller on TPT...bwahahahaha - yeah right!...

Here is what she had to say...(referring to using Pages on a MAC)
You can group every object & text box as a single item, then do the "Arrange" > "Lock" to completely secure it. Just remember when grouping objects, you can't make changes (like adding a drop shadow) after it is grouped together.

Thank you for the info Tracee!! Please check out her blog (if you haven't already); however, please refer to the tutorial that I listed above if you have questions. I would hate to have her get a ton of emails from people saying, "The 3AM Teacher sent me to you to get help with using Pages"...I would feel horrible....truly....
However, I did make sure it was okay for me to include her knowledge before posting this...(-;

For you MAC users, please go through the tutorial and let me know what you think and if it was helpful or not...(-;
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NEW 3AM Design, NEW Blog Store & Discount & FREE Blog Design ELements!!

If you have been wondering where I've been, then take a look around my blog!!! It took me FOREVER to come up with a design that I was happy  enough with to go for it. The lack of a navigation and the drab colors were too much for me to take any longer & I finally dedicated some time and went for it!!

What do you think??? I like my Social networking images and links with the mustache..hahaha....

The code that took me the longest to write was the code for the Blog Store page!! I forgot how to set up the code for tables & had to re-learn that process....ugh!! What a pain...BUT..TOTALLY worth it!!

As many of you already know, I am working from home full-time now and the pressure is definitely on! With Christmas around the corner and college for my daughter only 2 years away, I have become a workaholic!! It is definitely difficult to not have a steady paycheck and medical, but I am thankful and blessed everyday for the little progress I make each month! I couldn't have done all of this without all of my blog friends & I am so thankful to have all of you!! You definitely keep me sane! hahaha

Although my TPT store continues to grow, I still need income coming in more frequently. I started to design a website, but my lack of time prevented me from finishing it yet. I decided to create a blog store in the meantime to see how it goes before I launch an entire site..hahaha...(maybe I just need time to procrastinate more on my website designing...eekers).

I have only placed up four sets on the blog store; however, I have created a custom discount code that will give you 25% off until Wednesday at Midnight (mountain standard time - Arizona). Check out my poster....hahaha
I have linked the "add to cart" buttons to my Payloadz, so that you can apply the discount code before checking out. You can still choose to checkout with Paypal by choosing the Paypal option towards the bottom of the checkout screen. 
After Wednesday, the normal Paypal buttons will show up under each set and more items will be added to the blog store (-;
The 25% discount will give you my NEW SILLY WORLD HOLIDAY bundle for only $10.50!! Pretty good for SEVEN custom graphics sets and over 160 images (including the black line art)!!

I hope you take advantage of the discount this week & please let me know how the checkout process went for you. I have never used the buttons on my blog before, so this will be a first....lets hope all goes to plan..hahaha

Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to know what you think of the new design!! It takes some getting used to, but I think

Because I spent so much time away from you, I thought I would give you a few free blog design elements....enjoy!

You can use these to make your own special elements to your blogs!!

 Here are some previous design elements that I am retiring. You are more than welcome to use them in your own blog designs (-;

Freebies are fun!! Thank you for visiting Friend!
If you would like to share the Sale poster and/or pin it, please do will keep me smiling throughout the week (-; I even added new code to make it easier to pin things on my blog. Thank you Jessica Stanford for the help with the pin code for the obsessive pinner...hahaha...
I actually just noticed that you (Jessica) used one of my FREE backgrounds for your blog design!! What an HONOR!! 
I hope you check her out!!

I you would like to add the pin-it button next to each image within your blog posts, check out the tutorial I is VERY simple...

P.S. Just remember that when you are asked to look for the <b:skin> in your Blogger Template, it might be difficult to find...unless you do this...

1. Open the HTML editor & check the "EXPAND WIDGET" box at the top left corner of the editor

2. Now Click CTRL + F and type <b:skin> in the search box. 

The code will be highlighted & you will have saved yourself some valuable time. The tutorial did not mention this, so I thought I would give you the instructions...just in case you are not familiar with the process.

Enjoy your OCD Pin-It Posts after this tutorial..bwahahaha!!
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