Frosty Takes on the Globe & Frosty's Freebies

Hi Everyone! My name is Frosty and I am so lucky to be a guest blogger for the lovely, marvelous, talented, giving, and hilarious 3AM Teacher!!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...
Before there was a 3AM Teacher, there was Mrs. T the Kinder Teacher. She was a great teacher and those kids loved her dearly. Mrs. T. was always excited to watch the kids learn to love reading and writing - just like she does. 
(this is where I come in)
While setting up her room in 2007, she noticed me deep in the corner of her supply closet. Most people just left me, but Mrs. T...sorry, The 3AM Teacher saw great potential in me & when her creative ideas start flowing, there is no stopping her! I had no idea why she picked me up, but I was so glad to get out of that closet. She asked around and NO ONE wanted the responsibility of taking care of an old dog like myself. No one....except The 3AM Teacher!!

She took me home, washed me, sewed up a slight tear in my arm (an old football injury from my younger days), smiled with a hazel-eyed twinkle, and gave me a slight hug. Oh that Mrs. T., (3AM Teacher) she is quite the sucker for strays. 

Once she had me cleaned up, she bought me a composition book (she calls it a journal) and told me that she was going to let me travel to all of her students' homes for the weekends. I couldn't have been happier! 

As soon as the school year started, she let the students come up with names & them vote for the overall favorite. That is how I got the name Frosty. It could have been worse...I think the name Smoochie was in the running!

From 2007 to 2009, I got a chance to spend the weekend with every one of her students and I had so much fun! Every weekend the students got to write "real" sentences about our weekend - many even added pictures so that I could remember what we had done together! Those were the happiest few years of my life!

Take a look for yourself...
These aren't the best snapshots of my journal, but this old god is still learning new tricks!
On the front cover of my "journal" were directions for the students. My favorite part is close to the end...
"Do not lose me, forget me, feed me to a pet, leave me alone in the dark, feed me real people food, get sick on me, drop me, or throw me"

That Mrs. T...urr 3AM Teacher, really loved me! Please continue looking...
I even got money from a student one weekend. I got a special dollar for Chinese New Year!!

Oops, that's not supposed to be here....The 3AM Teacher just really likes shoes...I just played was the least I could do after she saved my life!

Moving on...
 Those were just a few sample pages - what do you think? I look much younger in these photos- don't I?

Recently Mrs.....The 3AM Teacher noticed me sitting on the bookshelf in her office and feeling a little down. I must be REALLY special because every time she looks at me, she gets ideas!!
Since she is now a part of the blogging world of teachers, she asked me if I would be willing to travel the world!!! Can you believe that!? Of course, I said yes. I will spend a couple of weeks in each of the classrooms that signs up. I will get to see what other classrooms are like and how fun and exciting other teachers are (no offense Mrs. T.).

During that time, students and teachers can write in my journal, add pictures and/or buy me some clothes (The 3AM Teacher has me looking like a beat-up classic). Once I have spent enough time on one classroom, I will be placed in my special carrier and shipped to the next classroom on the list! I can't wait - I wonder who I will visit first??

The 3AM Teacher is printing out my passport and getting me ready for my travels. I can't wait to meet you!
The 3AM Teacher took this picture for all of you to show your students once we have the completed list of classrooms I will be visiting!

If you would like to participate in this linky, starring ME - FROSTY, then please use the link below to complete the form! ALL entries must be turned in before September 15th,, you will get to use the cute button she created. Just click on my picture to sign up...
Okay! Enough about me...
I know how you really love The 3AM Teacher's freebies (which I think she is just spoiling you, but it's not my blog)? I have a a few 
for you as to not break the tradition here. I do not want you to stop loving her on account of me.

Please read through her Terms of Use for her Frosty-Themed graphics. 
I think I heard her say that she will make these available for free on TPT know, for those snooty MAC computer users who are always complaining..."I can't right click the images...what do I do?" 
Oh, I must apologize speedy quick...she just gave me the look when I read that remark out loud...(I was right, you are all spoiled).
Enjoy the Freebies from the Amazingly Creative, 3AM Teacher!!

