I Need Your Help

Hi Everyone!!

It seems like I have been away from blogging for WAY TOO long and I really miss all of you! It feels really good to be writing at this very moment. So much has happened in the last 2 years and I can't wait to begin sharing with all of you again.   

I am working on putting together a FREE tutorial series to help Teachers Pay Teachers sellers with product creation and I would love to hear your thoughts on what tutorials would be most helpful to all of you.

There is no much content out there now and a plethora of videos and blog posts specifically geared to help new sellers, so I would like to focus on content that is fresh and would be most helpful.

Please respond in the comments below and let me know what specific content you would like to learn when it comes to creating digital products. Be as specific as you like. I really want the free tutorials to be helpful.

Also... don't feel shy if you think your question is "stupid".. chances are, there are many out there who might need help in the same area.


  1. I'd really love tutorials on all the basics! What are the best programs for flattening and securing images? How do you design products in Powerpoint so they print on the whole page? I have a million questions! :o) So glad to see you back!

    1. Hi Karyn!! Thank you so much! One question I actually get asked a lot is how to print on the entire page in PowerPoint! That's a great one to cover! Thank you again <3

  2. I'd like to learn the basics too! I've always wanted to join the TPT network but I haven't got a clue on where to start or how!
    Looking forward to your tutorials!!

  3. I would also like to learn the basics. I create things for my teachers all the time, but it needs to be very eye-catching to get noticed on TPT, and I don't really know how to create frames and backgrounds and all the cute details that add to the content of the piece. I feel like I search the internet for tutorials for every little thing, and I can usually figure it out, but it is so time consuming. Having the tutorials in one site will be nice, so thank you so much for offering something like this.


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