Patriotic Party Linky & Some Tie-Dye FREEBIE Fun!!

Good Morning, afternoon and goodnight...(whichever one applies to you ). I will be keeping this post short, sweet, and to the point...I got deadlines people....
 I have joined the TOTALLY awesome Tanja, Author & Creator of...

to post on her new collaborative blog, Endless Pinabilities!!
To celebrate the 4th of July, I have linked up for Endless Possibilities' Patriotic Party...Woo HOO!!!

I found some great 4th of July themed pins that you might just want to check out (-;

NEWS!! I have spent quite a lot of time re-organizing (or rather, trying to re-organize) my pin boards & I have decided to create a collaborative board for all of you to showcase resources and things you have made using my graphics!! I previously had everyone sending me links to their stuff for me to pin...but...I just can't keep up with all of you...everyone is pumping out TPT products faster than I can even organize my ideas... I love looking at all of the wonderful stuff  everyone comes up with and if you would like me to add you to the board, leave your Pinterest link in a comment below!!  Click on my rainbow bucket guy to see the newly re-designed, collaborative, fun-filled, 3AM Pin Board...

Thank you for visiting & make sure to grab the free tie-dye patterns below (-;

You are Fabulous....Because I SAY SO....!!!

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AZ Blog Meet-Up Linky!!! & 2 Free Crinkle Backgrounds

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Techy Tuesday: Blog Button & Luna in the Spotlight

Techy-Tuesday is HERE at last!!

Stay tuned for some cool news about the Luna Interactive Projector & a giveaway at the end of the Tutorial!!
Using the Luna to take pics & video, I have found a cool new way to create a fun technology tutorial. 
This projector is AMAZING!! 
It is super easy to set up. All you have to do is attach the USB and MIC in, download the software and it is ready to use. 

There are not a ton of complicated buttons or instructions for this product. Move and adjust the neck of the Luna to get the desired picture and zoom level. 

What R You Doing for F-Day??

We went to World Market yesterday - my favorite store to walk out with nothing...but a bag of 3rd world, un-identifiable candy.

I did see this, however, and I am going to start a has been a while indeed!! Okay...ignore the wine and look at the top of the pic where the canvases are. I am not sure if you can really see it (don't hate on me...I am short-feet tall remember?). It is a pic of a ton of little Italy windows!! I love it!!! I am taking the idea and putting it on my front hallway wall. The wine is pretty too. And no. I am not worried about copyright people...because I am going to draw and paint my own vision of windows...just taking the IDEA...which cannot be trademarked...hehehe

To Be Continued... & a few free frames!!

19 Wonderful Bloggers teamed up with me to create a continuous story over the next few weeks. Each day one new blogger will add to the saga. Click the next button to read what happens next...
Make sure to check out the blogs listed at the end of the post.
#1 The 3AM Teacher

The 3AM Teacher  MsT3    Aril  Wolfelicious                             

A few Freebies


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To Be Continued....Giveaway & Friday Freebie!

Today is... To Be Continued Linky Sign Up!!!

I created a button yesterday, which took me much longer than I had planned. I just couldn't make up my mind, but here is the final outcome!! YEAH!!

My goal is to get as many people as possible to sign up to create a continuous daily blogger story written by bloggers in the education field. The story will begin Monday, June 11th, 2012 and continue daily until everyone on the sign-up list has added to the story.  

UPDATE: Sign Up days = June 8-10th at 5pm AZ time.
I will publish the final list Sunday @ 7-8pm (AZ time) & I will post the story starter on Monday, June 11th. The first linked blogger will    need to add to the story on Tuesday, June 12th. We will continue until we get through the list.

Once you have signed up & sent an email with your information...Grab this little award to display on your blog.

200 Follower Giveaway!!!

F is For First Grade

As most of you can certainly relate, watching your blog following grow is exciting!! I have teamed up with Kimberly @ The Learning Tree to offer an amazing giveaway!
Click on the preview below to check out Kimberly's "Holy" Giveaway!!!

Friday Freebies!!!
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Please read my Terms of Use BEFORE using my graphics for personal and/or commercial use...

Thank you so much for following my blog! You are all amazing!!!

Please look out for two new sets coming soon...

  Kindergarten, 6th, 7th, 8th -  Pin It
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