It was very nice to meet all of you! I hope to visit you soon!! Isn't The 3AM Teacher sweet?? She even made me a signature image for my special guest post today...WHAT A GAL!!
I hope you enjoyed meeting my friend Frosty! I would love to get as many teacher's signed up as I can (even if you home-school) - so feel free to pin this all over the place (-;
You are the best cyber family a girl could have!!

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What's for Dinner, Zebra's are in & FREEBIE LINKS

Well, I have had a lot going on personally and I am having to make some tough decisions this week. Life can really throw some curve balls when you're not looking. I am trying to stay focused, positive and thankful - but it is not always easy to do so. I am so thankful for all of the friendships and support that I have through blogging, TPT & FB.  
Because I took some time away, my sales drooped (I meant to write drooped) a little and I have a pile of "to-do's" for today. I am currently finishing the Greek graphics, creating punch cards, making a pumpkin set, and working on the overviews for the Common Core Book Study I am in. I am the team leader for the Kindergarten group & I have to admit that I have not been the best team leader. No worries, today is a new day and I still have time to redeem myself...hahaha 
I am also working on a REALLY FUN & EXCITING LINKY that I will be posting about tomorrow!! I can't wait to show all of you and to get this Linky Movin'
To more exciting news!! I was one of the FIRST clip art artists featured in TPT's newsletters!!! I was so excited to get the news because I REALLY needed a little sunshine at that moment! Well, another great way to lift spirits is by making something yummy for dinner, which I did!! Our favorite meal is Spanakopita (A yummy Greek dish). I make this about once a month & my son can eat about 8 of them in ONE sitting...YIKES!! I decided to take pictures and give you my recipe for Spanakopita! Let me know if you try this recipe and how it turned out! You can download the PDF version of the recipe below to save to your computer and print. 
The 3AM Teacher's
Crispy Spanakopita Triangles

Give this recipe a try - you will not be disappointed!!!

Onto Zebra News!!

I recently received the Zebra Z-Mulsion pen line to sample from Shoplet Office Supplies & I was so excited when I got my package!! How cute is that Zebra & the snazzy pen case!!??

Each person in my family tried out each pen and although we loved all of them, the pink, Z-Muslion EX was the popular favorite (thank goodness I claimed this one...hahaha). The Z-Mulsion EX worte smoothly and a bit thicker than the rest of the pens. It was definitely just the right amount of gel and the pen grip was very comfortable.

The pens are very smooth and the mechanical pencils included in the set were a nice surprise. Everyone got to pick out two favorites. My favorite pencil is the Zebra M-301 0.5! It is the perfect size to keep in your purse & I LOVE the eraser! The eraser is small, but completely erases without leaving any smearing or residue. 

If you hurry, you might be able to enter Shoplet's Zebra Pen Giveaway for your chance to win a $300 Shoplet GIFT CARD!!!
Click the picture to enter the giveaway.
giveaway zebra updated Claim Your Zebra Z Mulsion Pen and Win a Shoplet Giftcard

Several of my FREEBIES you may have missed:

This next link has had over 35,000 downloads!!!!

A FREE Mystery set

Free U.S. States  Picture-Word Cards (Microsoft Clip Art). I created these a few years ago.

6-Traits Writing Elements Editing & Revising Guide for Students (Upper Grades)

Free Paw Print Book Template

Free Story Retelling Flap-Book Template (simple black and white) for lower grades

Puppy-Themed Base Ten Set

Please see the Terms of Use link on the right sidebar.

Thank you for stopping by & have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

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Time to WAKE up, Best blog & a FREE Puzzle Piece image!

I have REALLY exciting news!! Author, Angela Watson will be a guest on my blog on August 30th, 2012!!!
She is quite an amazing person and such an inspiration!
Hop on over to her site to read a quick bio about Angela and her work in the field of education, 
The Cornerstone for Teachers

What I have been up to & SOME FREEBIES

I think my left eye is beginning to boycott!! hehehe Look at those dark circles...!!
My goal for this upcoming week:
Get some rest & GO TO BED by midnight. I think it is a reasonable goal, but my brain often takes the lead and everything else is forced to follow suite. I hope my brain is processing the dark circles in this picture...LOL!
Look what I got in the mail this week!!!!
Thank you Hadar!!!
You can order a sign from Hadar at her cute Etsy store:
I was so excited that I hung them up right behind my desk on the wall (next to my glass dry-erase board)! I am really good at knowing how to pose for pictures (hahaha) and I think the picture on the right adequately  represents 3AM.....LOL!! I wanted to take a picture of myself  with the cute sign Hadar made, and in doing so, I suddenly realized that I am beginning to LOOK like The 3AM Teacher!!! Holy cow! I look so old and the dark circles under my eyes are definitely proof that I need to sleep a bit more - I could also use a tan...LOL...
Whenever I have a difficult choice to make, I create a pros and cons list.
 Here is my Pros and Cons List of a very tough decision that I have to make before it's too late...
Aging                                                  Not Aging
Forgetful                                                    Hmm? Can't really think of anything yet
Getting called, Ma'm
Age spots 
"EVERY new spot must be cancer" thinking
Well, I know this is not a thorough list; however, based on the information I have come up with, I believe that I can make a sound decision. I have chosen not to age! I really think it will be the best decision for my life. I just need to add enough supporting details so that I can present my case to God. I think I have a VERY good argument.....I will let you all know what He says...
Well, I did not get these dark circles sun tanning and hanging out at the fitness center.... Here is what I have been working on...

I created a set of Multicultural hands after receiving a request from Deanna Jump & these are selling like Hot Cakes. I also need to thank her for purchasing my new Trace Me A-Z letter set and then blogging about her purchase!! She is so sweet!!  Plus also (in my best Junie B. voice), I am now determined to have black desks when (if) I go back to the classroom! Her hubby painted the black desks in the pictures she posted to show off her cute classroom & they look Fabulous!! Well, not sure if you read my blog Deanna, but in case you do, THANK YOU and I am sending you a GIANT Cyber-Hug!! Hehehehe!! 

I can't even begin to tell all of you how many great people I have met and connected with through blogging!! I have such a huge family of friends now and I feel very blessed! I have learned so much from all of you & this bloggy business has had it perks....While on this topic,

I have a VERY FUNNY story to tell you!!

Actually, maybe not so funny - just a bit exciting and unexpected!! I was dropping off my son last week and I always park next to the park by the school and while I was parked a woman came up to me (she had parked behind me) and excitedly said,

 "Oh MY GOSH! Are you The 3AM Teacher that does clip art? I follow and LOVE your blog!!"

I was totally embarrassed, yet excited because I felt like I had my 10 seconds of fame...hehehehe!! I was just glad I had showered that day..LOL. I think she saw my license plate on my car - How funny!!


Here are some of my new sets that I have been working on (-;

I also finished the first part of my Ancient Greece series!!!! I have about 10 more characters and several accents to complete for the 2nd part to the set. I really like how they turned out, but I did need to price this set higher. I have them marked down right now from $12.50 to $8.60. I was going to have them marked down for 24 hours, but I have kept the discount up for a little while longer.

$12.50 is such a high amount to swallow, but there is so much detail in these images & they took me so long, that I just can't force myself to put a lower price on these. I know that there are many people who pay thousands for custom designs and graphics, but I do want to have sales...LOL! What do you think about the price? I would love to get your feedback. Keep in mind that each character took me anywhere from 6-18 hours to complete. At $12.50, each graphic image is .50 cents. I really would like some feedback. I actually decided to break up the characters and sell them in single sets for those that may just need one or two characters. I only have Pandora up as a single set right now, but here are some screenshots of the graphics that are included in the complete set.

I am really excited to start seeing these used & to see what everyone comes up with!!

Here are a couple more sets that I have recently added:

I have more styles for the Palettes finished, but I have not made them available yet (-; Please feel free to Pin these as many times as you would like (-;

Well, now you can see why I have dark circles under my eyes...hehehe!! This is all I will share with you for now. I know I had so many things that I wanted to share with you, but my mind is pulling up blanks!! I am going to have a guest post on the 30th of this month by an author of a REALLY great book, but I am going to post about that tomorrow. I will need 3-5 questions to ask her for the guest post, so please come back and visit tomorrow to find out who the guest blogger is.

I will not make this post longer than it has to be! To show my appreciation to everyone for all of your support & loveliness, here are some FREEBIES...ENJOY!!

FREEBIES from The 3AM Teacher!!

Be CReAtiVe!!

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